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25 December 2011


It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. The Orcutt family Christmas is over, Elaine did a great job and what a week this one has been. We worked on the house to get ready for Christmas and the stool in mom's bathroom started to leak so needed to stop and fix that. Put up a coat hanger in the front entry for all the coats and hats I have accumulated. I have the old Sony Mavica out for my pics as the Cyber shot is way to much bother with all the settings and not many good shots. The old one is a good shot every time. Rearranged all the furniture downstairs for a place to put up our tree and so we could decorate. We received a wonderful package from Norway and the cousins there and that was great. What a great place and people. Posted some of my pics from this year to Lewzplace on Multiply so hope they are enjoyed. Tuesday I checked in the ARMS net and had some fair signals but not super band conditions. Well I got mom's chocolate chip cookies going for one of her Christmas presents and hope she don't wake up and see them. Got a good start and found I did not have enough flour so had to run to town to get some. Made a double batch and burned the first one so had to throw out about 6 of them and the second I did not leave long enough so lost another 6. Oh Bother sure hope she likes them. The tank for the bathroom stool seems to be okay and is not leaking yet so may have got that fixed right. The cookies are all done, the mess cleaned up and the cookies all cooled and put away and mom has not seen them so I might get by with it. Unless I leave this journal up and she reads it before Sunday. Got some good reports on the ham set so all is well there. Hope to maybe start on the old 240 after Christmas and get it back on the air. Been a long time since I ran it. Mom still has a very bad cold so hope it ends soon so I can get all this done for our Christmas eve dinner of Oyster stew and chili supper before we do the gifts. Wednesday started at about 18 degrees and I fixed all the legs on the couch mom wanted changed so it is good for now and the temperature is on the rise. Brought the tree and stand from the attic and the lights etc for it so will get that much done anyhow. I need that set up and all our hallmark snowmen as a minimum. Managed to get much put away with the help of mom so it is getting more like Christmas and we have the Christmas music playing. Have to take mom in for some Christmas shopping and a Doctor appointment today, Wednesday 21 Dec 2011, and get busy wrapping etc. Guess this will all be history when you read it but this is my life with my angel so the beat goes on. The appointment went well, we picked up Crystal and looked at a car for her, did some shopping, ate out and then home. Did not sleep well so was up at 4:30 Thursday morning and put the anti slip stuff on the throw rugs in the Library so hope that helps them as I really like them. Checked 20 meters on the ham bands and it is completely dead at 5AM so that was a bust so here I am and did find out a few things about the Windows 7 and Internet explorer and in there making it user friendly have hidden everything and made it very complicated. Go Figure. Time to invoke the old KISS principal I believe. Cleaned all the pics out of the cameras so am ready for the Christmas party and adding many more. Am reverting to the old Sony camera so we can get some good pictures again. Put the lights on the tree and have killed one pot of coffee so now I am wound up but hope to get all the decorations done today. We had a dusting of snow last night but not enough to make a white Christmas so hope we get a little more for a white one anyhow. Finished the tree and oh my is it a Charlie Brown tree. Not important as Jesus is the reason for the season so it is all good. Got many of the batteries in our snowmen etc. for the grandkids but may not have enough to do them all. Friday arrived unannounced and it is Brads Birthday and we are so not ready. Did a few of the Christmas gifts I had ready and checked in the ARMS net and oh my oh my what is next. Is it nap time yet? No it wasn't and we finished more wrapping, cleaning, and Brads Birthday and Saturday arrived with temps around 12 degrees but sunny and calm. Mom stayed up late last night and did much of the wrapping and stuff and now just some cleaning left and the food prep. Finished the last of it and the evening finally arrived and we had our Oyster stew, Santa arrived and all in all we had to much to eat and to many gifts but it was all fun. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night, God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

18 December 2011

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Another fun week and we tore out the kitchen sink area in the store and moved the double sink to the basement and plumbed it in. The printer is still running tags while we are doing all this stuff. Got the drain all connected to the sink and the water completed and it works well. Then proceeded to plumb the hot water to the small sink left in the back of the kitchen area and work on the drain area as it does not drain well. Then cleaned the main floor area and moved all her fixtures to one corner area to open it up and moved all the lumber and old fixtures down stairs for now till she is ready for them after the store opens. It is starting to look very nice. Removed the old water heater from the kitchen area and took it to the basement also for storage and removed much of the left over plumbing. Tuesday we headed home to try and catch up on some of our stuff. We stopped at Brad & heathers to celebrate our little Lucas's birthday as we missed it while at Tammy's. We went out to eat and then opened gifts and headed home as we both were very tired. Wednesday found mom wore out and sleeping most of the day and me doing next to nothing. Thursday came and we were some rested so we started some clean up work for our Christmas stuff and we completed much on the downstairs area but a long way to go yet. I checked the pond and all was fine there and found the old Rambler battery was low as I did not connect the maintainer so did that and hope it is all okay. Checked into the Fellowship net and did some tuning on the radio as it was some off the full power setup but was still working very well. Moved many of the arbor day tree planters to the drive under for the winter storage and hope they make it so we can plant them in the spring. Most all of the snow has melted except in the shaded areas and the north side of things where the sun does not reach and the wind has picked up again so am pretty sure we are in Iowa and it is December. Ran to town to take our little Crystal home from work as she had a real bad cough with a case of bronchitis. The gas company has come and removed the last tank so we are all switched over now and hope it was a good move. Did not sleep well Thursday night so Friday came early at about 3 AM so just did some computer stuff and radio stuff. I copied a couple of the grandkids dance recitals to CD and cleared them up and then put VCR tapes and CDs up to help clean out the TV area. The new printer is doing very good and it is an amazing printer so did get a good deal on it although the price of the ink has went up $3.00 a cartridge to $17.60 and there are 8 of them but it lasts a long time. Got my haircut Friday and prepared things for the trip to the Orcutt Christmas at Elaine's. Tammy will be going with me but mom is staying home as she is not doing so good with all the riding to Tammy's store and such. Crystal wanted to go but she could not get off so it will be just us I guess. Took all the pics off the cameras and got them set up to go. Saturday morning found us up early and after some cereal left for the Orcutt Christmas at Elaine's at 6:15. Just Tammy and I went as mom was not feeling well and was throwing up and has a bad cold. We had a good time there but really missed mom and called her to see all was okay when we got there and when we were leaving. Again we had to much food and the time with family was fun. I am not feeling so great this morning so hope I am not getting sick also. Guess I better post this and get out of here so I don't give it to you all. Hee Hee. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

11 December 2011

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. So dawns another week at the ranch and all is well and busy. Arbor day sent us more trees so scrambled to find some pots and stuff to heal them in till we can plant them in the spring. You would think they would know the ground in Iowa is froze in December since they were sent from Nebraska. The pond is evaporating much water with the dryness and the heater in it so had to fill and treat some again. The propane tank at the rental was about empty so had the tank changed over and told the old company to pick up there tank. Mom did much work on the Norway Christmas gifts and we finally got them in the mail so have that out of the way. I got all the snow cleared up from the drive and patio and walks so it good till the next snowfall. Went to the church elders meeting and there will be much to do so pray I am capable of handling it all. Wednesday we headed back to Tammy's to help her some more and I left the suitcase with some of moms stuff in the spare bedroom so she went to Wal-Mart with Tammy to get a few items she needed. We got a little done before they went and am ready to print her jewelry tags and get moving on that. Also took apart two of her display cases to see if I can fix the lights in them. Some one has butchered them but if I can get parts they are fixable and if not will need to do them with new different things. Oh Bother. At least I may be able to fix them. Ben and I put the red lens covers on her fluorescent lamps while they were gone and that looks rather nice. Thursday found us both wore out and we just slept in and did nothing till about noon. Must be stress or something. I did get up and make out some Christmas cards though and did some journaling and computer things but not much. Tammy called about 10:15 and she was just getting up also and wore out to it seems. We did some stuff at the store and I found out the ballast I wanted was no longer available so have to remanufacture them with some t-8 lamps and ballasts. Mom kept going with jewelry and has much of it up to sort now. Started the printing of the tags and got about 1,000 printed and even some of them cut and punched, boy that is time consuming. Sure is a lot of busy work going on there but it all needs doing. Friday came really sunny and a pretty day but had a little late start but not as late as the day before and went back to the printing and the work on the display cabinets. May need to add some ink if we get them all printed although we are only using red and some black but red was low when we started. Spent much of the day working on the display cases but that was a bust as the light does not work but it doesn't make any sense as all the stuff is wired right so they must have sold me a bad ballast or something. I just hate that. Oh well I have put enough time and money in it that I will just give it up for education and move on as changing bulbs would be hard anyway. Wow it is really hard for me to say die and give up. Saturday morning came and the temps have dropped to around zero and it is chilly out. I did not sleep well thinking about the display cases so was up by 5 AM and went to the motel breakfast and had waffles and cereal. Will clean up my mess from the cases today and get going on some other project I can make work along with the printing of the jewelry tags. Have already printed one ream of paper and there are 6 tags on each so have 1,500 tags printed and some cut out and punched just from working on them during a break or slow time. Life is good today. Matt Kris and the kids showed up around 10:30 and then we got a lot done. They cleaned and arranged things for Tammy and it sure was a big help from all the kids. I put the displays back together and put up the dressing room mirrors and clothes hooks and did some staining work on her shoe racks. Also did some more cutting on the jewelry tags and Sean and David did all the hole punches and folding of them. Sure caught up with me quick. Well Nobody came on to the 7 AM chat on messenger, face book, skype, or Lewzplace so guess I better post this and get moving. God Bless, Be Good, Do Right, Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

4 December 2011

Oh My you may be redneck if you dig the plastic silverware out of the garbage. Hee Hee

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Another family thanksgiving picture I could not pass up as it is so funny but I love it. Wow what a week. We stayed with Tammy till Wednesday when we came home. We did a lot of things for her that I hope was good to get her going to open. I finished the lights for the glass over the door. and put up the track lights for the window. I mounted some new lights for her fitting rooms and fixed the doors so they would open and close okay and fixed the door handles for them. I put a new flush valve in the stool and cleaned all the glue off the ceramic tile at the entrance that had been glued over for carpet. Did some caulk work at the entrance sidewalk and glued all the carpet in the display windows after I repaired all the warped boards under it. We put up the tree for moms sign and she worked for all those days sorting and hanging jewelry so it can be tagged and placed. Our last night there Tuesday night we got some Christmas decorations and did the display windows for Christmas. We came home Wednesday and after getting all unloaded we just vegged as we both were exhausted. Thursday found us doing some of the Christmas gifts to mail stuff along with working on the calendar for me and some on the camper so we could get it put away for winter. Friday came and we took the camper to storage after trying to mouse proof it and the van and put them both up for the winter. I then got the snow blower and the uniloader ready for the snow as the forecast said 3-5 inches for Saturday. I then collected rent and paid bills and got all that out of the way. Saturday came and the pond needed some water so did that and then the rain and snow started and and the heat stuff for the pond kicked on and we blew a fuse so had to move all the wires to a different circuit so it does not happen and then freeze the pump. Got the new printer and had to clean the heads many times to get it to work good but it is sure nice. Late in the afternoon I cleared the snow from the drive and used both the blower and uniloader and they both worked well but the snow was really wet so could not throw it real far. Got a call from Brad at Wal-Mart and he broke his truck key so spent several hours trying to get that worked out but none of the copied keys worked so just let him use the van to get home and will deal with that tomorrow. Had to get some sand tubes for the truck as the road was real slick and it would slide all over the road. Mom worked her tail off on the gift stuff and has much done. I was able to check into the ARMS net several times and the ham bands are opening up as the propagation improves. Well the printer just ran out of ink and the order won't be here till tomorrow so guess that is done till then. Better get posted and move along for the chat and church anyhow so God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew. 

27 November 2011

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Well the family thanksgiving is over and the truck problem is done and the kids have the store things they got back home and Mom & I are exhausted but it has been a good time. Those that didn't make it to the Thanksgiving missed a good one and you were greatly missed. Sunday last I was inducted as an elder and then talked to the pastor about my worthiness and it did not seem to be a problem. To me that is very serious and not to be taken lightly. Started back on some printing things and the printer went completely dead so had to take it in to see if the software is fixable. Tuesday I put the heater in the pond as it was about covered with a thin crust of ice so don't want it to freeze over. Our propane tank is down to 10% so set up to have the tank replaced as we are changing companies. Got the skid loader set up to lift the tank out so hope that will work. It is all running now and the hour meter is up to what the old one had for hours so should be good. What a year this has been with all the busy stuff we have had going on and still much to get done. Wednesday they came with the tank for propane and that is done and the loader worked fine and also installed two new regulators so should be good for a long time now. We are changing the one at the rental also but it still has 30% in it so will wait some for that change. Found the same Epson printer on line almost brand new so ordered it and will have two if they can fix the other one and a good one if they can't. Thursday, Thanks giving day we had Crystal and Josh and Brad and family over for dinner and that was fun but by late afternoon I was all stuffed up and down with a very strong head cold. By Friday I was really terrible and I slept in till 9:30. We then lumbered along to get things ready for the trip to Tammy's and the store work. Had to fill the pond and load the van and was exhausted but we finally got moving about 2 PM and after stops for gas, the dog, food, bathroom breaks etc we got to LeMars about 5:30. We just went out for coffee with Tammy and Ben and then back to the room and off to bed as I was completely exhausted. Woke up early Saturday morning feeling some better. Let missy out and went to the lounge and had some waffles for breakfast and watched the news for awhile. The temperature dropped some but not to bad but the wind really picked up so that is not fun. Had to see the motel management about our tub as it does not have a drain plug so you can't use it as a tub and thy gave us a plug so we could use it till they get it fixed. We did much work in the store and I did some wiring for Tammy and hung up some lamps she wanted done. Then tore out the carpet in the front of the store and cleaned there some. Then had to run for some lag bolts to fasten the awning rail as it was just resting on the carpet and that was all that was holding the arms in place. I wired a light for her dressing room area and then took the door off one of them and cut the bottom off 1/4th inch so it could open all the way as the floor is not real level there. Mom did an amazing amount of jewelry and hangers and by 6PM I was wore out so we went to supper after we left her walker setting in the parking spot beside the car and went back to get that and then check on Ben and the Church for tomorrow. We went to the family table and during the meal we talked about our kids and grandkids and gifts and stuff and we needed to remember many now as we have so many to get for. Tammy told us to try and keep them all the same as she could remember how it was because Matt and Brad always got all the really cool toys and all she ever got was an old stick or a cardboard box. Oh my Oh my I do not remember those days and I laughed so hard it hurt. After supper the girls went back to do some more work but I was not feeling so good so I took missy to the room and fed her and shaved and showered for church in the morning and then let her out and just vegged. My phone was almost dead so charged it and then watched some TV and went to bed as today is another busy day at the store after church. Guess I better quit the rambling on and post this and get moving. God Bless Be Good Do Right love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew. 

20 November 2011

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. We had an amazing 49th anniversary weekend at the water park and all the kids and many grandkids came and we had fun swimming. I gave mom the necklace I made her and I believe she liked it but need to make a longer chain for it as it is to short. We stayed there till Monday and then came home so I could go to the town council meeting. We got the van all unpacked and empty and put much of it away and then went off to supper and the council meeting  where I told them what I would like for the storm drains at our properties and asked to have them start the meetings with a prayer and the pledge and seemed to meet with some resistance there. Tuesday came and had to order a muffler for the case as no one had one to fit it. I did very little work and just sorted the mail and worked on the project for our Norway family Christmas gifts. I have picked way to much stuff to do so may let up some next year. Wednesday came and was up early and started some lentil soup as it is soup time of the year and got the dishwasher going and then checked into the ARMS net. It was 22 degrees and I noticed the Christmas cactus is in full bloom and we have full sunshine. Had to add some water to the pond so put a new end on my winter hose and filled the pond and cleaned the filters. All six fish are doing great and almost at pan size. Guess I have had them to long for that. Had to replace many ink cartridges in the printer as the print quality went way down then it said some parts have reached there life time use so need to check the manual for that. What does that mean? Go Figure. I put the muffler on the case and it is much better now. Finished the Lentil soup and started the Potato chowder soup for our family thanksgiving. Called Epson and found out that the printer may need some pads but they are no longer available and the printer will be done if it stops printing. Once again the uneducated and illiterates are in charge of the world. Thursday came in at 10 degrees and there was some ice on a corner of the pond so winter is in the air and need to get the heater in for the winter to keep a hole open in the ice. Checked into the ARMS net and started the printing of the family calendar. Of course as that starts I ran out of ink and seen I was short on paper so had to order some. Any how did some more around the house and got the cameras, computer, food and clothes ready for the Orcutt thanksgiving and Friday came and got it all loaded in the van and headed for LaMars and Tammy's. Had a fun trip and then helped Tammy in the new store for the rest of the day and then went out to eat. Mom helped immensely with all the jewelry unpacking and hanging up so it can be tagged and sorted. I did a little painting and moving stuff for Tammy and then put in a couple lights for her for her front window and set up the time clock to run so she can see if it keeps time and all. Saturday morning came and we got the thanksgiving celebration off the ground and there was much rain and Ice moved in so some people could not come but many did so it was a fun family time. We had good food and great times to visit and I really enjoyed it all. Many of the people had a long drive so it wound up some early and we finished all the clean up and then headed home. Ben had some trouble with the truck he got to get some store stuff for the store so we had to head back to LaMars and trade it for another. Long story short it was midnight before we finally got home and unloaded so I went right to bed. Better get this done and posted as I need to get moving to church as I am to be inducted as an elder today. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

13 November 2011

Thursday last, 10 November 2011, marked 49 Years with the love of my life and it has been and is a wonderful ride. God bless you angel and I love you with all my heart and thanks for putting up with me for so long.

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Monday started off with some warm back in the forecast and it proved to be a very busy day. First off went to town for some groceries and some parts for the skid loader and then some ARMS net time. Mom and I then cleaned in the patio areas some and planted the bulbs we had to plant for the fragrant daffodils. Then off to the wetland to plant 10 small blue spruce pines we got from Arbor day trees. We worked some on the special photo album we are doing and on some of the calendar stuff. I did some work on a special project I am doing and in the afternoon did not feel so good. I put down some mulch on the new plantings and spread that around. Then went out and cut and cleaned the cactus bed and ended up with 2 bushel baskets, 2 13 gallon garbage cans full of plant and a 30 gallon one about 3/4th full. Gave some away here in town and Tammy wants some so still more to go. I delivered some to the people that wanted them and then was late in the day and did not feel well so quit for the day. Mom did some supper of Chili and corn bread and we watched some TV and then I went to bed about 8 PM. Did not sleep well till about 5:30 AM when I felt some better so slept in till almost 8AM. Tuesday came and still not feeling the best but finished most of my project and then helped with some house stuff and tried to get the computer Virtual PC going but no luck. moved more things to the attic and did some packing for the weekend for Tammy and our anniversary. Wednesday was feeling better So checked on the finish work on my project that was the necklace I made for mom from a stone I found in Norge and picked up the sign for it along with other supplies from town and put it all together. It turned out real nice I believe and mom liked it I believe so that was nice. Thursday came and we finished the packing and headed to Kings Pointe for the anniversary weekend. We did some thrift store hunting and ate out special and just vegged some and Friday came and went and it was Saturday and time for the kids to come and Matt & Kris with our Cody and Caitlin came early and that sure was fun. then later Brad & Heather with Steph, Faith, Sarah and Lucas came and then finally Tammy & Ben with Crystal & Josh and our weekend is complete. We went to the water park inside and swan and went down the slides and just had a wonderful time with kids and grandkids. Life can't be much better than that. We opened some gifts later on and mom got her necklace then and then Matt & family and Brad and family went home and it was way too quiet again but Tammy, Ben, Crystal and Josh stayed here and we spent time to wee hours of the morning just visiting. It sure was fun but now I should get this posted if we are going to get out for breakfast before they have too leave. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

6 November 2011

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Halloween is over and I got a picture of three of our punkins along with many of the neighbor kids. It was so fun to see the kids and get a picture of Faith, Sarah &Lucas since we did not see them. We did Halloween Sunday night so it really wasn't over but the Kids did in on Monday so it was over when I got the picture. Anyhow Monday was busy with house stuff and computer stuff as we got the new tower PC and that sure is a challenge to get up and running and they are different than a laptop so you can't do the same thing on one as you can on the other. Go figure. Helped mom some and did some town stuff and then set up for the floor in the rental to be replaced where it is sagging. Tuesday came in cool but warmed up nice and I was able to check into the ARMS net but signals were poor. Set up for the vinyl replacement at the rental and went and bought some for it also. Did some more on the skid loader and collected the rent and read water meter etc. Picked up some Subway sandwiches for lunch and then just goofed off and did bills and worked on the computer some. Mom and I watched some TV and then off to bed. I did not sleep well as I was worried about the floor and cabinet at the rental and all so was awake at 3AM and finally got up at 4:30 and did many program installations for the new computer. Wednesday now got the garbage out and I left for the rental at 7AM to get the stove out and ready for the crew to fix the floor. All my worry was for naught as it is going well and should be done about noon or so. Took my little punkin, Crystal's computer, in and got the passwords cleared out for her so she can use it again. The floor is done at the rental and tomorrow we do the vinyl and then done for now. The rain is coming down pretty heavy now with snow and sleet mixed in and we sure can use that but it sounds like we might only get 1/2 to 1 inch. We lay down for a nap but the phone rang after about 30 minutes so just got up as I could not get back to sleep. Thursday came in about 38 degrees and was up early working on the Calendar, Photo album, Christmas gifts and much other stuff. Made a trip to town for the vinyl for the rental and then moved the fridge etc there so we could be ready for the vinyl to go down. Went back about 12:30 and got the carpet person started and took out little Crystal to the food shop and seen that mom got in for her jury selection appointment right. She wasn't there very long and the case was settled and they did not need her or a jury for that one. The rest of October thru December they could still call her though so have that to wait through. The vinyl is down and looks really nice and I just need to do some trim now and it will be very good for the kitchen area again. Mom and I made chili for supper and had some corn bread with it and it was good. Friday came in at 18 degrees and was sunny and bright. Will be a very nice day. Checked into the ARMS net and shared St Luke Chapter 9 Verses 23 & 24. Radio bands not very good today and keep changing much but will be better when the sun is all the way up. Did some more work on my calendar and it is about done now so that is good just need to do a little and then print and bind. Have most of the computer stuff back and it is getting easier all the time. Maybe I am getting smarter because they sure don't make it any easier or user friendly. Saturday was warmer and I checked in the ARMS net and the Swan net. Mom and I did some outside work and planted many bulbs. Mom cleaned out the garden shed and I put up many of the chairs and things for the winter months. We cleaned the patio area and pulled all the old flowers and mom cut the flower seed heads of the flowers and put them in a basket to spread them at the wetland in the spring. She had a great idea there so sure hope it works okay. We have 50 more bulbs to plant before the snow flies and we are putting some pines in over at the wetland that we need to get in yet and then treated for deer and rabbit repel for the winter months. We trimmed some of the bushes by the house and will need to trim the cactus. Got the trim molding painted and ready to put down so that job will be done on the floor for now. Put up the hoses so they don't freeze and mom and I did supper and then watched TV. Have both computers pretty well done so that is helpful. Well I better get done here and post this so I can get to church, hope you set your clock back. God Bless Be Good Do Right love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all.

30 October 2011

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. And what a week it has been. Monday started off with warm temps and much work for me on the skid loader, winter stuff and getting ready for winter. Camper is ready for the shed and have checked for the Willey city ordinances. The pc is dying so took that to town to get checked out. Some of my older software will not run with Windows 7 so need to get that handled. Got the charging system working on the skid loader and turns out I probably did not need the new regulator. Bummers. Started on the adjustments etc for it now and need to check the kill switch as it will not turn off. Got tires turned in for the narrow way so they are now even with the bucket. Tuesday came in chilly but really warmed up so that is nice. Mom and I spent the morning getting her ready to go help Tammy in her store. We finally got that done and she left for LeMars about noon and I picked up the new starter for the skid loader and seen her off at Casey's. I then put on the starter and that works good now. Did some pond work and then called it a day. Found out the PC has a main board going flaky as I guessed so have set up to invest in a new PC with some upgrades. Wednesday came in cool at 40 Degrees and I checked into the ARMS net and the band was not very good. Was able to run a few relays into the net so that was helpful. Picked up the ordinances for Willey but could not check them out so had to read them there. This will need to change. Got the kill switch part to work on the skid loader and adjusted the carb and the RPM speed for it and it is running pretty well now and still need to work on the control levers as they are rather jerky and sticky. Went back out and did the chain drive adjustments and that helped immensely. Then it is getting late so went in to do dishes and get supper started for me myself and I. Missing mom bunches but she is having fun with our little Tammy. Fed missy, watched some TV and taped some for mom and then hit the sack. Thursday arrived on the cool side at 20 degrees out and the heat came on so winter time is in the air. Did some final adjustments on the skid loader carb and now just need to pull the seat and grease all the fittings etc so it will operate smoother without the jerks. Fired up the ham set for the ARMS net and then checked all the new laptop computer updates needed and they are all good for now. Got a look at Steph's graduation pictures from Abbie and they are pretty kewl so downloaded them and then went to bed. Friday came in at 22 degrees again but much sun and turned into a nice day. Started the bean soup for the supper meal as Brad and Family are coming over and then did some work on the skid loader and added an additive to hydro to help the sticky valves and all. Got the hour meter hooked to 12 volts to run the hours to the same hours that are on the machine so it will be close to right. Got temp gauge for the transmission also so I can the operating temp and maybe help it run better that way. Went to town for some things needed for the supper and got Winnie the Pooh return to the hundred acre woods to watch also after supper. Did all the dishes and cleaned counters in the kitchen and cleaned the stove so that is all good for tonight. Upgraded to Windows 7 professional and then put on virtual PC so we can run some of our older programs but not sure I like it much. Saturday morning is here and cool again but the sun is up so it will be nice. We had some good bean soup and corn bread with the kids last night, watched the movie and our Little Faith spent the night. Her and Mema stayed up to watch a movie but I was tired and went to bed. Did dishes again as we did not do them last night and then made Faith some breakfast and checked into the ARMS net and did a prayer request for Terry and Nicole for God to work in their life and marriage for his benefit. Net control in Harrisonburg Virginia had 3 inches of snow and still falling. Did some more stuff on the Virtual PC but it may not be all that amazing. Oh Bother I may have upgraded to Windows 7 Professional for nothing. The story of my Life. The day progressed busily and I got the gauges on the skid loader all working and now am running the hour meter up to match the old one. Hauled the disk and tractor to the barn and got the hay rack and the trailer put up along with them. Why did I get all this stuff to do and when will I learn. Oh well better get posted here and get moving. God Bless, Be Good, Do Right. Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

23 October 2011

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Well Springbrook is over for the year and the campfires are done and the kids have all went home. Picture of me and two of my little loves but we are also home and missing all the snuggles from all my little loves. Monday started cool at 38 degrees and over cast but cleared out some late in the afternoon. I slept in and then started the camper stuff to get it ready for the winter storage. Spent much of the day on that and then went to town to mail all the thanksgiving invites for our Orcutt family thanksgiving. I sent then to 22 persons with them to ask all the family ones I might have missed and it will be on 19 November which is a Saturday. We will hold it this year for our Tammy and us and it will be at The Eagles club in LeMars Iowa. Hope all can make it as I invited the Minnesota Orcutts also. What a great time if they show up. Got most of the camper stuff in and now the cleaning of it all. Tuesday came in at 32 degrees and overcast again and I finally caught a mouse in the camper so hope that is all. We will arrange different this year and put out many bounty sheets to see if we can keep them away. Started the washing of the camper stuff and winter packing of it under the bed etc. The sun crept out about 9AM and I checked into the ARMS net and then more work for the camper and the readying of the boiler in the house and all for winter. Started on the 2012 calendar as I lost all info on the last computer crash and the program I use was for windows 95 and it worked well with 98 and XP but does not work with Windows 7, Go figure how this is advancing to the rear again. Put it back on the old sys and will see if I can make it work with new laptop later as the run in compatibility mode does not work either. What a bother. Wednesday came in at 25 degrees and overcast but we can not seem to get any rain out of the clouds. Spent most of the day cleaning fin tubes and setting up the boiler for the winter operations. Finished it all late afternoon and fired up the boiler and it worked well so now we are set for the cold weather when it comes. Worked some on my calendar and the Lotus program but no luck with it on the new windows 7 but have it all worked out on the XP windows version. How the heck does that work. Oh well it is all good for now. Did some radio checks on the nets and all and mom made some T-bones for supper. They are not as good in the fry pan as on the grill. We then did some TV and off to bed. Mom is still fighting the cold and all. Thursday came in at 20 degrees and a brisk morning it was. Checked into the arms net and then did some breakfast for us and started the work on the storm drains etc for our Willey properties. After some calls it may be a city drain fix it problem so will see on that. Still trying to Find Terry Orcutt and may have found his wife Nicole Orcutt so will continue those checks to see for sure. Well it is Friday and I did find a phone number for Terry and it is good and I talked to him but could not get an address so will see how it works. Spent all day on the camper and it is all winterized and packed away and now just clean the floor, put out the bounty sheets and haul it to storage. May finish that tomorrow if I can get the hay rack out and put in the lean-to on the barn and then I can get the tractor in there also or in with the camper and van. Will need to clean the van all out and get it stored for winter also. The tower computer is now going goofy as it is extremely slow and takes forever when you turn it on. I have dumped did cleaning defragging and all I can think of but still very slow. Almost like the hard drive is bad, or processor is going, or it has lost some memory or the PS is goofy again. Might get a new one and just see about using our XP professional service pack 3 if we still can. That way I can still use all my old programs with it. Oh Bother. Oh My Gosh I also found Cheyenne Orcutt, Terry and Nicole's daughter, Nicole &Briana and have made contact with Cheyenne. Wow is this great or what. Will keep you posted. Saturday came in warmer at 40 degrees and much sunshine so will be a nice warm day. What a great day and later on got some addresses. I checked in the arms net and the Swan group and all signals were great. Mom and I trimmed her mugo pine to make it look like a Bonsai tree and it is coming along fine, then we picked many flower seeds from our flowers to put at the wetland next year. It was way fun and we got many seeds so should be fun with all that. Mom is working on some stuff for Tammy and her store and the TV has only boring football and sports so watching The Lawrence Welk show and Larry Hooper singing. What a voice. Yah I know they are all gone but still fun and a good show. Had to clean the print heads on the Epson printer as it went very faint and mom needs it for her project. Now I get to see Lost In Space, how kewl is that followed by dragnet double feature. Morning is here and I slept in but not very late. Barb is the only one to show up for the chats so what's up guys. The week has been busy so better get this posted and get ready for the next week. Maybe I will slow up some. For now God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

16 October 2011

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Saturday last I had the hay rides at Earl Mays for their pumpkin days and it was really fun even though I was struggling with a severe cold and sinus problem. We had close to 100 children and another 50 or more adults that rode with them so we had much fun. Matt & Kris & kids with Kris's mom MaryAnn and brad and heather with 3 of the kids made it and all got rides etc. It was real fun. Tammy and Ben came to the campground and Matt drove mom in to Guthrie to look at the stuff for her store. We did much cooking etc for supper and then made some mores for the grandkids and listened to music and did some sing along by the fire. Tammy spent the night and then left on Sunday last and is working hard on her new store. Monday found me under the weather again and not doing much at all. Mom and I went to town for some groceries and we ate out for lunch as Elaine went home earlier. I did some chicken stuff over bread and we had a salad for supper and I am wore out again. Took more drugs and will see some TV and then to bed. Did not sleep well and Tuesday dawned with some rain and much fog and humidity. Worked on the new moped as the speedometer quit and tore it all apart and lubed and cleaned but still no go, the odometer turns some but after some checking it really is not going enough. Cable and all to the head all work and can run it all well with a drill now so must be the gear in the wheel slipping or something. Oh Bother. Mom and I went to town and then to the bargain barn again and she got some more books for her craft stuff. I was still not feeling so well so I went to the van and napped awhile. I made some salmon on the grill for supper and mom and I watched the movie final, what a boring, go nowhere, nothing movie that was. Still fighting the cold so went to bed about 9:30. Wednesday came cool and cloudy but the sun burned off the fog by 9AM so was a good day. Put the mirrors back on the moped and still no speedometer so will need to pull the front wheel and all to check there. Made breakfast of oatmeal and toast for us both and then mom was feeling bad still so she went back to lay down. I have the new computer kind of figured out and it may be okay but it sure wants to take control of everything. So far I have been able to make it do it my way but we will see as time goes on, there seems to be way to much security so most stuff just will not go till you set it up your way, Baa Humbug. Made a few changes on my ham antenna so will see how it works out today for the Swan 258 group. Well I hope but will see at 3 Hee Hee. It worked great and got good reports with it so all is well, so there, all you new technology stuff. Visited with the Swan group and many other stations so had fun and all is well. We had much rain in the evening and I got many things ready to pack in the van for the trip home Thursday. Did some pork chops for supper and we watched TV and Harry's Law. I really like that show. Thursday morning came with sun and clear skies but rather damp and we put all things in the van and packed the rest of our stuff to get ready to head out. Got most all done before noon so now just hook up and go drain and clean the tanks and head home. Got done and drained and cleaned and wow what a mess that was but the nasty job is done and we are headed home. Had to do our stop in Coon Rapids for the bargain Shoppe so here I am in the van writing while mom is in looking for more stuff we don't need Hee Hee. We got some gas on the way and some snack lunch and just finished that. There are many wireless connections I can get here but tried the Verizon broadband modem and it has full bars and works great. The camper is sure a mess from the wet ground so will have a good clean job when we get home before we put it away for winter. Guess we will have time but I get rather depressed with all but not sure why. Must be I am retired and looking for things to keep busy and end up with so much I believe I can do I become so overwhelmed I get depressed and do nothing. Maybe I should get a job. NOT!! Maybe some is the empty nest and now then the Grandkids are leaving home with two out already and the next ones getting very close to going so I am feeling very old. Okay that is enough of the pity party for me so the good lord will get me through it and I will survive. Checked into the ARMS net Friday Morning and that always is a pick me up. The guys and the bible verses always make a day much better. Friday is a good day with sun and about 55 degrees so will be a great day. Went out before the net and got the van unhooked from the camper and started the unload process and called the newspaper for the call I got while camping on the interview about the run for city council I am doing. Mom is still fighting the cold so is resting some today so will have a huge pile of things from the van to go thru when she feels some better. The fish all did fine while gone and all the plants we put in just before we left are fine so that is all fine. Saturday arrived at about 40 degrees and much sun so was a great day but did not do much as mom was still not well and I am somewhat blah blah bad. Did some dishes, went to town and got a haircut, got some bedding from the camper and our bed to wash, worked on installing some computer programs on the new computer, and helped with some supper. Started the setup for our family thanksgiving as Tammy wants to have it for her this year so we will share it all with her in LeMars at the Eagles club. Should be lots of fun and much easier than normal that way. We will see. Got moms laptop all set up and ready to use so now she can work on her book and stuff when she wants. Better quit all the rambling on and get posted and move along. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

9 October 2011

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Sunday last was a goof off day and I just had to change a flat tire on the van and then just played with many things. We went for a small ride on the moped and mom tried hers out and did well. I made her a very special supper and it turned out very well and very tasty. I drove around the campground now that all the people are gone and picked up all the firewood they left. Then mom and I watched Nanny McPhee as mom had not seen it. Monday came and I slept in late and then checked into the ARMS net followed by my making us some breakfast. After some goof off time and a ride with mom on the mopeds I headed to Carroll for some chores that needed doing and then on to the Willey council meeting. It was a long day and I was tired when I got back. Tuesday came and it was a clear day with sun so we really enjoyed the morning. We both slept in some and then did some camper stuff and mom and I went to chucks bargain barn and spent the rest of the day there and in town. When Wednesday came so did my sis Elaine and it was fun. She did some fishing and then I made a steak supper for us all. Mom and I went for a moped ride but she is not sure she likes the mopeds much as they scare her now. We may look at a four wheel scooter or such if that will help. Any way Thursday came and late in the day I had the start of a developing cold so not much accomplished. Early in the morning Elaine and I went for a walk and then she went fishing. I just vegged and started some medicine for the cold. By Friday morning I just had it so bad I stayed in bed most all day. Between trips to the bathroom and sleeping my day passed rather unmemorable. By Saturday I was a little better and I needed to get to town and get the tractor and hay rack to Earl Mays for the pumpkin days hay rides I was giving. I managed to struggle through the day and it was fun and the kids really enjoyed it and so did I. Brad, Heather and 3 of the kids showed up along with Matt Kris, Mary Ann, and 3 kids there so they got a hay ride and then we all headed out to Springbrook for some supper. I took Sean with me and he was a great help and we had a good visit. Tammy and Ben then came to Guthrie Center for some of the store closing Items for her store and I started the grill and made the Crab salad stuff mom was doing with the help of Heather. Matt took mom to town to help there and some of the group went for a walk and I started the Hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids to get them fed. After all kids and adults finally straggled through the food and we were full I started a fire for some somores while the kids played some. We had a little music with Brad and guitar and the kids singing some and finally the fire was dying down all were leaving that were not staying for the night all the dishes and area was picked up and I was completely wore out so just went to bed. Sunday was cool and damp and we had a cat in the garbage last night so need to clean up that mess so better get this posted and get the day started. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

2 October 2011

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Sunday last mom and I worked our tails off in the yard and trimmed much on bushes and trees. We cut out some of the old white lilacs and then planted the new ones she got and will use the white as a backdrop. We loaded 2 huge piles of brush and clippings so it is so much nicer. We were both exhausted but Mom/Mema did so much it was very fun but hope she did not over do. Monday came and I did one last load of the brush and checked into the ARMS net and then started with the camper stuff for our Springbrook trip this Wednesday. WooHoo. Much of the stuff I do is done but will double check and then had to run to town for some meds and I checked on a DVD/VCR recorder player with a tuner. None!!!! So much for Digital and technology. I did find we have a mouse in the camper so am working on catching that rascal with some glue traps and snap traps. He will be gone one way or the other. Tuesday came in at 50 degrees and overcast skies but no rain yet just teasing us I guess. I stayed in bed till after 7 AM but had to get up to let missy out as she was snorting at me. Checked in the ARMS net but the band is terrible again so not much communication there. Big solar flare messed it up so got checked in then could here nothing. Did get to talk to several members but the controller could not be heard by any. Checked into my Swan 258 group later in the day and that was fun. Set up the radio to take camping and went to town for some parts and groceries for our trip. When I got back I fixed the antenna mount and took my radio out of the desk and loaded all in the van and camper. Finished up most of the groceries and we are about good to go. Wednesday came and finally we can go camping and relax, got the garbage out and finished the last packing stuff and all the arrangements for work that needs to happen when we are away. Ya right relax who came up with that word. Finished the camper loading and hooking up and finally off to Springbrook. Had some lunch on the way and got in about 1PM. Our spot was open so we were excited about that so started the set up. Got electric and leveled and then some water and started the unloading and arranging and spent a good bit of the day doing that. Got the mopeds out and running and then set up my ham station and made contact with the Swan 258 group. Still have not caught that pesky mouse. Set up the grill stand and the stove and grill and got supper going and then just some TV. Oh and by the way we get very poor TV no cell service and no computer broadband here. My old Cell phone, TV, broadband card all worked great in this very same spot the last time we were here. My question then is since we have made an upgrade on all three of these devices for better, faster, more reliable service how is this a great improvement and once again  it looks like technology has made the old advance to the rear movement. Give me a break people and if you accept this I feel sorry for the future generations. Thursday came and we finished most of the setup and tried to relax. Had to do some work on the water heater as it does not always fire like it should. Went for a moped ride and did some adjustment on the old Honda. Set up and staked down the awning and filled the water tanks on the camper and we worked on some organizing things. Did some more radio communications and put down the carpet under the awning and did some T-bone steaks for supper and then some TV. Friday came and we got out all the lawn decorations out and set up bird feeders and all and I put up the clothes rack on the camper bumper. Gathered up some sticks to have a fire. The wind was really bad so glad I staked the awning down as the sign on our post blew away and the spinner we put out had 3 pieces blown away. We found 2 of them but not the other one yet. We went to town for some shopping and then to our Fettuccini Alfredo for me and all you can eat shrimp and fish supper for mom and it was good. Saturday morning found us up early as I needed to get to Carroll and get the hay rack to the church to make a float for the band day parade for the church. When completed I ran down to the parade route to get pictures of Faith in the middle school marching band and of Steph in the high school marching band. This will be the first parade for Faith and the last school one for Steph. I then got some groceries and things from the house put the hay rack away and back to the campground. Was rather tired so we just did small stuff and mom cleaned out and arranged her craft stuff under the benches and I did some of the pots and pans in the cupboards and listened to the radio. We did soup and crackers for supper and called it a day. Here we are at Sunday morning so I better quit rambling on so I can post this if I ever find a connection. God Bless Be Good Do Right love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

25 September


It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. What a week this has been as we left Tammy's on Monday and got back in time for the council meeting and I put in my papers to run for city council. Did some work on the skid loader and used it to clean out some of the gutter for our new lot on Tuesday and got the garbage ready to go out. Watched some TV and then went to bed. Mom & I have decided our Springbrook trip will be starting on the28th of September, this week Wednesday. Not sure yet on the length but should run till the 15th when they close the bathrooms anyhow. Sure am ready for Springbrook. Wednesday then did some more on the skid loader but may need to take it in for the charge circuit as I can not get it figured out. Got the rest doing pretty good and moved the big cement tile from our area to the city area using it and it lifted and moved it easy. Had to drag it some first to get away from a steep bank so it worked well. Went to town and got some groceries and mailed some stuff for mom. I also picked up the manuals I ordered for the Case and they are really helpful. We received the lilac bushes mom ordered so we need to plant them now and they can get a good start then. Thursday dawned cool and clear and will be another great day. Checked in the ARMS net but band still not well so had many relays. Mom and I will plant the lilac plants, she got, today and trim some of the other ones there. This year has been so busy I have met myself coming in on some trips going out. Where am I Come on Springbrook. Did some of the mowing and got ready for some plant removal and the planting. Friday came in at 38 degrees and much sunshine. Did some computer stuff and checked into the ARMS net and then out to work. Cut and hauled some brush, water shoots and small tree starts. Took the seats out of the red van to ready it for Springbrook. Brought both of the mopeds out of the garage and got them running good and loaded in the van for the camping. Will run and get the hay for the rack tonight and have supper with Brad & Heather & kids. My cell quit working on the text message part again  so what is up with that. Supper with the kids was fun and the hay is in the shed on the rack. Stephanie made an amazing peach pie we had after supper and it was really good and she did a really great job. Saturday came and worked on getting my cell back up and running and mema/moms quit also so we spent about 7 hours calling etc to get it going again but had to get a new one if we wanted to use the old number. They got the old one messed up so bad they could not get her number back on it so gave her a new number. They claim they can put the old number on the new phone. What how does that work. Did some filter cleaning on the pond and such mom and I did some shopping while we got her new phone which they claim will take about 48 hours to activate. The weather is really good with warm days and cool nights and I am loving the fall time. We could use rain though as it is very dry. Guess I better get going and post this and head out to church. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

17 September

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Looks like the monarch migration is over and the humming birds and all are heading south. Remember to take in your hummingbird and oriole feeders the first of October so they can migrate like they should and not freeze. Sort of rainy and overcast this morning so hope we are getting some at home also. We are helping Tammy this weekend with her building so are busy there. Mom is very excited about it all and raring to go but it is slow work. We are both kind of slow this week so maybe a small case of flu is plaguing us. Got the skid loader running fair this week but still needs some work but not serious I hope. I ordered a regulator as it does not seem to charge but the stator has good output. The amp meter does not read any charge and I can not meter any at the battery so a new regulator. Had to put a new waterfall pump in the pond as it quit again. I went with a total different one this time as those were very expensive and would only run for one year or so. The new one works fine and does not need a valve to be slowed down for the high flow rate. Have added skype and got a new web cam for the laptop and it sure works great. Had a video chat with Solveig in Thailand this morning and it worked really great. No jerky picture and really good audio with a very good screen picture. May add it to the home computer as the old web camera does not function so well or may be just the service there is not as good although all the bars and such for the connection are the same. I have been sleeping in a lot lately and not sure where that comes from. Guess it is just stress and my body needs the rest. Tammy and Ben went on there golf tournament yesterday and they did really well and won enough so they did not have to pay to play and such. We went to there place last night for supper and then watched a movie. That was fun and the movie was Thor and was good. Mom and I made it and so did Joe and Leah but Tammy and Ben nodded off a time or two. Have some more bad spots in the floor at the rental and had one check on it before we left and will get another one when we get back but that sure is getting to be a problem. Guess I better get posted and move on as we need to get over to Tammy's and get busy. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

11 September



It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. It's Monday, Labor day, and we did not go camping and we have 4 of the grandkids since Mel is away at college and it is Brad & Heathers 12th anniversary. Fun Times! We picked them on Sunday evening did some shopping and then home for mema's special goulash for supper. It was superb and our little Steph helped Mema by browning the hamburger, setting table and stuff. We also had cornbread with it and was it ever good. I ate way to much. Supper was late and we watched some TV but by 10PM I was beat so I went to bed. Mema and the kids stayed up way late watching movies etc. Sarah and Lucas are up early today so I set up the TV for cartoons and checked into the ARMS net. What an amazing day, 42 degrees when I got up and is supposed to get to about 72. What a perfect day although I am not feeling well but we have the kids. I went with mom to take them home but sure did not feel like it.  Tuesday came again at 43 degrees and was another amazing day. I feel some better so hope it is over whatever it is. I need to get the hay rack out now and get it cleaned up and ready for the Earl May pumpkin days ride and I also volunteered it for the band days parade for our church float. I found another skid loader that may be just right. It is the same as the last one but in better shape. Need to check it out better as it is a little more for price but in much better shape I believe and the engine was just overhauled. Found some others online but not sure about them. Seems like everything is such a bother all the time. Did some of the mowing today and got the hay rack out and cleaned it up and figured out some mounts for the American flag on the tractor. Wednesday came with amazing temps again and the Monarchs migrating and got a few pics of them in the trees. Helped mom some in the garage and did some checks for a hitch on the Rambler. Took Crystal out for supper on her day and it sure was fun. Glad to be at this point in her life. Tammy came and spent the night so was good to see her again and we all ate out and then home and watched some TV and I went to bed. Mom and Tammy stayed up late. Thursday morning I checked into the ARMS net and got the Rambler out to take to town for a trip. It ran well and was fun so vacuumed it out and cleaned some and got the groceries and then home. Friday was a busy day with mowing and got the wetland done for the last time this year and mowed at the barn also. Did not get the rental except the push mowing part done so will need to do that later. Saturday came and it was another great day and I was up early again. Watered plants, filled pond and checked on the monarch migration. Not very many today so maybe it is over so was slow this year if so. Going today to check on the skid loader I might get. Have checked on line and those like this one go for $1500.00 to $3000.00 so may not get that will have to see. After some checking and working on the skid loader I made an offer and it was accepted and I now own a small skid loader. Got the engine running again after some cleaning and then put a belt on the hydro for the drive unit and it is going good. Will need some small maintenance but will be a great machine. Today Brad and I are going to Fort Dodge to get some stuff for his remodeling projects and I will pick up the skid loader then I hope. I guess I better quit rambling here and get posted and move along. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

4 September

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Wow this has been a very nothing week with next to zero accomplished. We sent Mel a care package to college but have not heard how that went. Did more checks on the skid loader but it has no spark and will not start so may just give them and offer really low and see what happens. Have been doctoring a cut on mom/mema's foot on the bottom of the heal as that worries me with the diabetes and all. It is doing fine so far and not sure if it was a cut or one of those dry crack things. Both of us have been under the weather this week for some reason. We got the letter for church survey filled out and mom said I was to wordy but it all needs said and attention of us and the congregation and synod and America. The pond is really low on water now and mom has ordered some trees to go there and they are for a wild bird planting package. Should be very cool as they are flowering and fruits for birds. Checked on the ham bands some but mostly it was dead and could not talk much. Sure wish this weather would clear and get normal. Got set up on Skype so we could visit with Mel who is away at college but not sure it will work well with our slow internet. Mom and I tried it once but it was sort of jerky. My web camera is a very old one and maybe that is a problem as I had it way back with windows 95 but that should not matter unless it needs a software upgrade. I got a new cell phone with the Qwerty key pad that is suppose to work better for picture messaging and the web out of my zip code area since it has a sim card and the old one does not. Go figure, technology is just a mess. Can't wait till 2013 when all areas will be 4G and my speed and service should really improve according to the techs. Wow figure this out, I am on the phone upgrading my cell phone, talking on the Ham set, and working on the internet all at once. Is that multi tasking or what. Woo Hoo!!! Guess I have too much stuff going on as the internet is snail pace. Oh Bother. Well got the phone upgraded and I believe I will like it. It is very different from the old one but may turn out better. Now if it just works all over as it is supposed to. Turned in the Survey letter so that is done. We did a little work around the house together and got quite a lot done so that is good. We even put a few things in the attic. The wetland has really evaporated so not happy with that but by next year maybe it will be great and full enough so it don't get so low. Better get this posted and get moving so God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

28 August

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. My 50th HS class reunion is over and we had fun and seen many old classmates. Mom looked so pretty and took many pictures for us to figure out names with the faces. It was a rushed trip but was worth it and now for some down time maybe. The weather has been extremely hot this year and we have lost much of the water we gained in the wetland so that is sad to see. We could use some rain and then maybe get the rest back this fall and winter as the rain and snow come. It has been a very long week with not much accomplished. The skid loader I was looking at sold so went to see another but it is not all that great but a decent size. It has many problems but not very serious one I believe but not sure I want that work also. Got the mowing finished at all areas and that is getting slower since we have not had any rain. Did a little radio work and checked in the ARMS net a couple times and the bands have been really crummy for that. The new digital signals for TV are a waste in this weather also as they keep dropping all the time. Hurray for advancement. Am looking still looking at getting a new phone as this one will not let me send picture messages or use the browser when I am out of my zip area. The excuse given is that it may not work outside that area since it does not have a sim card. They will not guarantee it to work with a card either. Oh bother does technology really suck or is it just me. A new one is cheap enough and it does have the Qwerty key board and all but why bother if it will not work either. Did much plant pot watering and pond filling this week as it is still very hot and will keep the same for the next week or so according to the weather man. The lawn at Crystal and Josh's was a real mess and found out the mower there was broke so fixed that and did a good clean up with the green machine and then fixed the mower and did the mowing for then. Looks so much better now. The mower had a bad start relay and could not find one right here so cut it open and cleaned it all up and bent the contacts back and glued it back together and it works just fine now. Had to fix a tire on the big mower yesterday as it went flat but was just the bead so all is okay now. Mom and I have both been sort of under the weather this week and not sleeping well and sort of sick to our stomachs so it has been a long week. I was in town a time or two but that is all for the week so I better get posted and ready for church. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

21 August

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. We were able to see the building Tammy wants yesterday and it seems fine but needs serious roof work. It is Monday and we may get to see the roof today on the outside and will get a better perspective of it then. We will be heading home tomorrow, Tuesday, so hope we can help her figure it all out by then. There are many geese her at the campground we are at and that is fun to see but the people want them gone as they say they are a great mess with all the droppings and such.  I could not sleep well so was up early and checking on the Case skid loader I looked at. I think I prefer the Gehl if I can assure it all works okay and the price will be low as it is a larger machine and could serve more purposes. It is a real cool day so far so that is really nice and we may have broken the heat wave we were under. Looked at some roof stuff for Tammy and thought I could do it for them but I really can't so decided not on the beam replacement and skylight removals. Sure is heck to get old. May stay another day but not sure yet as some of the roofers canceled but still want to see the one or two that are coming. Mom fed the geese yesterday while we were looking at the ceiling joists so I missed that but when I got back I grilled hamburgers and they were great ground chuck and very good. Tuesday today came and it is cool and overcast so the temp is nice. Spent the day goofing off and the roofer canceled so we just decided to stay another day and the kids put in a bid on the bldg they want and mom and I went to bingo in the evening. Wednesday found us packing up and going home and we were both fairly wore out. We did some unpacking and just rested and then off to bed. Thursday was up early and out for some of the mowing and then a check on the skid loader but the fellow was not sure now as he wants more for it but no one is willing to give more. Time will tell. Tammy got word on Thursday that her offer was accepted and the rest of Thursday was preparations for my School 50th class reunion for us and then on the road Friday to go for that. After arrival we did some set up stuff and then off to Wal-Mart to get some things for the camper and stuff we need. Saturday found us checking out the thrift stores and we got some good buys and then cleaned up and went off to the class reunion at the Long branch restaurant. It was a great meal and I ate way to much again and then we all had some story time and we checked the memorabilia things and before we knew it it was 11PM and time to go. Mom looked amazing and we had a good time and then off to bed and early to rise to head home again. Am really looking forward to our Springbrook time this year as it has been one busy year and we both need the down time. Guess I better post and get moving. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew

14 August

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. The tractor ride was complete and fun and the geese are getting settled in the wetland. Praise God for all the blessings he has given us. My tractor looks like a baby one in the picture. Oh wait it is compared to all the others. Going to be a very busy week this week with all the planned work and then all the necessary things also. Who plans all this stuff to do with the kids getting here from Florida and all. Any how Monday came and it was cooler at 70 Degrees and we got 1/2 in of rain last night. The bad storms missed us. Will get some mowing done at the wetland today and at the barn etc and have some more to finish on the shelf for the rental and then fill some holes at the new paneling and paint touch up and put up the coat hooks and it will be done. Turning into a lot of work over there but it is looking real nice. Need to spray the yard some to clean that up also. Well I put the big mower in the water trying to get close to the edge so had to get some chain to pull it out. All went well and the restoration area is all clear of weeds again. Kris and her mom and the kids got into Omaha on Sunday and the three young ones had there school sign ups and tests and all Monday so they are ready to go that much now just orientation and all on Thursday & Friday and then the move here for mom and dad hopefully the first of September. Kris will be for sure and Matt if he finds a job here, otherwise he will keep working there until he finds what he needs here. Tuesday dawned very cool at 60 degrees and that sure is a pleasant change and very well liked by me. Went to check on the Hydra cat thing like the Bobcat but it still is not going and they also have been working on our Country clipper for several weeks now so how does all that work. Oh Bother. Not sure on the Hydra cat as it has some problems and they want to much for it but will keep checking as I could use it at the new lot and for snow among other things. What am I thinking don't I already have enough to do. Started on the weeding in the pond area and boy what a mess that is with so many weeds we can't even see the pond. I pulled them for about 3 hours with some breaks for water etc and hauled a whole trailer load to the city brush pile. It looks some nicer now and is far enough along to start the real clean up. How does all this happen. Wednesday another cool day and Picked up the Country clipper and Brad and faith helped us pull some weeds and clean up several areas. The Country Clipper works well and does a good job. Thursday was just sort of goof off and play with radios, computers and toys and all and some minor work. Found the pond was losing water so checked on that and cleaned filters and all. Finished all the mowing here at home that Brad did not get done and then mowed all the rental and Barn area. Friday dawned cool and cloudy and we got about three sprinkles of rain but the rest just went south of us. We sure could use the rain. Brad and the 5 kids came today along with Josh and we cleaned up the cactus area, drive, walk path by garage, East end of house, arbor area and garden area of all tree starts, weeds, brush etc. It was a long and busy day and then we all cleaned ourselves up and went to Pizza ranch for supper. I then took Josh home and went home myself but Mema and Brad and Family all went shopping for school supplies for the Grandkids. Saturday found me sleeping in some and then getting camper ready to go to Tammy's as soon as we have some lunch at Brad and Heathers. Tammy is looking at starting her own business and wants our input on some building things and costs. Heather made an amazing lunch and we visited some and then off to LeMars to see Tammy and Ben. After a quick partial set up we went to China Buffet for supper with them and we seen the building she is looking at for her business. It looks rather nice and we set up to see the inside tomorrow afternoon. It will need some serious roof work and cleanup on the second floor but the part for the business is good enough to open with just some cleaning etc. There is a basement also for storage etc. I slept in this morning so I better get this posted and get moving. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

7 August

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Picture from Dec 1986. Monday dawned with much heat yet and I did some prep work for the roof repair at the machine shed and then did some weed pulling and some prep work on the papers for the town meeting tonight and am not looking forward to that. Went to town and mailed payments and picked up the stuff needed for the roof work. Brad will be here tomorrow and we can work on that and on the rental wall. Checked into the ARMS net and the radio is doing fine and discovered some of the receiver noise was coming from the old Orion TV I have in the office. When I unplug it the noise goes away. Will maybe get a filtered power strip to run it on. Cleaned out the new hedge area and it looks like we lost one plant so may see if there is one I can transplant from another area. Tuesday came and Brad and I did the roof repairs on the Machine shed and the cost was about $50.00 and about 5 hours labor. Brad did all of the hard hot stuff so it would have been shorter if I could have done more. Any how that sure beat the $1,000.00 bid I had to do it. Wednesday found me working on the push mower and the weed eater and then doing the mowing at the rental, the barn, and some here at home. The temps were much better and the humidity lower so it was a pleasant day. I picked all of the cherry tomatoes that were ripe and took that and some sweet corn in to Heather for the family. Got a call from Earl Mays here in town and will be giving hayrides for there pumpkin fest on 8 October so should be much fun there. Thursday found some more mowing going on and some tractor preparations for the Glidden tractor ride on Saturday. Had to check all the oils and grease it and then do some adjustments on the throttle but is all good now I hope and ready to go. I may go on it this year as my first one. I would like to get a flag put on it somehow for the rides and all so will see. When I went to pick up the trailer to haul the tractor there was about 40 to 60 Canadian geese at the wetland so that was very neat. Had some stands for some jacks welded on the trailer so it does not lift the tow vehicle off the ground when loading and unloading. Had some big solar & sun storms so the Ham bands have been a disaster but made it through some of the nets. Seems like there is always so much to do and so little of me to do it. Oh Bother. Friday morning came and I was unable to sleep so up at 4:45 AM and doing some laundry to help out. Most everything we have is dirty so that should help some I would guess. Looking for some patriotic songs to make a CD to play on the tractor run but once again the internet is totally useless for any of that stuff. Not sure why I even bother with it. Did some more on the tractor and got a mount for a flag up so now just need to find a flag that will fit it. Takes a post about 1 1/4th in to fit. Saturday dawned hazy and overcast and prepared things for the Tractor ride and headed off to Glidden. It was a fun ride and then we went thru the parade for the Glidden fun days and the music I used was Toby Keith, Courtesy of the red white and blue and Alan Jackson, Where were you. I had two small flags on the front of the tractor and a larger 2 1/2 X 4 foot on the rear. It went well and we got a noon meal out of it so I had fun. Then load up and get home and unload and was off to the rental to work on the wall there. I got most of it done and just need to mount the coat hooks, put up a shelf, and then fill holes and paint some. It came out rather nice I think. We had many more geese at the pond and they were in the water swimming around so I am so happy with that and may have some that like it and will return next year for a place to hatch and raise there young. Well I better get this posted and get moving for Church so God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, brother, Cousin Uncle and all Lew. 

31 July

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Another amazingly busy week and I met myself going to bed several times when I got up. The heat has been really bad at around the high 90s with very high humidity. Can only work outside for a while and then must go in and rest, cool off and re-hydrate. Got almost caught up on all the mowing and such and then began the RAGBRAI setup stuff for them to come through on Monday last. They claim with the support crews and all there were about 25,000 people that passed through. The bikers started to show up at around 8 AM and the traffic got heavy around 10 AM and went none stop till almost 6 PM. Our town Population is 100 so that was a lot of people here. I feel like our little Lucas looks in the above picture. Wore Out!!! I also helped mom some and we got the library fairly clean and useable again. Tuesday found me with some town stuff to pick up for the rental hole in the wall and then some help with the tear down of things from the weekend. Not a whole lot outside as my temp gauge said 98 degrees. Checked into the Swan 14258 group but conditions were the pits so not much good there. Oh My Gosh we got a text from our little Melody and she has been accepted to be a Miss USA contestant. Wow and Wow!!! We are so proud of her and she is so beautiful she could win it. No I am not just a teeny bit prejudiced either. The heat is so bad we are now losing some of the water at the wetland to evaporation. Come on rain and cool weather. Wednesday found me doing some work on antennas again and have almost concluded that the vertical is not going to work the best for this area. I am leaning towards a rotate able dipole for better direction coverage and I seem to get better reports with one. I also got the roof vent back on the barn so just need to nail down some of the tin there again. Thursday found me doing some movie camera stuff from our Norway visit and that  was real pain. Technology sure does not make it easy but finally got it done. I am gathering up some of the old pics of Bert to send over to the family there also. Then Mom and I went to town for some stuff and we had the kids over for some supper of grilled steaks and some Norway home movies. We also got an inch of rain which cooled us off some and brought the water level at the wetland back up. Friday came and I was told That the roof repair at the rental would be $1000.00 and I about fainted. Two  18 plus foot 2x4s and the time to install and brace them and then nail on the tin I already have. I figure I will do it my self. Yah right like I need more to do. I then did the mowing at the barn and looked at the machine shed roof and it may take me 1/2 day as I am slow but it would take like maybe 2 hours work if that is what I did for a living. So $15.00 for the 2x4s $6.00 for some nails and screws and labor at $80.00 for 2 hours comes to $181.00.  So wow they wanted to make like $800.00 on a small job. I don't get it no wonder our economy is in the toilet.  I then mowed our set aside and garden area. I then finished up the mowing by the city sign and called it a day as I was not feeling so well. The mower that Iowa small engine has is still not done so that is a bummer but they had to cut and rebuild the frame to get it all in. Saturday found me not feeling so well as I was up all Friday to get Zantac and Mylanta for the ulcer or headed to the bathroom at least 4 times but skip that as it was not pretty. I slept in till about 9:30 and then got up and had my toast and oatmeal and checked into the ARMS net. The band was much better and I heard many nice signals so that was fun for a change. I have almost decided on the dipole and maybe a long wire but then will need a balun and antenna relay. I then ran to town around 11:00 for some medicine for mom and picked up the 2x4 I needed so am ready there. I checked out a Honda Moped for the neighbor and then came back home and just goofed off as it is super hot again. When will this heat end I am so tired of it. Yes Kjell I am tired of the heat and it is to hot as we have been in the upper 90's and at 100 for almost 3 weeks with heat index's of 105 to 120 degrees. Hope you and Natalie had a great vacation. We miss all you guys and the cool temps very much. At 1:00 I had my first cut of coffee as I felt some better and may just stay inside the rest of the day. Finally got most of my external drives sorted out and now have the general one for the pics and all the stuff we work on all the time, then have one for mom for her stuff, and another for just movies and still another for the music and Karaoke and Microke. My 50th class reunion is coming up this next month so hope I feel well enough to go to it. We have lost some of the kids already so that is not fun but would like to see those that remain. I guess I am getting older. Just talked to Matt and Kris, Maryann and the Kids will be here on the 8th for some school testing and then Kris will fly back. They start school on the 15th here it sounds like so we are trying to set up a fair day with Sean, Cody, Caitlin and Maryann if she wants to go or maybe she would just like some free time. Either way we may keep the kids here a few days before school as a mini vacation. So Brad and family and Tammy and family try to go to the fair with us and as soon as mom and I get a day figured out we will let you know. Sounds like fun to me. Yahoo!!! It has been a busy week so I will get going here and post this. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew. 

24 July

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Wow and Wow what a ride and as you can tell no journal or posts for a whole month but guess that does not matter as no one even noticed. At any rate it has been and amazing month because as of the day of the last post we started on our trip to Norway. It started with Tammy and Ben taking us to the airport in Minneapolis for our departure flight. So there we are with our tickets and passports in hand and our bags do not pass through security. Being rather nervous and worried some already this was no help but I finally got through as I had some razor blades in my bag and razor so just threw them out and I was good. Mom on the other hand could not get her bag through the machine check so after 3 tries and the inspector looking through it several times they hauled it off to another area and checked some more and finally after all that they found nothing and decided it was okay to go. So started our exciting and wonderful Norway visit. The first leg of our journey was the flight to Reykjavik Iceland and it was very nice and Carol did not rest and took many ocean pictures.

 Icelandair is a very nice airline with very reasonable rates. The landing is actually in Keflavik and then we took a bus to the Hilton hotel in Reykjavik which took us through a very flat land with what I assume was like tundra covered with flowers that appeared to be Heather, but I am not sure. It was very scenic and different from what we have ever seen.

In places all over some one has piled rocks in a column but did not find out what that was about but it did break up the landscape. Might have been property markers etc. but they were all over. Oh well it was interesting and we spent some time in the old town shopping area and seen some interesting sights there. It was filled with sidewalk cafes and small shops along with some art areas like parks and many other attractions. We then went on a whale watching cruise but we did not see any whales but it was a fun ride anyhow and we seen Puffin Island where the puffins come each year to have there young. They are able to live entirely on the water except for there nesting period. Two days here passed rather fast and then off to Norway for that next new adventure. Just a little over a 2 hour flight and many pictures by Mom and we land in Bergen Norway and are met by a bunch of the cousins. We are now in the land of the midnight sun I would guess as it stays daylight all night. They took us up the mountain lookout on a tram train and we had lunch at the top. Then back down and the trip To Josteins for a grill out and much visiting before finally getting to Johannes and Aaslaug's house where we will stay for the duration of our visit here. The next day we went to some more of the cousins for an eat out. Early in the morning before this Johannes took me out for a small trip around Gaulen. We seen the house that Bert grew up in and some other areas he was in as a child. We then went to the celebration of John The Baptist day there in Norway and had some hotdogs and a good old fashion sing with Jostein on the guitar and Johannes on the accordion. 

It was a fun time and good chance to get acquainted with many of the cousins. The following day was a rest day so we had a full day of some visits to some of the family burial grounds and to see Josteins church and some other area spots with a meal out again in a nice fiord side restaurant. The following day Johannes and I did an early morning walk and went up the mountain to feed the sheep some bread and see the area. We then seen some more of the area and then off to take a boat ride on Mikals son Frode's boat through many of the fiords with a stop at another eatery for some food and it was another long day. The following day Johannes took me for another walk in Gaulen where Bert had walked and showed me a small stream where there was a small mill where he may have went to get flour from the mill. We were then off for our Norway in a nutshell tour and this was another full day. The time seemed to fly by and we did the long tour and seen many amazing waterfalls and scenery and Norway is just a very beautiful country. We had another great time at Oyvind and Solveig's and before we knew it the time to head home arrived and we sadly set out on the return trip. There was never a slow day or a day of doing nothing and so many wonderful memories and way more than we could ever mention here but will try and add some to my pages as time goes by. The flight home was uneventful and we got to Minneapolis at about 6 pm on 5 July and were met by Tammy. We then collected our bags, went through customs, and then traveled to LeMars and we spent the night there at Tammy's. After a long sleep and some rest we started home on the 6th then and rested some more. I did some mower work on the 7th, checked out the wetland and it looks nice . Brad and the neighbor did lots of cleanup for us due to a bad storm that damaged our barn, machine shed and took some trees down. On the 8th got  camper out and ready then on the 10th we headed for Nebraska to meet Matt & Kris for there house hunting expedition for there move here to Offutt AFB. 

On Monday night I had a meeting back home for the lot we were trying to buy but that did not work so that was a fast trip home and then back again. We then left there on Wednesday the 13th and got home late in the evening on that day. While there we went to a drive thru animal park and that was fun and we had some suppers with the kids we made so they could just concentrate on there house hunting. Did the mowing and finished all the mower repairs so now we are good to go. Did some pond work and then on the 16 we headed up north to Kings point to celebrate Moms and Stephs Bday at the water park. We stayed there until Tuesday and then headed home again. What a summer this has been with all the heat and all the trips and goings on. 

This past week then has been full of repairs from all the broken things from while we were gone along with the mowing and getting ready for RAGBRAI  as it is going through Willey on Monday the 25th. I bent another blade on the new Toro and the dealer does not know why so will check with the company to see what they say. Why is it we always have to do all the work. Isn't Steph and our son cute in there matching shirts. He is trying to get one different for each of the kids. Brad was over on Friday to help at the barn and get my ham antenna back up so we got some of that done and the antenna is fine but I got a little sick feeling I think from the heat so we just visited some till he went home then. It worked out well and we got much done. I finished knocking down the weeds at the wetland and the tree area there so it looks some better now and the grass is coming up nice and the tree area is full of the Alsike clover so it is looking nice again. I hung the Toro mower up in some ravine and ditch twice yesterday and had to get the tractor to pull it out both times. Oh Joy. What a roller coaster ride this past month has been and we are still about exhausted from it all and the unbearable heat. The temp stayed around 100 degrees for a little over a week with the heat index at 114 to 120 and now we are still in the middle to upper 90's. This is not Iowa so not sure what's up with that. The air is working at least but the windows are always steamed over so you can not see out. Maybe we should move to Alaska or Norway. Well complaining won't help so I will post and get moving. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew. 

19 June

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Well mom and Tammy fed the little raccoons for several days and one did not make it and that was sad. All the kids got to see them and even hold them and we finally found a DNR registered person to rehabilitate, raise, and return them to nature. They were really cute. My big frog came out of the pond and set on the seat to pose for a picture and just like all my GK's he stuck his tongue out but I missed it in the photo. The week has been a very hectic one and Tammy was here to help Mom and I again and that sure was fun. We got many plants planted and put in pots so they should be good for awhile now. We planted an almighty pip in my area and had to move our man some to make it fit. It gets about 5 feet tall and about 2 feet wide so can't wait to see that. I had to mow the tree plantings at the wetland as it was really full of weeds but it looks much better now. The grasses, clover and timothy are doing so well there and the planting on our Island is up now and starting to green it up. Soon the prairie grasses and flowers will be up on the rest of it and that is very exciting. The water is all around the island now so with a little more rain it will start to get full. Never did find the glasses I lost but the old ones from just before them work better and I like them more anyhow as I can see better with them. I still take them off for watching TV though. I put two of our old bird baths on some new stumps as the old ones were completely rotten and kept falling over and I raised them some so you we can see them over the hostas and from the patio. We have a opossum wandering around the yard again so may need to trap that if it becomes a problem. Had some wind this week and had many tree branches down again so made several trips to the burn pile with them. Got most of the computer stuff back but it has a problem with the email from juno if I get a post there from Face book. If I click to see it for some reason Juno just shuts down but only with the FB notifications. The only other problem I see is with the MPEG movie or video. When I click them it starts but just never opens and if I open them with media player the media player just shuts down similar to the FB thing. Must be something in some security setting some where with the IE 8 upgrades etc. I notice my audio kind of warbles also and not sure if all this is related or what. Why can't they just leave stuff alone when it works good. I did get all the new Sony PMB movies back I thought I lost so that was fun. Why can't the computer guru's do that when you take it to them. Oh well I can get on my old ford tractor or in my old Nash Rambler and it works every time the first time and is completely fixable. All we have now at best is throw away junk. I am doing this post early as I will not be available on Sunday for it so we will see you all at the next time I do a journal page. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

12 June

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Our kids week is over and all through the house not a creature is stirring not even a mouse. Whew it was a fun week but wow am I wore out along with Mom/Mema. We helped the kids build a lean-to as shown in the picture and did some run in the sprinkler stuff along with weed pulling with Aunt Tammy and TV movies and it was a rather busy time but much fun. Monday came at high temps again and not much done outside. Had to water the plants by the sign I put in and then we had the city council meeting to go to. Not much accomplished there so will need to see how it goes at the next one. Tuesday came with much heat again and we went to town for some glasses for mom and for missy to get checked for her back and such. Did some checks on the lot we are buying and it is all finally in place and just needs to be paid and recorded. Did some checks on the disc work for a neighbor and it will work well. Wednesday arrived very warm and humid again and I did not feel so well. I slept in and then ran to get the garbage out and turned on the radio and checked in to the ARMS fellowship net. Then rested some fed missy and went to load the landscape bricks for the flowers by the sign so put them out around the sign, they look very nice, and then back to take mom/Mema in town for another eye appointment. It was maybe to warm and still need to disc for the neighbor tonight. Could someone please get rid of this heat. The humidity dropped some as the front started in so got the harrow-disc done and that went well. The temp really cooled off in the evening and then early in the morning we got some rain so that is great. Started on working on some weeding in the landscape areas and helped mom with dishes and some clothes washing. Back too the weeding and then the rain came again and we really need it and it was about 1/2 inch so wow. Did some shopping for our vacation in the evening and by Friday morning we have about 1 3/4 inches of rain. Many storms around us but all seemed to pass us by. We are thankful for that. Missy is doing some better so hope that is all fine for now. Friday was overcast and heavy and we got to spend the day with our little Crystal. We went shopping with her some more and I got way to much stuff for the trip but it is getting exciting. I will have mostly new outfits so hope that works okay. Saturday came with a bright clear day and it was cool so I really enjoyed that. The wetland has much more water in it and is looking real nice so far. It may get full enough to put some fish in it. The tree is okay so far and hope it works out well. Started all the mowing and then finished it all also as we have our little Faiths Bday to go to on Sunday afternoon. During all the Saturday mowing I managed to lose my glasses and I was wearing them but do not have a clue when they fell off. Guess I really need them huh? Saturday evening I caught 3 baby raccoon's and not sure what to do with them. Maybe it was the mother I caught a while back as they were really crying for her. I set the live trap to catch her or daddy if it was not and then don't know what to do with them If not. I guess I may release them where I let the other one go and hope for the best. Well I better post this and get moving if I am going to get that done. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

05 June

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. The kids took off Sunday last for Mel's special Bday gift and it was a trip to New York city. We don't think she knew but she had many clues and might have had and inkling. Monday came and the kids left K.C. for Minneapolis and our tree man pictured tells us she still is not sure where she is headed but the next leg will give it away when they get on the plane for N.Y.C. May the good Lord watch over them on this trip and grant them much fun and joy. The day started at 70 degrees by 8 AM with some wind so it is a warm one for  memorial day. Fed the birds and the kids started to stir by 8:10 so had to get moving with them early. Text came at 8:30 and Mel has it figured out so that drama is over and hope she is very excited as the kids planned and worked very hard to make this a very special gift for her. Fixed breakfast for the kids and then checked into the ARMS net but conditions were poor again. Steph slept in so will do her some food when she wakes up. The week has been a complete roller coaster ride but it is fun. we got the lean to for the little ones started and I was able to get the mowing completed at the rental and most of it here but it is ready to mow again. Made some repairs to the disc for the three point lift assembly and ran it some at the wetlands. Then brought it home to do the new lot we got so I can get it seeded. Managed to get the lot mowed and then picked up all the concrete someone dumped there and hauled it off. Our neighbor helped us out with that and that sure was good. He got the bobcat out and lifted the large pieces on the trailer. Finally figured out the grape jelly that disappears at night. We have a raccoon that comes up and climbs the post and eats it all. I change the jelly and liquid around and then he pushed on the rod for the jelly till he had it pushed over far enough to reach and then ate it still. May just bring the jelly in in the evening. Got most of the computer programs back and even got the calendar set up so that works good again. Computers sure are a mess. Had a flat tire on the tractor trailer so got that fixed but I see the filter for air on the tractor is leaking some oil so need to patch that. Hauled part of the drain tile to the new lot and cleaned the trailer. Still need to dig a few small pieces of concrete at the edge of the lot before I disc but will work on the kids lean to some first. By 12:00 noon on Thursday the temperature reached 91 Degrees and most of my get up and go has went someplace and left me here.  Oh Bother. By 2 PM we have most of the lean-to for the kids done and am wore out from the heat. Stopped for lunch and then some disking and to town for Pizza Ranch supper. Got some of the disking done but need to move some more cement before I can finish it so will wait till later. Okay it was later so moved the cement and finished the disc work and then got some seed and seeded it since it looks like rain and hope we get it. A nice easy 1 to 2 inches would be very nice just take all night to do it. The Good Lord will handle it I am sure. During this work I broke one of the posts I put in so need to reset that. Still need to fix the 3 point hitch as I am not pleased with it yet. Will get it right eventually.  Friday the temperature reached 100 Degrees here on my thermometer so it was a very warm one. The week flew by and we had fun with the three Grandkids and Brad, Heather, and Mel arrived home on Saturday and we had a turkey for dinner for them. They had a great trip it seems like and it sounded fun. Finally caught the raccoon that was giving me fits and the guy for the wetlands got all the seed drilled in we needed so now just need the rain to get it all going. Guess I better get posted and move along. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

29 May


It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Our little Melodie has graduated and now is getting set up for college in the fall. Yes her diploma was all signed so she must have turned in all her library books, band uniforms and instruments and her track uniforms. There was a wonderful turnout for her party and it was a fun time. My oh my she has grown up so quick and is becoming such a very pretty young lady. Elaine came Sunday for her graduation and then spent the night with us and we did some work on her truck tailgate on Monday. I did all the mowing we had to do and then Elaine decided to stay another night so we did some TV and then went to bed after her and mom chatted for awhile. Tuesday found me sleeping in till about 7AM so must have been tired. Gave the birds there food, visited with Elaine and mom till Elaine left and then went to the barn and did the mowing there along with cutting the weeds in the wetland tree area. The surveyor came to the house then so went home to see the survey and get the stake layout figured out. Then got some posts and put some PVC on them in the corners for the markers but two were a different size so will need to get some other PVC for them. Just my luck it seems. Again Wednesday I slept till 06:30 AM so must be wore out. More rain and if it keeps it up for the day we will officially have an island at the wetlands restoration area we are doing. It will need much more water to be full but it will be an island surrounded by water at least. Found out the post I put in at home were the same size but the store had 2 different size PVC pipes marked in the same location and mixed together so one worked and on one the wall was two thick to fit over the pipe. Crystal came over also to help Mema and visit some so I picked her up while in town to get the new pipe and pay for the willow tree we are putting on the island. The new pipe worked well so got the lot marked there and that is good to go. Thursday I picked up the willow tree and planted it on the island and also got the grasses for there and put that down. The water is getting deeper and more is running in from the ground water so am happy with that. Did some more mowing and the grass is really growing now. Mom and I planted some of the stuff for the yard and landscape and that sure was much fun. It was so good to be doing that together and enjoying our accomplishments. Thursday evening the computer crashed and all was gone so Friday I took it to the shop to see about getting it going again and it is going but I think they did some server installation stuff as it is really goofy now. Will see next next week after the holiday. I did get most of the files back that were important but will need to rebuild some. Saturday came and I did the bird stuff and some computer redo things and then helped the neighbor cut down and cut up a tree that was a problem and then mowed the sign area again. Still need to get at the rental for mowing. Did some more rebuilding on the computer but it is different and Can not make the lotus programs work so have lost the calendar stuff from all the past years. Guess I may get a new one or try and rebuild this one, not sure yet. Woke up very early this morning as I did not sleep well so am doing more stuff for our computer programs and am excited for the grandkids coming today for the trip the kids are going on. We will have 4 of them this week so that will be a treat I hope. Mema has much planned for them while here so we will be busy. At 5:30 the day started to get light and just think in 21 days the days will start to get shorter and head back towards winter. Am waiting on the guy to drill the flower seeds at the wetlands and then we will have that done for awhile. Wow is this ever a busy year. I reckon I better get going here and post this and finish of the computer stuff and head to church. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

22 May

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. What a fast short week this has been. Got the mulch done in the yard area and that looks really nice. Spent the rest of the week working on the wetland area and it is ready to be seeded as the picture shows. We had much rain after the dirt work and the disk work so you can see in the picture that water is already starting to collect there. I spent two whole days just disking it to get rid of all the clumps and dozer tracks. Now we need to work up the island area and get it planted and the willow tree there. I got one big rock from there also but need to figure how to get it in the truck to haul.  Also much of the week I spent on the graduation guest book for Melodies after grad party. Then spent two days there helping the kids get set up for that. We also spent till 11 PM last night helping Mel pick out a dress for the ceremony today so had some fun there. During the week I worked in some mowing at both places and mixed up oriole and hummingbird food and then feed the birds several times. We have a Cardinal nesting in the hedge just outside the door so that is neat and can't wait to see the babies. Missed most of the radio stuff this week as I was way busy. With all the wetland work I did get the disk going very well and can see how to make some improvements there for the lift and the towing. The tractor worked out very well and has amazing power for the work it does. Will use it at the lot we bought to do the seed prep work. The surveyor is coming this week to set some pins there so we know just what we are getting and for me to see how much work we have to do. I better get moving and post this and head out to church as Elaine will be here when I get back so God Bless Be Good Do Right love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

15  May

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. The goldfinch are here and spring is in full swing but it has become to warm to fast. 80 Degrees to day and will be up to 90 the next 2 days. Okay I need to move north. Did some mulch stuff with Crystal & Josh today and put the new air conditioner in the kitchen. Picked up the kids mower today and started the work on it also to see if I can get it going good. The battery seems bad but will let it charge for a day or so and see if it will charge. Well it was the next day on Monday and no charge so it is not any good. Got a new one and will get a maintainer if the mower does not charge it but after the acid was added and it said full charge it looks like the mower may charge it but time will tell. Hauled the old widow air to the landfill and got two loads of mulch and spread that around so only have 2 more areas to go to be done. Ordered the air cleaner for the mower for the kids also as it is missing and that can make a mess for it running. Checked on the deed etc for the lot we are buying and it all seems in order so will proceed until it does not fly and then check it out more. Saw an Indigo bunting today and the hummers are back so need to get out there feeders and that means the Orioles are here somewhere also. Watered all the new plants as the heat was very bad today and some looked droopy. Mom was about wore out today so we did a little nap at around 5 but I only got about 20 min as the phone rang and could not get back to the doze mode. Tuesday came bright and early for me and was off to get mulch at 7 am and then unloaded it and went in and checked into the Fellowship net. Just a short time there and back out to get more mulch. Hauled mulch most of the day and worked in the yard. Wednesday came and we put up all the oriole feeders and the new jam feeder for them and it is great as they were all over them all in short order. Hummers are here in full swing and it is so wonderful to see them all back. The cardinals we tried for many to keep that are now staying here year round have built a nest in the hedge right by our door and I can see them as I go out and could even touch them. It will be so cool to see the babies when they hatch. The Good Lord has surely blessed us with so many wonders if we just take the time to open our eyes and slow down for him. Thursday Tammy was here briefly for some coffee as she brought Crystal back home from her trip to Sioux City. Friday came really fast and the week was sure a rush. We had one day at 100 Degrees and now back to 40's. Friday night came and we went our little Faith and Sarah's dance recital and that sure was good. I only have one more mulch area to finish 1/2 of and then most of that will be done. The renters called with the fridge not working but got that going so it was okay. Did much work on a special project for one of the grandkids and it is nearing completion so am excited for that. Did much mowing and then started some for the second time this week. Mom and I planted some of the patio flowers and planted her mums in the pots. I had to water the sign plants I put in twice and they are looking real nice. The water company replaced the water meter and the regulator at the rental as it was not working right and had lagged way behind the usage so we owe a bunch there. Go Figure. Got the kids mower going pretty good and need to pick up the air cleaner parts and it will be good to take back. I stopped all else then and went in to get the parts and did the mower up and it works great again and then returned it to the kids. Checked into the Swan Group and all worked well there and set up to get copies of the minutes of the meeting for the city council so I will get them this next week to see what they really voted on or doctored the minutes. Turned in all the papers to the mayor for our lot purchase as we do not need them till they are all signed, notarized, recorded and all that stuff. It has been raining the last three days so the grass and plants and all are just popping out of the ground. It has been a busy week for me so will post and God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

8 May

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. What a start to the week with Crystal & Josh here Sunday last after church and helping us with some of the yard stuff. We laid some retaining wall bricks, put up the Martin roosts under the Martin house, did a whole pickup load of mulch, picked up a whole load of junk metal from the city brush area, and even had an Easter egg hunt for them since they were not able to make any of those days here. Then mom made a great supper and and we took them home. Also got some really cute pics of Sarah and Faith in their dance outfits as you can see. Monday morning then I hauled the metal to salvage and got the money for it for the city. Did the mowing at the rental and barn and the drive belt on the push mower came off so fixed it and then the deck belt on the rider came off so had to fix that also. Finally got that all done and went to the town meeting and that was a mess and not sure what happened there. We may have wasted all the money we spent on the lot there so we are not landlocked. Made out a letter on the issues and will address them at the next meeting. Tuesday was a blah day and just did not get started. Did some outside stuff and some small mowing and yard work. Wednesday was Mom's Bday and she was up early so did the birthday stuff for breakfast, her gifts later and some Yan's carry out for her lunch. We just goofed off and watched TV and all that for her Bday. Thursday we went to town and did some shopping and got a plant for the rental and some for the sign for the city here to dress it up. We ate out and spent a good bit of the day in town just looking. We got a couple urn's for the patio to plant some small plants in and I finished most of the mowing here and at the barn and rental. The new gas tank for the propane arrived and we set that in place but could not drain the old one so set it in front to run till empty and then will switch them out. We have another one coming for home here and it will be the same so will wait till it is empty before we change it out. The ham bands seems to be some better so did some checking in on them. Am back on the dipole and working good so far. Put the antenna back up for the 2 Meter emergency nets but now the radio has a problem. Oh Bother. Maybe someday I will get it all together at the same time. Friday I planted the burning bush at the rental and the lilacs and day lilies at the sign to the city and they look nice. Did some patio cleaning and then went back to town for the pulley for the big mower and put it on and put all the shields in place. Hauled more mulch and then got ready for the birthday/mothers day celebration the kids are having for mom in the evening. We ate at Yan's and then came home to do the gifts and that was fun. Tammy took Crystal and Josh home and I finally got to bed at 11:00 pm. Saturday was and early morning and found me unloading the 1/2 load of mulch left on the truck and then running after more for the day. The kidney area is done and two more to go. Got one more load for a total of 2 before the landfill closed and got that going in my area. Starting to look real nice. Watered the sign plants so they should be good for a time now. Used a garbage can and my small trailer behind the mower. Then I mowed the garden area, got out the swing glider for the patio and set that up and put up some new ornaments and moved some of my old ones around. Put the garden hose case out with the hoses and hooked that up so now I can water without dragging out a hose always. Sure is a lot of spring stuff to do. It felt like summer yesterday as it was around 80 degrees and we just skipped spring and went straight from winter to summer with way to much wind. Mom and Tammy spent most of the day in town and her doctor visit says they found nothing wrong in the tests they ran so will see what is next. Fired up the radios and the band was full of contesters all over 20 meters. What a waste of perfectly good time but to each his own I guess. I did finally contact Hank WA0VTO who I very seldom can hear so that was nice. Went back outside and mounted the squirrel nut house and then just filled the finch feeders again. Wow are they ever going through the food. Guess it's time to post and get moving. God Bless Be Good Do Right love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

1 May


It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. We had an amazing Easter at the kids and the day was warm and sunny so it was perfect. We got to hunt Easter eggs and had a great meal fixed by Heather & Brad and had some wonderful company and dessert. We went home about 4:30 and took a 2 hour nap and I went to mow some of the sign area and then just vegged for the night. Monday came with some sun but turned overcast and gave us some ran late in the afternoon. Mom and I went to town to pay the estimated taxes, update some bank CD's, get some groceries, pick up some ham antenna repairs, some fence for mom among other stuff and we had lunch and got some rabbit off spray for our new hedge plants. Was a busy day but got a lot done. Tuesday dawned cold and wet with much rain here and more coming. Took down my dipole antenna and did the repairs on it and then reinstalled it. Had a goof off day with mom and then we went to town for her doctor appointment and do some town things and redo some of our CD's and get some groceries. The doctor was not much help for the blood pressure being high but will do some kidney checks for some blocked blood vessels. He added some more medicine but it does not seem to be going down and it is really bothering me because it seems extra high even for hers. We are running some urine tests now with some more blood tests and then the scan for artery blockage in the kidney next week. Wednesday came with some sunshine and a small bit warmer but the wind came with it so was still a bummer day. Had problems with the push mower and the engine would not even turn. Discovered some mice had hauled a bunch of walnuts into the blade clutch brake assembly and they were all jammed in so could not even pull the rope to turn it over. Had to tear it all apart and then got the shells and all out and got it going. Went to town for some lettuce for our supper salad and the did the concrete work for the final setting of the martin house tower. Stopped at the rental on the way to town and checked the propane and it is okay.  Hauled one load of brush to the burn pile and did some ham work and then called it a day. Mom and I had supper and then watched some TV and headed to bed. Thursday was really warm at about 70 degrees but it was windy so did not like that. Mom and I went to town for doctor stuff and shots for our little rat dog missy and then we got some groceries and picked up lunch and went home. We took a small nap and then I got up and checked the internet connection as we have lost the 4G connection for my 4G card so it has slipped back to 3G. Verizon tells me they are not sure when it will get fixed yet. Wow we run the world with this stuff and  the whole 4G network went down all day Wednesday all over America. Does that sound like a plan. Later on Thursday evening we went to Brad's to watch the 3 little ones since the big girls had a concert and Brad & Heather had to make some potatoes for the snack stuff there. We had some potatoes and watched the concert and then headed home and got there around 10PM. Did some TV news and went to bed. Friday found me up at 6:30 with the sun coming up and no wind. Picked up a load of sticks in the yard to get ready to mow, warmed up the radios for the net, and took all the pictures off the cameras from the girls concert. Band noise was quiet but so was the signals so guess I just can't win. Still no news on the 4G service and they are not sure when it will be back up. The battery in my small Sony is going bad so ordered 2 new ones last week along with an external charger so hope that works out ok. They were really cheap, and that may work pout fine as they came in late in the day Friday and the charger worked just fine so time will tell. Mom and I worked outside much of the day and accomplished much so it was a good day. We got the 14 new hedge plants in the ground, pulled out a dead tree truck and planted a rose of Sharon there and weeded many areas and I even got some mowing done. Were we ever tired. Saturday came with no sun overcast skies but the temp was about 50 degrees so not to bad there. I slept in late till almost 8:30 so what's up with that. Any how did some mowing and got all the middle and the push mowing done so just the set aside, garden, rental and barn area left. Ran to town and got a load of mulch and some blocks and broken cement for Crystal and Josh to help us with tomorrow while we do yard work. Then back to town for the kids to get them some plants and our plants for the planters and such. Took them to Burger King to eat while there so that was fun. Got the Cherry tomatoes planted but that was it for the planting. While in town I looked at the kids mower and it needs some work so may bring it home and fix it up for them. Did jump it and get it started and then put my motorcycle charger on it till tomorrow to see if it will charge and hold a charge. It is an old mower as it is one we gave Tammy many years ago but it still runs good it seems. Did some radio check ins Saturday also and the computer 4G broadband is still not going. Guess I better get posted and get to church so God Bless Be Good Do Right love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

24 April

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Rock picking in the wetland is completed for now but they seem to keep growing there. Tammy & Brad came and helped and Mom was there and walked all over and picked rocks and she even drove the tractor some but she did not like that much so she got off and did more rocks. She was also the picture taker so we forgot to get one of her working or driving. It is starting to take shape and is looking real nice. Sunday last after Church and lunch we walked all over our yard and checked things and mom went along and that was so much fun and then we decided where we want the martin house and went to town to get a commercial martin house and see if that works. While there we got mom and Easter bonnet and that was fun because when you ask the sales people for an Easter Bonnet you just get this dumb look like Huh what is that. Go Figure. Monday found mom down with a cold and sniffles and I ran to town for the stuff to put the martin house back up. I Also checked on some insurance and on some of the lot problems we are having with our purchase of some of them here in Willey. Paid for the gravel on the drive at the rental while in town and got some groceries. Then started to put the martin house together and wow what a job with all the little screws and all but got it done in about 2 hours. Sure hope it works with all that mess. Tuesday found us goofing off as we had snow, rain, and sleet and it was cold out. Tammy came back over to help Crystal with some stuff and then spent the night with us. Wednesday we got the call our disc would arrive the next day so started the preparation work for that. Had to get the trailer here to set it on if we need it. I picked up the final pipe to mount the martin house on the tower and assembled that to the martin house so now just need to set the tower. Also worked on the property papers we are trying to purchase and sent out some survey letters for its use. Late in the day Tammy got ready to start home and I noticed the tires were really bad on the front of her car so we went in and put on two new ones and she started home. About 2 hours later she came back to spend the night again and help us with some work we needed to do on Thursday. What a special little girl she is. We are so blessed with so many sons, daughters, and Grandkids etc. Thursday morning found me not sleeping very well so was up before the sun at about 4:30 AM so did some speed tests etc for our slow network. I had called Verizon the first of the week and no luck so far but it seems some faster Thursday morning although it is very intermittent, not a steady fast speed. Went out about sun up although there was no sun up and started on the place for the tower for the martin house. Got the cranberry bush out after much digging and then began the hole for the tower and fixed the mount for the top of the tower so the pipe for the house will connect there and be secure. Took a break at 8:35 to check into the ARMS net and then back at it. The band was not so good for check-ins as signals were way down. The girls slept in some so will be a late start for some of the stuff and the the freight company called to delay the delivery till Friday for the disc. Finished the form for the concrete work and set the steel rods for the tower and then mixed and poured the concrete and leveled and smoothed it. Tammy and mom tore out the hedge by the garden shed and cleaned that area and got it ready for her new hedge plants. How exciting is spring. Got one of my survey papers back already and it was very positive for what we want for the two city lots so that helps our cause. Tammy left around 4 and sure will miss all her great help and it was so much fun with her here helping. Had some rain in the evening so covered the cement so it could dry without cracking. Friday came with some more rain and drizzle but was warmed to about 40 degrees. Ham bands are not any good and got word the farm mower is done and back so now can get going over there and get the mowing and cleanup started. Also the disc came today and Walla it does not need assembly just needed some lift parts repositioned and I have done that and it is ready to use. Saturday found us not headed to DeEtta's for the family Easter as Mom was not feeling so good. I hauled the disc to the machine shed with the new trailer and will need to get some rear supports for loading the equipment as it lifts the tow vehicle off the ground but works really well. Finished up the martin house and cracked the cement so will need to reset all that so it will stay put. Sure do have some poor luck sometimes. At least the disc mounts on the tractor very easy and the hydraulics work fine with that. Will end up putting a cable to the tower the martin house is on for one of my ham antennas so hope that works out. Crystal and Josh came over and helped some on Saturday, mom made my favorite meal and then we watched a movie and it was really sad. Crystal and Mema did some girls stuff while I showered and shaved and then I took the kids home. What a week this has been and it is Easter Sunday so better get this posted and head out to church. Happy Easter, God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

17 April


It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. We had the Birthday party for our little love Sarah Saturday last and we had so much fun and believe she liked her gifts but she is growing so fast and such a little cutie. The big girls Melodie and Stephanie had there prom on Saturday also. This was Melodies senior prom and Stephanie's junior prom. Are they just the most beautiful girls you have ever seen or what, of course I may just be the slightest bit prejudice. Hee Hee. Sunday last after church I just goofed off and did a little work at the rental and home. Did do some fun bird stuff and enjoyed the nice weather till the storms came but it all missed us. Monday was an extremely busy day with some weed spraying and 20 bags of mulch at the rental and some over seeding and then the same at home along with some seeding at the new property we are getting. Then got out the big mower to mow around the town entrance so it looks nice for entering town. May keep it mowed if I have the time. Then did some weed eating in preparation for some landscaping plants and called it a day. Tuesday came in at 40 degrees and I checked into the ARMS net and then switched my antenna back to the dipole and am running on just the radio at 120 watts as the 1200W bit the dust so will need to get that fixed. I turned it on to warm it up for a net and listened some and then went to get some coffee and when I got back there was a smell of burnt electronics and not a single radio, amplifier or wattmeter light was on. Oh bother. I turned them all off and then brought them all up one at a time. Everything came on but the linear had no power out. On checking it looks like I lost a tube and some resistors so will do a complete check later. We went to town Tuesday afternoon and we now have all our passports and plane tickets for our trip and it is very exciting but a little scary. Still checking on some hotels for a layover. I did get some parts for the amplifier while in town and put them in Tuesday night but it is not fixed so will need more work there. Went back to the vertical antenna as it has a much lower noise ratio and lower SWR. Wednesday I found another tube was bad and that is the second one as one is what started the problems and took out two resistors. After replacing that I got it back up and running an then slipped the cover back over but in replacing the tubes I bent one of the plate caps up to get them in and then it hit the cover and since I had the power on took out a diode in the power supply bridge circuit. Ya Ya I know turn the power off and unplug when working on them. All back up and putting out 600 watts again so all is fine. Will pick up the car hauler I bought today and then will do some work with it and will be able to haul the Nash or tractor with it so what the heck am I doing. Have I lost my mind or what. Wait I would need a mind first so all is well as I can still chat with all the voices I hear. Wow Wednesday night mom called me when I was looking for a disc for the ford tractor online and she found exactly what I was looking for in a catalog I told her to throw out so may call on it tomorrow. Amazing and she is such a blessing. Thursday morning found us at the wetland area by the barn picking up rocks to get ready for the dozier work. I picked up the car hauler I bought on Wednesday and we used that for the rock hauling and it all worked out well. Tammy and Brad came over to help and afterwards we went home for lunch and they helped with the martin house the wind blew down and now we just need to figure out if we want it back up and if so where. Thursday about noon the rain started that we need so much for the wetland area and the new grass seed so glad we were done with the rocks. Also caught a raccoon in the live trap so just released it at the set aside. More rain Thursday night and got the disc we need ordered for the wetland cultivation before we drill in the natural grasses and flowers. Friday brought more much needed rain and the earth has turned green and it is really amazing what the Lord does in the springtime. The flowers are in bloom and all plants are waking up from their long winter rest.  Went back to the dipole early Friday also but the band is really bad and had a hard time with the ARMS net. The linear and all is running just fine again so I guess I have that all fixed for now. Guess I better get going and order the dipole, Balun, and antenna switch so I can get running good. Iowa small engine picked up the Deines mower Friday also so now maybe that will be ready to mow at the barn and rental as the grass is about ready for the first cutting. I get so anxious this time of year as I want to get outside and get moving but I realize it is still early and there is time. Give me patience Lord. Saturday came in at about 35 degrees with wind and was very chilly. Checked the fellowship net and got checked in but the band was terrible again so not very good communications on the net although I was able to run some relays to control so that helped and was fun. Later in the day I checked into the Swan group and that was some better but still not good. I went out and put up the yard ornaments I got for my Bday later in the day and that was sure fun. Then mom and I had some supper and watched some TV that I dozed through and then went to bed. better get moving for church so God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

10 April

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. It is done!! Wednesday is here and the week so far has been full of sorrow mixed with joy as things are now better for Mom. May our good Lord keep her in his arms till we all can rise together in his grace. What an amazing mother. I was numb most of the weekend after moms passing on the 1st of April. Monday was a very busy day with the town meeting preparations and our trying to acquire the small lot we needed for the access to our landlocked 2 lots and preparing the work for a purchase of some city property to get to them through this lot. Tuesday was moms service and the trip was long and we were not able to stay over for the burial on Wednesday as we had the planters coming for the wetlands area we are installing. We put in 220 trees and bushes and they were really nice plants. I used the Ford tractor to haul the trees and plants and by the end of the day I was beat. I almost fell asleep at the table eating supper at night. Thursday was get up early and get the Timothy, Orchard grass, Perennial rye and Alsike clover seeded where the trees are before the Lord gives us the rain he was sending for them and the grass in the afternoon. It took most of the day Thursday to get the seeding done.  Next will come the bulldozers for the pond building and then the drill for the native and wildflower plants to be planted. What a full spring this will be but it is fun to see the things come to life with all the Lords plants and rains as the earth is reborn anew each year. I have got it okayed to put a small island in the middle of the wetland about 20 feet or so  to put a willow tree on so that should be nice I hope. Late in the evening Thursday the rain came so that was really nice for everything. Caught a cat in the trap but took it over to the neighbors as it was there little girls. Ask them to keep it home. Was out and going at 6:30 Friday to get the mower started at the barn but no luck as it has no spark. So ordered new checks and redid some insurance on the farm and took the seeder back to Earl May. Checked into the ARMS net and helped Tammy load stuff in her car. Later went back to get the mower going, did some checking and put in new plugs but still no spark so will have small engines get it if I don't get it figured out. Saturday came with the temperature at 45 degrees and very foggy and is supposed to reach 80degrees today.  Did some more checks on the mower and it appears to be the engine safety kill module or the magneto in the flywheel itself. Oh Bother. Checked into the ARMS fellowship net and then prepared for the Bday party of our little love Sarah. We got home and watched the movie War Of The Worlds but I fell asleep through most of it and a very hectic busy sad week is over. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

3 April

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Sunday last was not feeling well from all the dumplings I ate but wow were they ever good. Mom and I ate some breakfast Ben made and then took another nap and then visited with the kids before loading everything in the van and departing for home at around 3PM. We had some dessert on the way home and then when home we unloaded the van and I checked the pond and bird baths and were fine but the baths needed water added. We watched some TV and then off to bed as we both were completely exhausted. Monday dawned bright and sunny at about 20 degrees and it is very pretty. I feed the birds and broke the ice out of the bird baths and checked into the arms net. Mom and I went to town later in the day to get her blood pressure checked and see if she needs a higher medicine. We then started the process of finding her a new doctor as the one she sees now is just no good. He says things like we are only looking at one thing today, I don't have time for that, or other such nonsense. Well surprise I pay his salary so we are going somewhere else. Tuesday I got a call from Ellen early in the morning and she told me mom is not doing well and may have only 3 or so days left as she has stopped eating and is shutting down. God bless her and watch over her if so as she is the most amazing and terrific mom ever and the good lord must need her with him for now till we can meet again. After that my Tuesday kind of went to heck and did not accomplish much. Measured for some drive gravel and walk gravel at the rental, put in some softener salt and ridex there and that was about it. Did some bills I needed to do at home and ordered the gravel for Friday delivery and then checked with the Swan group. Mom's blood pressure is still not doing well but have added a different pill to help lower it so hope it works. Wednesday came at 30 degrees and got all the garbage out and hauled it all from the rental so it is gone also. I wrote a small poem for mom yesterday and sent that out so it will help with our sorrow I hope. It is tough but mom is 95 and she has had a marvelous life so it is in the Lords hands. Got in the arms net but the bands are still a mess. My 2 meter antenna broke off in the wind so need to fix that also. Oh Bother. Am back on the vertical for HF so it is working fine. Well it is working fine but am still getting better reports with the dipole so how does that work. The vertical is quieter and lower SWR but the dipole has better signal reports. Heard some ARMS net hams I had not heard for some time so may be better with the dipole. Elaine called and mom is not breathing well this morning so hope that is not the sign we are not ready to accept but all in Gods time and I need to remember that. Have set out the live trap as the cats are here wanting to eat the birds and are using the landscapes as litter boxes and I am tired of them. If you have pets take care of them or get rid of them as you don't need a pet then. Have the packages wrapped for Norway and just need to mail them now. I pray we get a handle on mom/mema's blood pressure as we may have to cancel if it stays so bad. This week is sort of a mess with all that is going on and I can't seem to focus well. Friday we got the renters moved in and they seem really happy and on Friday morning I had some gravel delivered for the drive and by the deck and Brad & Josh came over and helped move it around to the deck area. They worked very hard and it looks really nice. I then mailed the packages for Norway and later on in the evening at 7:20 we got the call we were expecting but not wanting, mom had passed and her trials here on earth are over as Revelations Chapter 21 Verse 4 tells us and she has joined our Lord and savior with our dad in god's kingdom. Praise be to God. In memory of my mommy God bless and keep you till we meet again.

Our Mom

 The Good Lord made a mom for us

And she was there each day

She looked after and guided us

Till we could find our way


She nurtured cared and loved us all

But gave us all our space

And all along her guiding hand

Led us to this great place


The place the Lord prepared for us

When our life on earth is done

So if we follow what she taught

The battle will be won


She worked so hard for everything

And always gave her best

So now our Lord will call her home

Where she can truly rest


She will watch through heavens floor

And see us as we play

And then like always in the past

Her hand will show the way


Her way was kind and always gentle

With always others first

She always seen the best in all

And overlooked their worst


She always did the good Lords work

And to us was just on loan

So now her earthly work is done

And God wants her back home


So though our sorrow may be great

Just think of all the fun

When we shall see our mom again

As our earthly work is done


So shed a tear for missing her

But always make them glad

As she just wants the best for us

And doesn’t want us sad


So smile a smile with tears of joy

And lets not make her wait

As our Lord is calling her

And waiting at the gate


L. L. Orcutt

29 March 2011


27 March

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Sunday last after church I did some lunch and coffee and visited with Mema/mom for a little then got busy. I started with getting all the finch feeders repaired, filled and up. Took all the electric cords and heaters for the birdbaths and pond out and put them all up for the summer. Leveled some of the feeders and put out new corn for the squirrels and food for the birdies. Picked up some of the winter garbage blown in and found some of the old cardboard boxes the kids used last winter for sleds. Put all the garbage in cans to haul next week on garbage day and then fixed both pole saws so we can trim the apple tree for mom/Mema. Ya I messed them up last week trimming trees by getting in a hurry instead of doing it right and bent a bar on one and the chain on the other. Oh Bother. Did some more updates on my pages and renewed the grandkids page so about caught up there. Monday was overcast but warm and the crocus that are peaking out have a bloom. I started on the fence by the garage so I will be able to set the pines the winter snow and Ice bent over. Went to town and got a pump for my frog fountain and started the fixing on that. On the way in I stopped at the rental and trimmed the burning bush and got some of that landscape ready for spring. Did some checking on the lots the city wants to sell and we are going to buy one if we can so our two lots 5 and 8 are not landlocked with no way to get to them. May really stir up some controversy as their are others that want it also. Mom and I took a small nap and then got the sandbags out of the pickup and since they were getting very rotten and the sand leaking out I put all the sand in the drive and will need new ones next winter. Got all the fence free from the ground and posts and got one post hole in so made some progress and then called it a day. Tuesday came and was warm again at about 45 degrees but overcast and very damp out with signs of a spring storm in the feel of the morning air. Completed the pump install in my frog fountain but need to cement some leaves and cattail back on it. Feed the birds and started the chasing away of the starlings that want to roost in our trees. Not much else done except to visit with the doctor to see about moms blood pressure and what to do. Will try the pill double for awhile to see how that does. Ham bands are a mess so not much done there either. Oh Bother.  Wednesday came and went and just did some small amount on the fence I need to get finished so I can set the pines. We went to town for some small shopping and info about our trip and the day was over. Thursday came and I dug several post holes and set all the posts for the fence. Then I stretched the fence and stapled it to the posts and that part is complete so can get the pines right now Mom came out and helped me with that and that sure was a lot of fun. I then worked on the pond and algae and cleaned the filters and filled it and all the bird baths. That pond is turning into much work but it is fun and I enjoy it. Tried to check into the Swan group but it was so noisy and the bands so bad it was a mess. Conditions have not been well for some weeks now. Friday found us heading up to Tammy's in a snowstorm but with temperature what it was that did not last real long and there was less snow there than we had at home. We met Tammy around 9AM and did some goodwill shopping and then had lunch at Perkins and did some more Goodwill and Dollar tree shopping before getting to her place at around 4:30. Was able to find her some apple decorations for her kitchen during the Goodwill visits. We did some visiting while Tammy started some chicken for some chicken and dumplings for Saturday and then the kids took us out for supper at the Eagles lodge. It was a very good meal and had a great visit back at home before finally getting to bed at midnight. Saturday was up at 7AM as the bed we got was not the best for sleeping. Its a double high air mattress so not sure I will like it and then Tammy got up at about 7:30 and made us some coffee. We had a good visit and mom got up and we did some breakfast and did some more visiting. Ben got home and we chatted some and then went out for lunch and then off to look at some clothes for me. Did not get any as they did not fit well so will need to lose weight and then will get some new ones for our trip to Norway. We got a couple groceries and then were back to Tammy's and she started her special chicken and dumplings and mom helped her clean the chicken some. It was an amazing supper and I ate way to much hence the pants and shirts don't fit me. I did a small help with the dishes and we just visited. We then played some games and mom and Tammy went through some of the T shirts she picked up to make the rugs on the hula hoops. I went to bed but did not sleep well and now I better post and get ready to head home. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

20 March

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Spring is in the air and its time for some tractor and hay rides so lets get moving. After church Sunday last I stated a crock pot pork roast and then made mom/mema some chocolate chip cookies. Went on the roof and did some dipole adjustments and removed a part of my vertical to take into town and see if I can get it fixed. I checked into the Swan users group and the bands were wide open and so much fun. After supper I did the dishes and did some washing while watching TV and then off to bed. What a busy Sunday. With Monday I slept in some and took the antenna trap to town to get it welded and see if that works. Cleaned the pond and treated it for algae as it has much from over the winter and then added it back with water and then cleaned the filters. Tuesday we did some more house work and some washing of bedding and turned the mattress. I finished some changes to my web sites and they all seem to move well now although Tammy says the music does not play for her. It does on mine and on Matt's so not sure why if won't for her. The new 4G seems to be doing fine. In the evening we went over to Crystal & Josh's for supper and they did some really nice fish, potatoes, and corn and it was very good. We visited some and then came home. Wednesday found the antenna part ready so I picked it up and installed it and it seems to work well. Mom and I finally completed getting all the Christmas things down and packed and now I just need to get them in the attic. I took the Rambler into town to pick up the antenna part and that was fun and was warm enough to run with all the windows down. Thursday came and the temp was 55 degrees at 9 in the morning and that is really nice. Is going to be warm and I see the crocus are peaking out of the ground so spring is officially in the air. Have went out several times to work outside but it is still a little muddy where I need to work so will wait some. Sure getting anxious to get moving with the outside things. Heard back from the RAGBRAI team Megacycles and they may want to camp in our yard when the ride comes thru Willey this year in July. We will se how that will work. We went to town later for some groceries and went to moms hair appointment and then did the passport photos and turned in all the papers so that is complete. Time is really flying by. Friday found me working in the yard by the drive to get things ready for the pines there to be straightened and the fence reset. Ended up getting all the blowers, saws, mowers etc going for the summer and trimmed some broken limbs in the tree by the road. Had to air up some of the tires on the trailer and the mower so will need to keep an eye on them. We got a call from Crystal and her taxes are back and she has the money we loaned her to help out and I am so proud of her for thinking of us right away and having all of it. I hauled a huge load of brush to the burn pile and then picked up the city snow fence, someone had taken down, and hauled it to the city garage. I started a weight loss agenda this week and sure was sore and tired in the evening. The darn cats are running all over our yard and using landscape for litter boxes so am going to start trapping again. The city is selling some property just south of us so could not sleep thinking about that and should we bid on it but turns out it is not where we thought and like I need more work than I have so guess we will forget it for now. Anyhow was up at 4 AM Saturday just checking that out and thinking about it. Mom got up to as I must have woke her up with my sleeplessness. Did some speed tests on the 4G broadband modem we have and some are like 2Mbps download and .7 Mbps upload. That is really fast compared to the dial up we had at 23Kbps areas but is rather pricey. Went back to bed about 5am and got some sleep and then outside to do some more tree cleanup from the winter Ice. We went to town later and Got the money from Crystal and took the kids shopping and then out to eat and on home to see some TV and off to bed. Guess I better post and get moving again. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

13 March

Melodie Elizabeth Orcutt

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. What a week we have had. Monday started off with 20 degrees and light snow falling. I got stuff ready to take down the Christmas tree so guess we will get it down early this year. Hee Hee. Mom and I did the tree and the rest of the Christmas stuff and rested some.  I checked into the ARMS net and the Ham airways were wide open with some good sun spots helping. Got the VZ Access manager finally figured out with the Zone Alarm window so reset some stuff there so I do not have to select where to put the network every time I get online. What a struggle that was and Verizon nor Zone Alarm Check Pointe could figure it out. Why do we spend money on things that do not work and the sellers know Zero, Nota, Zilch, nothing about them. Oh Bother. Got an Email from a Fellow I was stationed with out in Burns Oregon on my first assignment after Tech school so that was great to reconnect although I just barely remember him. Also got a call from from Virginia Mason from Garwin Iowa that married an old friend Larry Eckhart that I introduced and was wondering if I wanted to come to a Garwin class reunion for our class even if I did not graduate there. The world is getting smaller every day. My graduating class at Linn Mar is also having our 50th reunion this year. When did I get that old. Wow Just got word that Tomorrow 8 Mar 2011 at 11:00 approximately we can go and attend the signing of all the adoption papers for Our Little Melodie. She has always been our baby Grand daughter but now the name will match also. Wow!!! Wow!!! She has been ours for almost 8 years now but her biological mother would not release anything and Mel now is 18 and can do as she feels in that respect so she is going to do it herself. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. AMEN!!!! Oh My Little love Papa & Mema love you so very much and are so very proud of you. Okay YIPPEE it is Tuesday night and she is ours for real and Oh My, My Gosh, and Wow!!!!. Tammy came down and Crystal & Josh came and all the kids skipped school for the ceremony and I almost blubbered a couple times and it was amazing. We then all went out to eat and then back to Brad and Heathers to relax some and then on home. What and amazing day the good lord has given us. Tammy came over then to spend the night rather than drive home as it would be real late so I made some pork chops, special potatoes, and some cheesy veggies for supper and then some TV and off to bed. Wednesday arrived with 2 inches of the white fluffy stuff and it was garbage day so got that out and did dishes. Checked into the ARMS fellowship net and then updated my Homestead site builder so it is current. Put all the registrations I received on the vehicles we have so that task is complete until the others arrive for the rest. Tammy stayed a second night and then went home on Thursday. I did some web page updates and changes and then gave up and went to bed. Friday the new keys for the cargo carrier came so tested them and then got the carrier off the van and back in the garage. I did a yard walk around and got the big mower started and ready for the summer but needed to charge the cub as the battery was dead. Did some more work on the computer and got another external hard drive so mom can have one of her own for her stuff. On Saturday did mostly goofing off. Did some breakfast and checked in on the ARMS net and let the dog out and fed her. Cleaned up in the kitchen and did the dishes. Worked some on the stories page for my web site and then went out an got some more of the yard stuff ready to go. Got the Cub Cadet tractor going for mom to use if or when she wants to work outside and carried in her large library plant in to fill with water and treat as it did not look very good. Put it in the sink for mom/mema to soak good and then when drained put back in the library. Late in the afternoon I then went to town for groceries and to mail some letters and deposit some tax returns. While there I gave our little Crystal a ride to work and then got some candy for Mema and me. I set up all the hard drives and mom/mema made some labels for them so we can keep them straight. In checking for a power converter for moms C-PAP and th computer it dawned on me that the laptop computers may already work on 120-240, 50-60 cycles and sure enough it does and so does the C-PAP so all I need is a plug changer from our plugs to the Norway plugs. One task down and millions to go. I guess I better get this posted and get a move on it as it is the spring ahead time for the clocks. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

6 March

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. What a week we just had with three of the grandkids with us for 3 days and moving one of the other granddaughters home to Carroll and moving her into an apartment along with Tammy and Ben staying here some while they did that and Tammy and Crystal here for some job interviews and WOW I am wore out. Sure glad they did all the work. Mema had some TV time with two of the kids but our little love Sarah was in another chair and missed this picture. Brad & Heather got back from there Youth group outing and that was amazing but they were exhausted also. Monday dawned at 5 degrees with full sun and sure was a beautiful day but I slept in till 8am. The day was busy for us and we finished it with meeting with the renters to sign the papers to hold the rental and receive the deposit. They paid that and all seems well now. Tuesday came with a temp of 20 degrees out and sunshine again with a forecast in the forties. Mom is back at Crestview care facility after her fall and the hospital stay and the girls have her set up for some surveillance from hospice to help out. It is very scary at her age with a fall like that and the girls are doing very good to check the fall and how it all came about. Their stress has to be great and I pray for them daily. Her pneumonia seems to have improved to the point of not a problem and I went over on Friday to see her. She has some really bad bruises and her left arm and hip are fractured so she is pretty much bed ridden. Memory is not good and she may not even know who I am but it was a good visit and she really perked up about 5 minutes when Tom arrived. It was a very long day for me. Wednesday we took the kids to lunch and then we picked up a washer and dryer for Crystal and then went over on Thursday and I installed that for her. It works really well. I somehow lost the keys for the Thule roof cargo carrier so Saturday I went to see Jason who is practicing to be a lock smith and he was able to get it unlocked so we can at least get it off the roof. I then checked online and was able to find the key for it so ordered three of them. Oh Bother. It was a rather cool day at only 30 degrees so did not get any outside stuff done but had the kids over for some salmon on the grill. I took the truck in for the spring repairs on the shackle and mount as I could not get it loose myself and the rivets needed torched out. Anyhow they got it fixed after getting the spring shackle also. Had the kids over for a salmon supper last night and the drove them home. I made potatoes, Cheese veggies, special cottage cheese and the Salmon and it was good. I ate too much. Checked into the ARMS fellowship net several times and ran some relays for them so that was fun. The radio with the wire dipole is really working well so far. Have received many great on air reports with it. It has been a very busy week and a very productive week so better get this posted. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

27 February

Mel on the JumboTron at youth group WOW!!!

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. What a start to the week!! Tammy Crystal and Josh were here and got a small house rented and will be back Thursday for some Job interviews so that is all happening very fast. We did some thrift store stuff on Monday and as you can see our little love was trying on some hats, then after all that we ate out at Yans. Set up to help a family with some donations that had a fire and lost everything. Did many checks on people to rent the house and all of them have at least some court charges and poor to bad credit. Oh Bother. Tuesday came with bad news that mom fell in the care facility and got a small cut on her head and cracked a bone in the hip. The cut took 2 stitches and the hip they put in 3 screws Elaine said so keep mom in your prayers please because she is 95 and those things can be very serious at that age. The temperatures have dropped again but is only at around 20 at night so that is not bad. The pond had the filters plugging up so had to go and clean all them out but it is fine again now. We picked one of the renters that we pray will work out for us as they do not have good credit but are trying to improve it and have some court issues also but not anything serious we can find. Mostly traffic offenses. What the heck has happened to the world today. Mom cancelled all the other rent applications and and appointments and they will give us a deposit to hold it and will rent it on the 1st of April. Checked into the ARMS net and the band was really a mess. Some stations we had to go through 3 or 4 relays to get in to net control. That worked real well. Three of the four people killed by pirates on the bible distribution vessel were ham operators according to the ARRL news so that is doubly sad. Say a prayer for there families. Double checked our taxes and signed and finished them so that is done. Wednesday came and I really slept in but did get up in time to get the garbage out and then just vegged. Mom and I checked some our paperwork and then redid the hold rental for rent form so it would be correct. I finished our bills and made us a T-bone with some rice and a chef salad for supper. Thursday was overcast again and cool but looked into a balun for my antenna to cut down on some of the RF floating around the shack. Tammy & Crystal arrived and spent the night and had a fun time there. Friday Crystal had her interview for the job but it was not promising she said. Ben set up for a truck and trailer and they will be moving Josh and her on Saturday. I went to pick up our three munchkins and some groceries and also got some KFC for supper. We watched two movies and then went to bed as we all were tired. Saturday came and the ground was all white and the temp was 0 degrees out so we have cooled off again. The snow is very pretty but I for one am ready for winter to be over. Our little ones slept in till about 8:30 and then were up and ready to go. Saturday morning confusion oh yeah!!! Turned on the TV and set it for IPTV and Thomas train so that will take care of a few minutes for Saturday. I picked the first book of Psalms Chapter 1 verse 1-2 for my verse on today's ARMS net and got some coffee and let missy out. Got the kids much stuff for there move here and then got a picture sent from Heather of Mel on the jumbo TV at there youth group retreat. Added it at the top. WOW there were like over 6,000 people there and she did that as a faith accomplishment for the day of workshops and such. All of our grandkids are so amazing. We got the kids all moved in at about 10:30 last night so I gave up and went home and to bed. Now I have to get the kids ready for church so better get out of here and get that done. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew. 

20 February

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise him all us creatures here below. Wow was Monday great. Got the ad in for the rental so that is ready and the temperature was up to 45. Got my honey some breakfast pizza for valentines day and gave her a card and a nice cup for cappuccino with a teddy bee in it. Did a few antenna adjustments but did not get the wood stove for the garage going or even in place. Mom and I worked on many of the rental forms as they were some outdated so now they are ready to go. Tuesday went over to the barn and machine shed to check on the camper, van, tractor, and hay rack. All were well and started the van and tractor to keep them charged and limber. The day was really nice with lots of sunshine and up to 50 degrees out so I can manage that for now. Calls started on the rental and had two appointments for people to see it so will be very busy with that for a time. Already had 3 for tonight Tuesday but had to turn one down for pets and one for Thursday so hope that works out for us. Wednesday came and for some reason I was just exhausted but have not done a thing. Must be some depression or something as I wanted to just stay in bed I was so tired. Got the garbage out and then started the check on the renters and Oh MY!!! They all show up in the court systems and all with many lines or pages. I don't get it is the whole world crooked. Fired up the ham station to get on the Fellowship net for some normalcy and encouragement. Wow that really helped because right away I got a call for the rental and the one calling sounded really interested and they have only a traffic violation and are looking at a time of one year or more to rent. The Lord is really amazing. Now do we do that or do we help out one of the grandkids with a place to live there. OH BOTHER!!!!!  What to do What to do??? Thursday came with warm temps starting the day at 40 and going up. One of the good applicants for rent decided not so will keep going for more good ones. Most of the snow is gone now and should really be just patches by tonight. Took the Rambler out also as it was really warm and all the paved roads were dry and clear and not much snow in the fields so went to town and it warmed up and ran real nice and turned out the temperature was 65 Degrees so had to roll down the windows and lose my winter shirt. Picked up some stuff for mom and for supper and filled the car with gas so we are ready for spring. I have 2 rental showings tonight so then one more day and maybe will start checking for the ones that have applied. Have a couple appointments tomorrow yet plus whatever we get for calls. Friday was a warm day again and finished all the appointments for the rental and Oh My Gosh where do all those people come from. Are we a magnet for people that don't pay bills and or have many court cases on there records. Wow I don't get it. It is really sad to see what the world has become in my short life span. I checked into the 2 meter emergency net on Friday also but have some radio troubles or the band has really went bad. Better check the old Swan FM 2X first to make sure it is still working right. Saturday dawned cooler at 20 degrees so that is still good with much sun so it warmed up pretty quick. I chipped a tooth Friday night so called the dentist Saturday only to find out they will be out of the office till the 28th of February. It does not hurt so may just wait till there return. The computer did well this week so that is fixed and the different Broadband 4G modem had no disconnects and has all bars for antenna always and the speed seems faster so that is much better so far, knock on wood. Had to call the billing though as they were charging me for two and extra connections and usage. Anything to get money free they have not earned and I believe they do much of that on purpose and get away with it as people don't check. Well I better get posted and move on to church. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

13 February

It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. We went to church Sunday last and then took our little Sarah to Kmart to return some clothes we bought her, get a few more clothes and then took her home. Her and Mema did some crafts and fun stuff and we watched movies and just goofed off so had a very good time. We had lunch with them and then headed home ourselves. Monday found the temperature very cool at around 0 degrees and then Tuesday I woke up to a temp of 20 below 0. Wow that was chilly. Put up my dipole antenna anyhow but had to do it in around five trips out and to the roof to get it done. Not sure it will work better though. Time will tell. Wednesday was only 10 below, so much warmer than Tuesday. Tammy and Crystal came over on Wednesday also and gave Mom Mema some help with sorting things out. They both were a tremendous help and Crystal helped me at the rental so it is now ready for renting. Both of them came over and helped me move a wood stove from the shed to home also. Crystal and I made some chocolate cookies for Mema/mom and were they good and fun to make. While they were here we hauled all the stuff from the rental home and will list next week. I went over and waxed the vinyl on Saturday and it really looks nice now so it should rent easy. I got some good reports on the radio antenna this week but not sure I like it as it is not as quiet as the vertical. I may think about getting a commercial one that I can rotate. The temperatures have warmed up some after the several mornings below zero and a couple were like 20 below. I warmed up the old Rambler on Friday and it started right up with all the below temps and with the 30 weight oil in it yet. I took part of the vertical apart and got the ten meter trap out so it is ready to be put together and back up when the part gets here. I may rearrange antennas in a different location on the 10 foot tripod to make room and use of space for the dipole setup.  Tammy & Crystal went home on Friday and mom and I were wore out. I fell asleep watching TV and went up to bed at 9 pm and then slept till almost 8am. Boy was I tired. After a full week of the new Global broadband modem not working and many phone calls to Verizon they sent me a different one so it is now going well. After many changes and reinstalls the day they finally said they would send a new one after my last communication with them about 4 hours it all started working fine. They must have found the problem but would not admit it. Go Figure!!! I installed and will use the replacement as it is a different model and brand and does not have the manufacturers verified trouble of constant disconnects. It is an LG brand and the disconnect problem one is the Pantech brand. Yeah technology!!! I found a dipole by Cushcraft, the World Ranger Rotatable Dipole D4 10, 15, 20, 40 meter antenna that is just what the doctor ordered but it cost $ 400.00 so not ready yet to spend that much for one even if it is priced right. May see if I can find a 10, 15, 20, 40 meter beam that has been wrecked in an ice storm but the driven element is still ok and see if I can get that and build it into a good dipole. Just a few adjustments and it would be good. I used and old Mosley T-3 beam element that way years ago and it was great. I have received good reports on the wire dipole so may try. Suppose to be in the 50s this week so a good time to do some antenna work. May even see about getting the wood stove in the garage installed. Well I have rattled on more than enough so will post and check the chats and head for church. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

6 February 


It's Sunday morning and once again, from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland, here is Lew. Had some really frosty weather lately but the snow has stayed away for awhile but said that to soon as it started Monday afternoon with some rain snow mix stuff so we will see. The guy came with the new water softener  Monday so we have that in just about the time weather turned bad. Predictions are for 5 to 7 inches for the next 3 days with wind and blowing snow. The ham bands have been the pits the last 2 weeks and it is getting old. The few weeks before with them all wide open it kind of spoiled me. I ordered the new 4G broadband modem for the computer today and sure will be glad when it gets to our area. At any rate it is $10.00 a month cheaper than what I have for 3G now so that will be nice. It should be here Wednesday so will see if it helps the 3G any till the 4G comes here. It sounds like I can use it Global also but that is rather pricey at $100.00 for 70 MB. I would probably use the internet cafe's or the wireless where I can catch it. Tuesday I went up to Sac City to help put some brakes on Heathers car in the middle of the forecasted blizzard. Both rotors and pads on the front and they went on real easy surprisingly. The Blizzard was not there like forecasted, so much for that Hype. Have to see on Wednesday if it hits us then also like they say. Checked into the Swan Group in the afternoon and the band seemed some better but not sure, had much QRM so that is usually when the band has stretched out so that is good. Spent a good bit of Wednesday moving snow but not near what was predicted. It did get to 15 below with some high winds but only about 3 inches of snow so just some drifting here that needed cleaned up. Discovered my ham antenna was down on the roof again and it broke the ten meter trap so will need to order one of them. Oh Bother sure am tired of this wind and ice. Mom was not feeling good then either with a severe earache and then the ladder blew off the roof while I was checking the antenna so she had to come out and set it up for me to get down. Had to go punch a hole in the snow bridge over the pond so some air could get in also. It was bridged clear over the waterfall and all but all is fine now and the fishes are okay. Got the patio cleared so missy can go out also so all is about normal again. Thursday I got the 10 Meter trap for the ham antenna ordered but it will be awhile for it to get here as they need to make it first as none were done. Then Thursday evening we watched Faith, Sarah and Lucas while the rest went to a concert. Friday I got the new broadband wireless modem for the computer and it messed everything up so spent the last two days getting that working. Friday night the kids came for supper and our little Sarah stayed for a couple days and we will take her home after church today. Her and Mema did projects and we went to town and did some shopping and thrift store surfing and then we watched some movies and stuff. What a little joy to have around. The computer is working okay now it seems so might have that fixed for the time being. Had to run the rat to the vet Saturday as she has a urinary infection we believe so they gave her some antibiotics for that. I was able to check into several of the nets with the broken antenna and only half there but did not visit long as the SWR was really high and did not want to damage the old radios. Well I have ramble on long enough so will post and get to church since Sarah and all need to get ready to go. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

30 January

It's Sunday morning and once again here from western Iowa in America's beautiful heartland is Lew. Today's picture is one our little Steph did for school I believe and it is very good and I really like it a lot but this does not do it justice for the color and all. Been a very busy week but not much done. Have been doing computer work and much radio stuff so everything else has went to pot. Got the tower cleaned at the computer shop and that seemed to help but time will tell. Set up the laptop to use while it was in the shop and it worked really great and fairly fast. Have been working on getting moms stuff set up for both but not sure she is going to get going on it yet. I need to get off all this stuff and do things that matter but need some goof off time once in awhile even if it does make me feel bad. The Ham bands have been really the pits this last week but was able to check into the ARMS fellowship net and the Swan net so guess that is okay. The water softener started to plug up and drop the water pressure so needed to decide to work on a 36 year old softener or go for a new one. Parts for the old Lindsey were getting hard to get so decided to go new but got a used one a couple years old for half price. It is a self generation one so should save salt, water and money. Hope it is the right decision. Did much more work at rental and started agreement papers along with ad papers so just need to wipe down some counters, fridge, sweep, vacuum and wax vinyl and ready at last. Finally!!! When did I get so slow? Got both of the old Swan FM-2X 2 meter radios up and running for the emergency traffic net but can't seem to get the old ICOM going for the mobile setup. It is all new solid state and mostly not fixable and that stuff will never catch on. Hee Hee. Will keep trying though. If it doesn't glow it's not a radio!!! Yes I am just and old duffer and set in my ways and in my own little world but that is just fine everyone knows me there. Mema / Mom and I cleared and cleaned the boiler room area for the new softener Friday and Saturday so that is ready for the install on Tuesday. The days are getting longer and it is still light at 5:30 PM so spring is on the way. Winter has not been bad here but I am ready for it to be over. Mom helped with the rental papers and they are ready for the newspaper and for the people that rent so we should have it advertised this week. Just need to get some stuff out of the shed so the renters can use that if they want to. The computer cleanup is working just fine and they put on a new cleaner program and defrag program that really work well.  Had a chat with Barb this AM and she has some health problems so will keep her in our prayers. Guess I better get posted and get moving so God Bless, Be Good, Do Right, Love Papa Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

23 January

It's Sunday Morning and once again here from Western Iowa in Americas beautiful heartland is Lew. The sunsets have been gorgeous this last week and the temperatures have warmed a little. When I went to church Sunday last the van left rear tire was frozen with the brake and would not turn. Not sure why because I never set the park brake in winter but after removing the hub cap and beating the rim with a small hand mall it came loose and works fine. Must have been the wind and driving rain snow mix got some ice there and really stuck it. Monday dawned with rain and freezing drizzle and some sleet mixed in for good measure. Got a path open so I could fill the finch feeders and sure missed my little helper for that. Did much work on the taxes with moms help so that is really appreciated as it went much better. Tuesday came and the weather was nice with much sun and clear skies so I like that. Worked on the taxes some more and mom helped again and got much done for the rent part. This time of year just wears me out with the tax time stress so hope it is done fast so I can recover. Went to town for some shopping for groceries and the roads are fine and clear with no ice. Had to unfreeze a couple of the van doors but it is good now and full of gas because I don't like it low in the winter. Been checking into the Fellowship net regularly and that is fun and helpful. Did some work on the carrier balance for my Swan 350D and it is some better but think I need to replace the potentiometer as it is still jerky. Tried some spray cleaner and some WD-40 first so will see in a couple days if that did the trick. It seems like it helped now but it takes a while to clean completely. The van brake has not locked in again so that may be okay now. More snow on Thursday and Friday so had to get that moved both here and the rental. The new blower is amazing and really helps me. Getting old is the pits. Guess it is better than the alternative though isn't it. Have much of the taxes done and it was going to be really expensive but mom remembered a part for the capitol gains I didn't and the person to prepare the tax forgot to put in and that will save us a bundle. How Kewl is that. May need to start looking around for some other way to do taxes if that is going to happen. Next year will be just some income and the rental so may try it myself to see how hard it is with one of the tax programs. Saturday came and it was 0 degrees with sunshine so it was a pretty day. Spring has sprung, Fall has fell, Winter is here and it's colder than it was last summer. The radio carrier balance is doing fine so may just leave it but will see and the brakes on the van are doing fine so no problem there. Went to Brads on Thursday for supper as he was grilling and it was really some great steaks and a good visit. Worked some on some of my web pages so check that out it was time they needed updating and will try and catch them all up as time progresses. Mom/Mema fixed one of my old winter flannel jackets for winter so can now use it again because it is very warm and comfortable. Had some flurries again last night but not any accumulation so the ground is nice and white again. Time to get this posted and get a move on it so God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

16 January

It's Sunday Morning and once again here from Western Iowa in Americas beautiful heartland is Lew. How about that picture and AAAHHHHH!!!! the memories. My little love is all grown up in the physical sense of the term and I pray she is in the mental sense of the term also. I miss her help with the bird feeders, the desert first because she could get whatever she liked when we took her to a Buffet, the Rubber Duckie bath book times, and many more. Just listen to me blubber so I will move on. It turned cold Sunday last after church and did some more of the tax records for the farm sale tax payments. Oh Bother. Some snow Sunday last in the afternoon and it was rather pretty woke up Monday with 3 1/2 inches of snow on the ground and more on the way. Bummers. Wait I don't have to go out so OK. Have a couple things left at the rental and then we will advertise to rent. What a long haul but it is really nice now and should rent well. Did some more on the taxes and we are just going to have to pay through our noses so how does a family work several generations to acquire some land or property and our government feels they get part of that when we have paid them all through those generations. More snow last night and we got 7 inches or so, so hope the wind don't get miserable now as it has already drifted some and I have moved the snow once. By late Wednesday I finally got the drive here and at the rental cleared after the wind died down so that is good. The antenna made it through the wind so it is good to go. Made some adjustments on the snow blower carburetor and it is running much nicer. Need to change the oil and fine tune and it will be like new. If I put it in the transport mode it cleans over the gravel drive very nice as long I am careful. The mass murder atrocity that occurred in Tucson this last week leaves me completely speechless and void of any understanding at all. Let us pray for all the people there to have relief from there pain and hurt and for a fast and complete recovery for all the survivors along with the grace of the Lord to call the person whose hands committed this atrocity to his bosom and show him the error of those ways. God Bless them all, Amen. Psalm 23!! Have set up some computer stuff for mom and formatted an external hard drive for her to use. We ended up getting about 9 inches of snow with a small amount of wind but got all the drives cleared and did the patio later. The pond is doing great and is banked high around the sides with snow so it has some protection. I did lose a couple of finch feeders with the wind so will need to replace them. Had the Rambler running again and moved around for the oil seals and it did well. The switch cleaning on the ham set seems to have worked well as the drift is gone after warm up so that is helpful. These old radios are really the best. I tore apart one of my clocks and was able to get it running again but messed up the chime doing it so may fix it later for the chime as it never did sound right so that is okay. Started taking down some of the outside decorations and them some of the batteries out of the inside ones so the Christmas season is over for now. We did not get tons up this year but still wish it would not pass so quickly. I better get to posting this and get going for church as it seems to take me longer than it used to and I sure do need the church teachings. Till next time God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew

9 January

It's Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew from Americas spacious and beautiful heartland. What a Christmas and New Years we had with all our children and grandchildren and it was very rewarding but I am wore out. We have been truly blessed!!! I believe I finally got my journal page set the way I want it and sure had some problems with the Front page working the way I want it to. They sure do make it hard and not so user friendly. Most of my equipment is and software is old so maybe that is the problem and I should update. Not!!! Now just need to get going on the taxes and get them out of the way. I did some sorting to get things in order but oh wow!!! Oh Bother they will be a mess this year. Anne Karin just joined me at Lewzplace so that is very exciting and hope the rest of the invited Norway family will follow suit and join us for the fun. After some checking on the tractor ignition switch some more I found it may need a terminal block to be right and found where one would mount and the ford dealer said it had one so I ordered it. That mystery solved. Now for those that do no know we have been thinking several years about a trip to Norway and now are thinking serious about this year 2011. Went to every search engine and style I could think of online for cruises from USA to Norway for many hours with zero for luck. In complete frustration I asked myself why not a single cruise line had a transcontinental cruise / and the light came on. I put in transcontinental and the very cruise I was looking for came up as one I wanted, from New York to Newfoundland to Iceland to Norway and it is a 16 day cruise on Crystal cruise lines and happens from 8 May to 24 May. The time frame is perfect and they have Staterooms with Verandas. Now answer me why not a single search engine figures out a cruise from America to Norway is Transcontinental so they have no listings. Go Figure. Oh well this may be to much for me anyhow as it will take much work to haul everything all over and then keep it small enough to fly back with it. What am I thinking not sure I can handle all that. Besides will need to see if I can set up the cell phone and computer for use at sea and while there along with the passports, shots and all that stuff and then the clothes as that will be the big thing. All that makes me think sometimes I suffer from some depression and it takes work to overcome it but the lord helps with it all and if we are supposed to go it will happen. Picked up the terminal block for the tractor Ignition switch on Wednesday and put it in but the wires were cold and stiff so could not get it mounted right so will complete that in the spring. It fixed the problem and runs great again and then put it and the big Ford van in the shed for the winter. Run the old Cub Cadet snow blower in for service before taking it to Brad as one of his Bday gifts. It works well just needs the regular service things so stopped for a haircut and then picked up the snow blower and delivered it to Brad. On more checking for a Norway trip Mickey found out the Crystal cruise lines one was for 2012 not 2011 but I am sure when I checked it said 2011 but my computer skills are minimal to nonexistent. Anyhow that one is out for this year. Jostein also joined Lewzplace so have two of the Norway family there now so how exciting is that? Have some start on the income tax but wow what a mess this year, what did I do wrong? Yesterday, Saturday, I checked into the fellowship net and my radio went crazy and jumped frequency all over. Tore it apart and cleaned switches and pots etc and seems to be better now but time will tell. Listened and transmitted on the ARMS net and it seemed well and stayed stable so pray that is it because I really like that radio. Later I used it some more for other chats and then even did some different bands and it seems fine. Hope so. Guess I better get posted and get moving so God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

2 January

It's Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. Happy New Year and greetings to 2011 and farewell 2010 as we close that year out and begin the new year with a prayer in our hearts for peace,  joy and hope to grow throughout the world. I am glad to see 2010 pass as it has been a bothering year for me as I have been extremely troubled by the homosexuality explosion, the child abuse everywhere, the bullying in our society, the multiple political problems and loss of the Christian morals and beliefs  with the use of the political correctness attitude and the works of the ACLU to remove all Christian signs and things from our society. Therefore I welcome 2011 and pray for the Lord to give me the strength to fight for the abolishment of immoral things that are bothering to me and not right for our world made for us with Gods love. On a very different note all the kids have went home from their Christmas breaks, vacations, and times off and the house is super quiet and very lonely. Mema and I are starting the cleanup of things left out and that is very slow because as we put stuff up we think oh our little Caitlin made this or Sean slept here or Faith used this or our Crystal helped me with the birds and on and on. This makes the work go very slow. I must be getting old and soft. Have made many contacts with the rebuilt antenna and it is working well so may just leave it when the new one comes and put up the new part when I need to do some other work on it. Started to check back into the Christian ARMS fellowship net again on the Ham set and that is great fellowship I need very much for the troubled times we live in. We got many amazing gifts for Christmas and it was a very fun celebration so am thankful that. Mema/Mom and I are completely wore out but that is a good wore out from all the enjoyment of family. Except of course we both have colds now that all the kids and grandkids left for us God bless them all. Put out the garbage Wednesday and sure had a lot of boxes etc so must have been a good Christmas thanks be to the Lord. Brads and family came over Wednesday for supper and we had ham, potatoes, vegetables, fresh homemade bread, and razzleberry pie with ice cream and then our little Faith spent the night. Life don't get much better than this. The temperature really warmed up on Thursday and reached into the 40's. Had the Culligan man out to the rental as the head on the water softener started to leak. Had to rebuild some of the moving parts so should be good for a long time now. The kids made it back to Florida I guess from the post I see on face book so that is good. Hope the trip went well. I have some of the Christmas gifts set up but still need to get outside and set up the bird feeder and bird house I got from Cody. How Kewl is that. The birds are eating us out of house and home this winter so I can use that new one thanks to my little buddy Cody. We got a picture album book from the cousins in Norway and it was just gorgeous and gave us a small tour of Norway with the pictures. Anne Karin was in full Norway dress for there independence celebration and she looked beautiful. This week the DX on the radio has been great and the Europe stations coming in strong with many Deutschland stations on the air. Wow been a long time since the 20 meter band has been this good so the antenna is working great and how wonderful is that. After checking on the tractor ignition switch I see there must be a connection block someone has bypassed and put in a different switch so the new one is the right one so I need to see if I can find the 2 wire connection terminal location or get a new one if it is gone. My cold started to ease up Saturday and moms also I believe but we struggled to make it till midnight to welcome in the new year. Still very stuffy but at least I clear it with blowing my nose. 2011 and all is well. Did very little yesterday as I was still exhausted but did a lot of radio time and some cleaning on the computer so that all was fun. Got to visit with some of the family in Norway on Facebook so that was fun also. Did a little washing as we were about out of everything and that was about it. Made some changes to the journal format so hope it all works okay. Guess I better get posted and get to church so God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.