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26 December 2010

It's Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. Wow what a week I have had, with the Orcutt family Christmas over at Andi's in Cedar Rapids and then the Hay ride Christmas caroling, and the kids home for Christmas, and then all the Christmas celebrations and I am wore out. Had crock pots, stove, griddles and pans going almost constantly and turned out some good meals and even made some chocolate chip cookies for Mema/Mom as a Christmas present. I finished up my Christmas shopping on the 24th but then I started on the 24th also so all is well. Mom got me a new snow blower for a gift early and it is really amazing, with electric start, steer able track and all. It is so much fun. Brad wants the old one so that will go to him as Tammy has one and Matt said he don't need one in Florida. The hay rack and ride went well but towards the end the tractor started to act up and when I went back on Monday to haul it all home the tractor would not start. After much checking, running the battery dead, etc I discovered the ignition switch was going bad so passed it up and jumped the battery and it started right up. That was a great relief as that is not serious and I picked up a new switch and just need to put it in. The tractor and rack are put up for the winter unless we get a call to do some more. Blew all the old packed snow from the drive and had to adjust the Carb on the snow blower and it really runs well now and I started the old Nash Rambler and moved it around and warmed up all the way to keep all seals and all working right. We had some snow Christmas Eve and it was light and fluffy with no wind so it was a marvelous and white Christmas. I did not receive the base for my antenna but did some work on the old one and put it up and may use it for awhile. Checked on the radio and it seems to work well but has a little less power than before and the band is very quiet but did make several contacts and received some wonderful reports so all is well again. Got a small amount more cleared out in the garage but not much time to work there. The kids head back to Florida today and sure will miss them all. Seems like you just get caught up and relaxed enough to enjoy the visit and it is time to go. Oh Bother. Well I better post and go enjoy the last few minutes with them. GBBGDR Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle, and all Lew. 

19 December 2010

It's Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Tammy came last Thursday to help mom and I clean up and get ready for Christmas and Matt and family coming. It was a treat and she sure helped mom and even helped me in the garage with the door installation. What fun that was. After all the talk about the blizzard and storm when I got up Sunday last for church there was very little snow and no roads blocked or closed so it was just much blowing of a small amount of snow here. I worked on my old Timex 24 hr clock that has the flip numbers and got it going again so now will have it set for local and the copal set for GMT. How Kewl is that. Just have to work on it now so it will keep time right, like oiling etc. The week has been hectic to say the least and has kept me very busy. Mom/Mema worked her tail off getting things ready for Christmas and the kids coming. We did finally get the tree up and decorated and that looked real nice. My Ham antenna repair parts have been ordered and should be here this week so maybe Matt can help me get it back together. It has turned winter cold out but I miss the radio communications so may have to tough it out and get it up anyhow. Mom and I moved all the furniture around for the Christmas tree and then set it in a different place so it will different this year. We still have to get many decorations like our snowmen sets and all up but may miss many of those things this year. Friday I hauled the tractor and hay rack up to Brad's and that worked real well and now that is ready and got the route map from him so I can see how to do it. Hope I remember it all. Tammy also came back to go to the family Christmas with us and helped with much of the house stuff again. Saturday found us headed over to Andi's for the Christmas with Just Tammy and I as mom was not well and the four girl's of Brad and Heather's, Mel, Steph, Faith, and Sarah and no Lucas as he was sick. It was a great time and loads of fun and kids were just marvelous and I sure enjoyed it. Matt, Kris and the kids arrived there so it was very exciting and we did the gifts and all and then all of us went to mom Orcutt. After that we headed for home and stopped in Toledo at the Maid Rite for supper. They are not the same so may not stop there again. They use the fat free meat so it is very dry and powdery and then ask how you would like. Huh!!??? it is a Maid Rite so you just do it that way, meat, ketchup, mustard and plenty of grease. Oh well we finally arrived home at around 8:30 and got the kids set up and young ones in bed by 10:00 and then off to bed I went. It was a long week but much fun and accomplished. Today is off to Church and then set up the caroling hay ride for tonight but that is another story for next week so will post and get moving. God Bless Be Good Do Right, Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew. 

12 December 2010

It's Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Well the hay rack is about ready for the maiden voyage and is looking fairly good I believe. Picture a 7 foot spiral Christmas tree in the center of it with hay bales down both sides and across the back and a nativity scene mounted on the back of the back rail if you can all lighted along with the small lamps at the corners and then all the carolers seated on the bales and singing. Sure hope it all works as planned. Have hooked the inverter to the tractor and it will light everything and it works well so far. May even be able to have some electrical instruments or tapes playing softly. I am hoping for great fun and fellowship for the youth group and us all. Be in Sac City on the 19th at dusk to see the procession and the fun and listen to the carolers.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday my back gave me fits so just got very little done. Moved some stuff for mom, finished the rails on the rack, put on the corner lights, did some town stuff, and unloaded the small van but mostly just vegged. I did get approved for the insurance on the hayride stuff so got that handled. Sure hope this pain gets better soon cause it sure is a pain. Thursday was some better and dug out all the lights for the rack and redid the spiral tree to fasten to a water pipe so it is stable, made a mount system for the small nativity and set up all the power cords. Hooked it all up to the inverter on the tractor and it worked great so that will be fine. Who came up with all this work anyhow. Late in the day I then planted some of the arbor day trees we got in the patio planter on the south side of the house so hope they all make it through the winter so we can put them where we want them in the spring. As I did that I noticed the pond was low on water and the flow rate was down so cleaned all the filters and added water. Tammy came over on Thursday also to help with all the stuff we have to to get ready for Matt, Kris and kids on the 18th. Did we use to have time for all this, wow am I slow. Friday the day started beautiful and the walk door for the garage came in and my back seems much better so had to get moving on that. Took all the trim off the door and the window out, then had to drill for the dead bolt and get the hinge holes drilled and then put on the first coat of primer. Went to check in the Swan group then and had some good signals. Talked to WA5BDR who I haven't talked to in ages so that was fun. I Love You Dad!!!{This is from Tammy}. After the group I went out again and finished the primer and then started the paint. Finished up the final coat of paint on the last side Friday night and then put some lights on some outside trees and put the nativity between them so got that much started. Mom made liver and onions for supper and boy was that ever good. Slept in on Saturday till 8 AM so was a bad boy. Had to bring the nativity scene back in as the wind blew it down and it also broke off my ham antenna. Oh Bother. Worked all morning on the garage walk door and did get it in and sealed but need to weather strip around it and get a threshold as the old one was to high for the door. It sure will make a difference with the wind and snow. It has cooled off again and I can deal with that but the wind is just miserable and it is blowing hard and it continued all afternoon and night and is still fairly strong today. Roads are shut down and all travel has been stopped here so it is bad. Maybe it is out of the system now so next Sunday for the caroling will be nice. The door I just did and the one before leaked snow as the wind is a driving wind and the snow is powder so will need to do some more on the overhead doors and on the walk door still needs the threshold and weather strip. There will be no church today as all roads are closed and I will stay home any how because it is really bad. Guess I better post this and see how it is now with the day dawning. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

5 December 2010

It's Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. The first day of the new Church year was amazing and it got up to 52 degrees and there was a great sunset as you can see. Mom/Mema and I did some work in the house cleaning wise and I cleaned much stuff from the den but still more to go there. Put the seal in the kitchen door to garage sill and it is all sealed tight now. Made a new entrance step for the double garage so it is ready for the new door when it gets here. Mounted the radio on the tractor so it will be ready as soon as it is wired. Did a temp wire job and it works well and that ends the day on Sunday last. Monday I threw my back out getting up I guess because it just started to knot up and hurt and my right leg feels about 1/2 to 1 inch shorter than the left. Did a little work on one of my clocks and then wired the radio for the tractor, 20 to 30 minutes work took me almost 4 hours go figure. Oh well the clock is running well and the radio is good but sort of permanently temporary if that is possible. I checked into the Swan tech net and my back hurt so bad I didn't stay on long. Temp up to 50 today and we got some rain so that is good. Well Monday was a bust and Tuesday was a complete bust as the back started better but went clear south by 9 AM so did nothing all day. Wednesday It was better and I did get some painting on the door trim done and got all the garbage out from the garage and the computer room so that helped. Got the old clock back running from Matt and Family so that is neat. It is the kit clock I built some years back and it is so Kewl. Found out from the insurance company I need to put sides on the hay rack for it to be insured so will need to get going on that before the 19th. Seems like I can never get anything done. Checked into the Swan group and had some good signals so that was fun. Thursday my back still hurt bad but got the attached garage door trimmed and the weather stripping on and it is sealed well now and then the opener is starting to malfunction. Pulled the hay rack back here today to work on it for the sides so I can insure it. Started on the side Friday but my back is still sore so not much finished. Got the lumber and some cut and then came in to check on the net. Band was not great but able to copy N4KNO etc so went back out to work on the rack. Need to get a picture of it with the rails on and take to town so I am able to get liability insurance. Got one side rail done before dark and did manage to get the garage door opener to work right today. Yesterday found my back still sore so did not do much but got to town and do some shopping and all. The wind was miserable yesterday but we got no snow so that was good for now. Brad found some hay bales for our caroling ride so that is great and we are about ready. Better get posted and get moving for church so God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew

28 November 2010

It's Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. I Pray everyone had a wonderful 4 day thanksgiving weekend. We did as we spent it with Tammy and family. Wow Finished up the walk door for the attached garage on Monday and weather stripped it and two other doors and started on the overhead doors for both garages. Did some Rambler work and now need to change the oil for the winter months. Also looks like the tractor may have a small water leak so will need to monitor that and get to work on it after the Christmas caroling. Tuesday Mom/Mema and I worked in the double garage all day and I hauled two pickup loads of junk to the landfill and had a third ready to but it got to late. Also got the hoses rolled up and started to put away all the patio stuff for the winter. Oh Bother I woke up Wednesday morning with parts of the body aching that I had forgotten I had those parts. I hauled the load of junk I had loaded to the landfill and did some shopping but then went home and took a nap. Got a wrong number call so got up and worked on the Swan chat group and some other things around the house to get ready for Thanksgiving. The double garage is looking so much better and I can get in it now but still have the work bench and some areas like that and it will be good. I have a wood burning stove over in the shed I may bring over to use as the one here is getting in real bad shape. Checked into the Swan group today but band conditions were not so good but heard most of the normal check ins. Thursday we went to Ben and Tammy's for Thanksgiving dinner and it was amazing!! They did an outstanding job and I ate way to much as usual and I was in agony all the way home. Friday I slept in some from the turkey I think but it dawned really chilly at about 10 degrees out so started on the pond and patio things right after eggs, toast and bacon for breakfast. Wow when I got out there the pond was froze over so had to knock a hole in the ice and put in the heater to keep a hole open for the fish. Did get that all done and the patio cleared up and ready for winter. Put all the cushions from the swings and the shade tops also along with the lawn chairs in the green shed and put the rest of the swing frames behind the garage for the winter. Moms blood sugar is coming back down so I am thankful for that and hope we can keep it lower as it scares me and I must not be doing a good job there for helping her. Talked to Ben and he was up all night at Wal-Mart in line to get a computer on the Black Friday sale and he made it and got an HP Notebook. Sounds like it was a good sale for him. I may have found the leak for the water on the tractor as it had a loose hose clamp so tightened them all and will see now. Making great headway with my clean up but the more I clean and haul the more I can see to haul and organize. Wow who made this big mess. Late Friday afternoon I went out and started on the snow fence with the city to get it put up along the road so maybe we won't get so much in the drive this year. We did get all the posts set and will finish the fence part later and I found enough stuff to put a ball on the tractor drawbar in case I need to use it with a trailer with that style hitch. Checked into the Swan group also on Friday but conditions were not good and only heard one or two signals. Got one on the west coast and one by Mexico city. Saturday morning came with overcast skies about 7 degrees out and the sun trying to burn through and me needing to get to the church by 11am to help some people move. I say 7 degrees because I have one thermometer that says 14 degrees and one that says 0 degrees so 7 is in the middle. The pond and birdbath have no ice so that part is working well. Started some work clearing the work bench in garage and the sun burned through about 8:30 so it was a nice day but a long one as the move for one of the church people went from 1 1/2 hours to 3 1/2 hours and the rental of a U-haul truck to complete. I was rather wore out by 3:30 so lay down for a nap and slept for an hour. Must have really been tired. Well no one is online yet so better get posted and get ready for church. Have a great week and see you all later. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

21 November 2010

It's Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. What a view we had from our window as we departed our mini vacation 48th anniversary celebration on Monday last. It was a fun time and I will miss it. Got the camper finalized this week and put up for the winter and finished the rack and hauled it to the barn also so it is ready to go. Checked on some liability insurance for it just in case we get some events going with it. Was under the weather some this week so was rather slow. Started some cleanout stuff in the attic and got the new garage walk door primed and painted to install. Have had it several years now so guess it is not new anymore but is not used either. Not sure what that is then. Also checked to order one for the double garage as it is real bad and need to make a new step for there also. The weather has cooled off now and winter is in the air but it is still nice when the sun shines. Did some more Carb work on the tractor but may need a new one as it is not right yet but runs okay. We may have the Caroling hayride set up so will wait till after that so it will at least work for it. Ran the antenna lead in at the rental and installed the junction box on the outside wall. Installed the preamp and buttoned it all up and the system works great so that task is completed. Hauled much of the tools home and now just to clean up a small amount and then vacuum and shampoo carpets and will be good to go. Will need to do some outside trimming yet but that will not stop the renting it. Sure has been a slow process but that is just me not that there was that much to do. The survey for the wetland is done so now to see where we go next for that. Tammy just was online so had a nice chat with her at Lewzplace so that was fun and it works well there. Most of the chats are out I guess as they are so random. Can't wait till this next week as we are all going to her place for Thanksgiving so that will be great fun. Better get this posted and head out for church so GBBGDR Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

14 November 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. How about the two big girls sipping their tea so all grown up and they had an amazing time in the Cities on there college visit and we had one here with the other three little munchkins of ours. The kids picked them up from us on Saturday night last and by Sunday Mema and I was missing them. We did some yard work on Sunday last and things were sure looking nice for the little time we spent there but we missed the little ones helping us. Monday Mema was not feeling well and stayed in bed most of the day. I think she has a cold and her back was hurting some. I spent most of the day working on the tractor and Hay rack lights and that is done except for tying up the wires on them. Tuesday saw me with a haircut to get and a dentist appointment so most of the morning was a bust for anything productive. I used the Tractor in the afternoon to pull a couple of tree stumps to get ready to put in some new yew evergreen trees and did some adjustments on the Carb. Wednesday I gave Mom/Mema eggs, toast, and juice breakfast in bed for our 48 years together and we planted a couple trees in front of the house. I made some Sirloins and some special potatoes for supper. Most of the day we just was lazy. Thursday I put the rest of the switch lights on the tractor control box and then worked on the antenna TV coax at the rental. It is all ran now and just need to complete the antenna cable and mount the junction box to tie them all together. Oh Ya and will need to power the pre amp also. Then may just give up and clean the carpets and rent as is because I just keep finding more to do if I don't and it should be occupied for the winter. Thursday night I felt really sick to my stomach and went to bed early but felt much better Friday morning and that is good as we are are at Kings Pointe for the weekend for our Anniversary. We got some snow on Friday morning also but was mostly just cold and wet like sleet so winter is on the way but the forecast is for temps in the 50s for the days and 40s for the nights so still not terrible. Surprise Friday night the snow came here at Storm Lake and we got 7 inches or so. Wow was that fast but most of the kids made it so that was fun. Brad and Heather were snowed in and could not make it but the big girls had to work anyhow so they would not have made it either. I went down the large water slide with Crystal even and enjoyed the swimming much. We may go today again but not sure might even stay till tomorrow. Some kids in a room over a ways built a snow man and it started to melt so they built it again. Oh yes we are on the ground floor and the lake side of the resort so that is kewl. It is a real nice view. Well I better get this posted and get moving here and start the day. God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

07 November 2010

It's Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Another busy week and not much done and have missed the journal a lot lately. Had some fun with pictures with Mel but not sure she liked it even if we did. Oh well we had fun and she is so pretty, and did some old car pictures and tractor pictures so it was fun. Got some parts to do the TV at the rental but had to order some so that will be later this week before I get them. Worked on the hay rack some and have some lights going and then found the oil pressure gauge so put that in and ordered some exhaust stuff. The Ham bands are open so have been there several times and had fun. Voted on 2 November so that was done and we did really well and made some good gains there. Got rid of the 3 activist judges so a great gain there. Lots of wind on Wednesday but still really warm and nice for November. Got the new muffler for the tractor and some light stuff so it should be ready for a night hay ride soon. Thursday we got our three little ones Faith, Sarah, and Lucas  till Saturday as Brad & Heather were taking the big girls Mel and Steph on some college visits in the Cities. We did much yard work with them and had a fun time. They carried brush and loaded the trailer and helped Mema with some bush trimming and such. I got the old Cub running and Mema gave Lucas a ride in the trailer and then loaded limbs etc in the trailer from the pines we cut down. Got the rest of the TV parts for rental so now can start getting that set up to go. Seems like that is sure a slow process or maybe its just me that is slow. Got some more done on the lights for the hay rack so will be ready for the sing shortly I hope. I pulled the rack back over to work on it with the tractor. Was on the Ham set some this week and that is always a fun time with old friends on the air and it is going well so far. I tried for a whole hour this morning to set the clock on my cell phone but can not get it to go. I even changed the time zone and it says the right time but the clock will not change. Technology really stinks. My normal clocks you turn the hands till it says the right time wind it up and you are good to go so how much easier does it need to be. Go Figure. What the heck happened to the simple life. Guess I better post this and get to church so God Bless Be Good Do Right Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew

17 October 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. Brad, Heather and kids came to Springbrook Sunday last and we sure had a fun time. At Least mema and I did and we sure missed them all the next day. Well even more actually but this week has been so busy I met myself coming and going several times. We left Springbrook on Wednesday for home and did the stop at the thrift store in Coon Rapids. After arriving home we unloaded most of the camper and then finished it on Thursday and started the set up for Mel's 18th Birthday party and sleepover. There was much to get ready but it turned out very nice I believe and hope she really enjoyed it. I had to fabricate a hitch for the tractor as it did not arrive yet so that took some time but it worked well. Made it from an old car hitch I found at the barn sale place while camping. I found some spots on the hayrack that need greasing while we were on the hayride so will need to address that and also found out the springs on the rambler are in need of some help as the drive shaft would rub on bumps but Mel and two of her friends got her Rambler ride so that was good. Tammy and Brad came over Friday and helped a huge amount (actually did most of the work) on the set up and then Heather and them on Saturday with all the set up and tear down stuff on that day. What a blessing that was. Maybe Mema and I enjoy these events as much or more than the kids do. We did Maid Rites for the meat and had some potato salad and chips and stuff so that worked out well. During the week the bulb for my old projector arrived and had to really chase it down as UPS messed that up big time. At any rate the projector has another problem so have to fix that now or have wasted much on the bulb. Oh Bother I sure have some crummy luck. Okay it is another challenge and will be an event while accomplishing it. Well at least the 18th birthday party is over and was a great success thanks to Tammy and Ben & Brad and Heather and all the wonderful work and help they did. I pray Mel enjoyed it as much as we did putting it on for her. Most of the clean up is done and will just get the parts for the tractor and install them and put most of the toys away for the winter. Have checked into the Swan net and the UPS for the computer sure helped and have no noise from the computer on the radio now. I got no more info to post so I guess I better post it and get out of here. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

10 October 2010

It's Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. T-Bone steaks at Springbrook in our Springdale at Sunset with my sweetheart. Finally we are here and the weather is perfect 70's during the day and 50's overnight. Have most all of plans made and equipment ready for the big 18th Bday celebration so glad that is coming together. We worked on that and other stuff along with mowing and such the first of the week and then came to Springbrook on Tuesday. Our house, yard, rental and all is a mess but oh well we are going to have some fun for now. Last time here the laptop and cell phone all worked great and this trip there are no bars or signals for either. Amazing how technology keeps advancing isn't it. Doing post on Facebook while here so this may be redundant. Made several short walks and have seen 13 deer once and 8 another time. Got some really kewl pics of the lake this morning with the steam rising as the sun came up. Mom is feeling better and we have had fun so far and will have a fire tonight I think if I am up to starting one. So I went for an early morning walk here at Springbrook and seen 13 deer with 5 in a  group by the shelter house and I was slowly working my way close to them for some pictures when here comes this big truck racing up slamming on his brakes just to get a signal for his cell Phone with the deer scattering every where and me just standing there holding my camera and the driver completely ignorant to his surroundings. What world does he live in and go find a life before you return here to ruin mine. I have my cell off at times like that for a very good reason. Okay the rant is done and just love Springbrook in the early morning with the steam coming off the lake as the sun rises. We got mema/mom a moped but it was to big for her to control so we returned it. The deer count is up to 34 so there are still a lot here. We did our Friday night out at the Primetime and I had my Fettuccine Alfredo and mom had her all you can eat fish and shrimp. It was really good and once again I ate to much.  Saturday mom and I goofed off. In the morning I did a walk around the lake and seen some turkey vultures drying themselves in the morning sun wings spread wide and then later we went to town and then looked for Chucks Bargain Barn and spent several hours there which is like a flea market. I found a drawbar I can use for the Ford tractor if the one I ordered does not get here in time for Mel's Hayride this next weekend. we then went home and relaxed and I did T-bone steaks for supper and we had a fire and watched some TV and went to bed. The weather for this whole time here has been amazing. We sure were blessed this camping trip. Guess I better get this posted and get busy as some of the grandkids and Brad and Heather will be here today. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew

3 October 2010

It's Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. What a ride this week has been. Found the tractor on Ebay I wanted and won the auction so went to Ohio Friday afternoon to get it and returned on Sunday. It is a Ford 640 1955 model if I got the serial number ID right. It is in nice shape but needs some work. Brad and Ben went along and we had a great time and I sure had fun so thank both of you so much and sorry you did not get to drive much Ben but it was still good even with our misadventure with the deer. It will be a fun toy and will get lots of use if I can do all I would like with it. I noticed on the trip that my cell would not do picture text much of the time but the rest seemed to work fine will need to check that out. Have got a good start on the wetland area and it will be very nice if we get it all done the way we want. Got most of the mowing caught up and then did some trimming and weed eating so it all looks a little better. Discovered the rental was using much water and no one is there so found it had a water leak in the line to the house so it ran about 5,000 gallons out. That will run some money but shut it off and got it fixed on Wednesday. Did some work on my new toy then and set timing and the carburetor some and wow did that ever make a difference. Should really be good when I get the manual and do it the right way. Although sometimes on the old stuff by ear is better. Have posted for a hayrack on the trading post so hope that works as I want one of the older smaller ones not today's huge big things. Also got the headlights going and need to work on the proof meter and temp gauge and then really need to adjust the brakes as they are not even when applied. Put a battery backup in for the computer and it sure helps the radio noise when I am on the radio. The new electronics has no filters at all. Also got the dual boot setup at start out of it thanks to the help from Computer concepts. The TV signal went to pot on Monday so spent till Wednesday trying to get that going. Turns out we had some bad cable and a line amp that went out but the digital broadcast signals are still not as good as the old analog. Go Figure!!! Did get the brakes on the tractor adjusted on Thursday and they work great now and did the timing again and that is even better so am making headway. Helped mom/mema clean the garden shed and arrange there some so that is now organized chaos! The posting on the trader page came on the air today at 7:30 AM and at 7:50 I got a call for one and I bought it at 8:30. Wow is that great or what. It needs some work but will do just fine for Mel's Bday Hay Ride. Will hopefully use it for other rides and youth groups and such and maybe for Christmas caroling or Halloween trick or treating or what ever. Ya Ya I know I am just an old fool but I want our kids and Grandkids to have some of those memories I have. Well on Saturday I finished the work on the hayrack that I started on Friday and it is now ready to go so just need the hitch for the tractor. This sure is turning into a big project but should be lots of fun. Will need more work on both as we progress but can use them all for starting out. Fall weather is in the air and the morning chill is really nice for a change and we can open windows and turn off the air and even put a light cover on the bed at night. The farmers are going like made and many of the crops are out of the fields. I kind of miss that now that the last of our land is sold and the bins are now empty. I guess you can take the boy from the farm but you can't take the farm from the boy. Well no one is around for a chat so guess I better post this and get moving. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew. 

19 September 2010

 To Heather With A Special Prayer for the sudden loss of her mom on Tuesday!!

It's Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Life has been pretty hectic this last few weeks and have missed much of the journal posts. This week has been real tragic as Heather lost her mother suddenly and unexpectedly. We got the call early Tuesday morning and ran up to watch the kids and then pulled the camper up on Wednesday and just stayed all week just to help out as we were able. Of course you can say or do nothing that helps at all so we were just there at Heathers Beck and Call!! Hee Hee We love you Baby girl. We got to see Amanda and Emily so that was a plus and they sure have grown up. Mom/Mema has been in agony all week from her fall last weekend and is bruised and sore all over but still worked on meals, baths, babysitting and such through it all. The younger kids had a tough time as they did not understand it all for sure and missed mom and dad a lot. All went well and we are glad it is over and pray the closure can complete rapidly. I missed the tractor I was trying to buy but there will be more. I wanted that for the wetland we might get or for some hayride stuff in the summers. It will need a mower and am looking for an old Allis Chalmers or ford or Massey Ferguson or such with a wide front end. We got a call for good news on the wetland but have not checked on that yet as the week has been so hectic. In the middle of all this I helped Brad put some brake pads on the front of his van as it was metal on metal but I just watched mostly. Then the car had some steel belt showing so put a tire on it. Then Friday the big girls headed to retreat and that was a rush but they had fun and returned home safely on Saturday. It rained most of Saturday and did not do any outside stuff so helped do dishes at the kids. It is now Sunday and will go to church here in Sac and then head home after packing up the camper and all. Will post this and get moving so God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew!

05 September 2010

It's Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Been rather busy and did not even post last Sunday and real late today. What's up with that. Got a picture text from my little love and they were doing spring cleaning in the fall at their house and that was was on their mom and dads anniversary. Must have a great anniversary house cleaning. How does that work. Fixed the front steps and stained and sealed the deck at the rental. Sure will be glad when that is all done. Have the back one to do yet. Got the camper back in the drive and fixed the fresh water drain plug and now just need to clean up. Getting it all ready for our Springbrook outing the end of the month. Did find we had a mouse in it but I finally caught it so that is done. Had the Rambler out a lot and it sure is running good and lots of fun. I ordered a muffler for it since I am just using a resonator now, but that is to loud, and it came in and was wrong. Have ordered another one by guess and by gosh so hope that works. Had all trees in the front of the house trimmed from over the house and the canopy lowered. They should be good for a long time now. The new cell phone is working great now and I sure have burned up some minutes on it but that should slow down some as it grows old to me. Have been setting up for Mel's Bday party but none of the days seem to work so that may not happen till October. Finally it is dried up enough to mow the whole yard and the land at the barn is now clean of weeds and turned over ready for the pheasants forever group. Sure hope we can get that all done this fall. How in the world did I get this all done when I was working. Finally got some wages garnished on the last renters but not sure how that will work out. May do a debtors inquisition just to wake them up some. Mom has been down with a cold this week so it has been lonely with her mostly just sleeping. Worked on a letter to the editor of some sour points I have with things in the world today and sent it to the President, Governor, and our Congressmen and senators along with the Herald and Tribune editors. Got a response from the Governor and what a hoot that was as he did acknowledge the letter and then just tooted his horn about the great things he has done for Iowa. What a political doldrums state he is in. It is really sad but so funny that he did not even mention a single issue I had. I guess I should expect no different from a politician but I had high hopes but he has lost my support in all things as have most all in place politicians. What a joke they are so remember that in 2012 and lets get some new blood in office. Guess I better get this posted since it is way after church and I still have lots more to do. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

22 August 2010

It's Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. Our State Fair is a great state fair! How much fun has this week been. Received and installed the washer and dryer at the rental and both have a broken door switch. Fixed the one on the washer temporarily and had them try and get a new one for the dryer. If they can't I will just order one here. Guess that's what I get for going used. Received my new cell phone in time for the fair trip and everything works like a top. Finally! Tammy came over on Tuesday to go to the fair with us and she stayed over till Saturday and that was sure wonderful. We had so much fun and she helped mom some with some house stuff and we just had a good visit. I got to see many old tractors at the fair and we seen all the varied industries things and much more. In the evening moms scooter started to die so had to go get another one. It was such a joy to see all the young people get so excited over the things we take for granted so was a reawakening for some of that. The midway is sure not what it used to be as there were no barkers calling you and the excitement there was not the same and there seemed to be more rudeness than I remembered from years past. People just did not seem as connected, excited, courteous, and friendly as I remember from my childhood. Even most of the Fair service people did not seem as helpful. I must be getting old. We had fun any how. Still no switch for the dryer so not sure how complicated they think that is. Elaine was here for a chat on Lewzplace this morning and that was fun. Sent her a Picture message from the phone and it says invalid destination address again. Now what. will check more later today. How does all that work. Oh Bother. Left for church and am back now and sure am slow this Sunday. Figured out what was the matter with the picture message to Elaine, I had the wrong number entered so now it all works fine. Whew!!! Sure did not want to go through that again. Took the Rambler to church and that was fun. Guess I better post and get a move on it. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew

15 August 2010

It's Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Last Sunday evening we had 2-3/4 inches of rain and a very heavy good old Iowa thunder and lightening show along with it. Wow!!! The week started overcast and dreary with more rain in the forecast and some extreme heat. My left knee was really hurting so maybe it is right. How about our little sweetie and her salt shaker trick. Is she just the cutest. I tried the cell phone first thing Monday but still it won't work with the MMS picture messaging although all other functions like text messaging, browser, phone call, camera and all work fine as did the MMS picture messaging the first 4 days so called them to see now what. Ah Ha, Ah Ha we worked on it 2 hours resetting codes, data, and all sorts of things and in the end now my text messages do not work, the browser does not work fully and the MMS is still not working. Their answer is now that the service provider for me is having a problem and is checking it out. I said wait a minute you are my service provider since I purchase all from you so it is your problem to fix it with the people you farm your service out to. End result was again ( not 24 hours, not 48 hours ) but we need 72 hours to work on your issue. So I still get invalid destination address for the picture messages, and now service not available for the text messages, and many kinds of browser errors since they fixed it all. So tell me once again why or how technology is so great. It is now Tuesday evening and Yippee just got the info from Tracfone that all my issues have been resolved Woo Hoo!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!! that was short lived as I tried it immediately and nothing works now except the phone for calls so I called them immediately and have been on the phone 2 1/2 hours while they try to communicate with me and for the 3rd time do the same thing over and over and over and over again and again and again and nothing works but now I have a new ticket # to work with and it may all start again. They said a Tracfone person would call me in 24 hours to get it all fixed. Wednesday morning and very warm and humid again and am thinking snow is not so bad. Well can't set here all day so did the bills and now off to work at the rental. Got the curtain rods all moved and installed and got the insulation ready to go up. Put in all the tie back hooks for the drapes. Finished all the door latches so now they all work great. The plumber can not make it till later as he had to order parts for the 2 tub drains. Picked up some more floor registers as some are really bad  and some DVD's to do all our vcr tapes on and then went home for lunch. Mom had a real bad migraine so just stayed home with her and worked with Tracfone on my cell. As if that was any good. They have now succeeded in making everything it does except make calls inoperable and also put me here at home in a roaming area. After multiple code entry  entries they had me put in and it progressively got worse they have announced that while they were fixing it the phone broke so will send me a new one. HUH? Oh Bother!!! And life goes on. We had our little Steph here again for a day and her and Mema just goofed and went shopping. It was fun and she is such a little doll. Really hot out with much humidity so it is miserable outside so not doing much there. Friday we got the two tub drains finished and got the insulation in and sealed and the walls back up so that is nice. Mom came along and did much cleaning of cabinets, shelves and cupboard doors and things. I think we both overdid but we made some good headway. This morning it was finally cool out at about 50 so that is exceptional. I do not like the heat. Guess I better post this and get moving. Had a nice chat with Elaine at Lewzplace so that works and chatted with Barb and Cindy on MSN messenger so that works also. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew

08 August 2010

It's Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. What a week!!! Much work at the rental and mowing in the water again at both. I need to put some pontoons on the mower if I want to do the whole yard or just turn it into a rice paddy. After all the Tracfone saga got it all up and running and sent some MMS picture messaging and that was fun and great. It lasted one day and then the screen would say invalid destination address. I called and they said give them 24 to 48 hours to fix it. 48 hours later it still would not work so called and they said we have just reset it so give us 48 hours for it to work. Technology sucks and nothing there ever works so don't try and tell me different and when it does work it is only for awhile and does not work well thank you very much. Got all the batteries for the Hitachi and they are all good so came out fine there. Then they are just a battery so no technology there. Got the new projector also and wow does it do fine knock on wood and may be some techy stuff there so it may quit soon also. Mom has been down with the cold or flu this week so she has not been well. Have finished most of the vinyl at the rental and now will just finish some of the other shelves with a good shelf paper. Cleaned all the weeds around the pond and the kidney area and also along the steps to the yard so had a whole trailer load to haul away. Still much to do and then spray for them again. Had to treat the pond for algae again as it is bad this year and then ordered a small pump for my frog fountain as the waterfall there quit. Well on Saturday the next 48 hours was up the phone pictures still didn't work so called and got we need another 24 hours please call us tomorrow which is today now so will call after this post to see what they need now to fix their problem. The phone kept beeping several times after hanging up there and using minutes so not sure what that was but tried to send afterwards and still has invalid destination address. Woo Hoo are we having fun or what. How about that pretty smile on my beautiful granddaughter. Life is good. Did more yard and rental stuff Saturday and just chilled some on the computer as needed much resetting and reloading there. Needed some bathtub drains fixed at the rental so decided to have the plumber do it but I did get all the walls open etc for him to do it. Picked up the new pump for my frog fountain and that is just fine again but with all this heat it sure runs out of water quick. Had the radios on once this week but bands were bad so no contacts. I found another lamp for the old Infocus projector so made an offer on that and the seller has 48 hours to accept it or turn it down. It has 100 hours on it he says but told him he needs to assure that or I don't want it. If I get it then I will have one of the old ones running and will start on the other 2 to build one out of them to make 3 working ones. We also took the papers to the court house to serve the kids here for the rent money owed since we are having no luck with the parents and all four signed the lease. Maybe that will wake dad up so he can do something right for a change. Had a look at Tammy's Power Point for her school class and it was really good and she received a 99% for the class so that is amazing. Have been doing some more work on the photo albums and that is slow work or I am just getting old. I did get the dishwasher, stove and fridge back in place and running and then discovered the water softener has some bad O rings so had to replace them. In looking to clean the hard water deposits off the tub surfaces I discovered both drains are in very bad shape so will replace them next week also. My life sure gets interesting. The day has dawned bright and sunny and it looks like it will be a good day. Maybe we will be missing the rain that is predicted for us. I have all my chat things up for my Sunday morning 7AM chat but nobody here so that may not work as my library clock is just chiming 7 AM. The one at Lewzplace is goofy so it may not work but have MSN / Windows live up also. Oh well guess I better post this and get to work on the MMS picture messaging for the phone. Have a great day and see you next time. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

1 August 2010

It's Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. !!!!!! What a week for spinning our wheels. So awfully hot and humid I wanted to move to the rain forest where it is cooler and dryer. Struggled through some mowing and outside work but could not keep at it to long without some breaks. Gute showed up to see about trimming some of our trees and we looked at them between the rain showers. And the yard was just getting to the no water standing but slop stage and 2 more inches on Friday. Found and ordered some batteries for the Hitachi tools and equipment and one came in and they all work great. Have 2 more coming for the price they were. Why they left the 4 tools is beyond me. Had the travelers served for the second time for the money owed us but they now claim the business is done. We are now filing for garnishment of the kids that signed the lease with them and then if all fails we may try fraud and theft charges as the bill is now at $2,600.00 that they ran off and left us holding. Go figure!!!!! I am at the point that I want them to pay even if it costs more to get it than I will get. Go directly to jail and pay me $1.00 a day from his earnings there till it is paid off with interest and maybe let him out then. Stupid people really have started to bother me. We got the last crops out of the bins this week and put in town and will sell them around September I would guess but the price for corn is really high so may sell now. That will be the last of the farm and that era so that is rather sad. The vinyl layer put down the new floors we needed to do after the last renters cut holes and all in them and that was not even in the bill they owe us. they look really nice though. All the spraying there is looking good and just need some touch up in some areas. Received the to be repaired projectors I ordered from Ebay and found out the new one from In focus will ship out today. Just need to get a bulb from Ebay now to get to work on the repairs of the two I have from there. Mom and I went out Friday and did some shopping and I got a Tracfone upgrade with MMS and mobile web data technology and a 1.3 Mega pixel camera and Bluetooth technology. Wow and Wow and when I check to set it up they tell me the web data and MMS will not work in my area so it is only a send and receive calls and texts unit. Oh you can take pictures but you can do nothing with them. My question to them then was why would you sell me a phone for my area that does not work? The response came back in very poor broken not understandable English, since this has been outsourced like everything else, that they don't know. Why do I even bother. After out shopping spree we met Brad and family for supper at Yan's and afterwards the kids locked their keys in the car so had to get that open for then. We then went home and watched some more of the Left Behind and Tribulation movies. How Scary are they. Saturday I spent much time putting on the base and trim for the vinyl and it is looking better. Got the half bath and laundry room done and put the water softener back in place and started. Did some on the kitchen but did not get to far. Also then after several Emails and phone calls to Tracfone I discovered the features on the new phone will work in our area so I set it up. Then the instructions that came with it says to go to the home page and you can download the manufacturers manual but it is no where to be found. Forgot to ask if I could transfer my contacts list so now need to call for that. It sure surprises me that we can have so much technology and no one knows anything. Had to put my Firewall and Anti Virus back in the learning mode as something went funny with it so now it will learn again and then reset to normal when it is good in 20 days. Better get a move on it here and post this and get busy. God Bless Be good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

25 July 2010

It's Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Again last Sunday 91 degrees and very humid. Will this ever end? Did a little work around the pond and around that area but was so hot just spent most of the day inside. Checked into the Swan net and the radios worked great but the band was lousy. Talked to Duncan XE1WD5IKY down by Mexico City but most of the others I did not hear except Ed N4KNO in the Florida panhandle. I also was able to fix my Old Copal green light 24hr clock again. It is so cool as it is all mechanical with the small panels that flip over to tell the time. It is running great again. Did all the mowing again and the yard is a swamp. Much water and tire tracks and missing real wet areas. Tuesday did some spraying and then got rain again at night so not sure if that worked or not.  Wednesday our little Steph came over to spend some days with us so that is Kewl. She will be here till Friday night. Did much work on the Rambler and got the speedometer out and fixed and repaired the gas and temp gauge while it was out. Added some grounds so stuff will work better till I can get it all cleaned up for that electrical stuff. We picked up some vinyl for the two baths and the kitchen so that can be laid the first week in August. I have started the prep for that by removing all the appliances and things and taking off all the base for a smooth job. Changed oil on the Rambler Saturday so it is good for awhile now. I planted some of the plants mema/mom got for by the willow and that came out good. We went to Pizza Ranch on Thursday with Steph as she wanted to go there instead of Yans. Her and Mema did much shopping on both Thursday and Friday at the thrift shops and stores. Steph got some cute dresses and a swim suit along with some tops and shoes and such and some gifts for the family. Mom got some outfits and tops and such along with some books and things. I think they both had a great time. Friday night we took Steph home so she could get ready for camp and we took all the kids out for supper so Brad & Heather could have a night out. We then watched the movies Bolt and Benny & Joon with them and put them in bed. The kids got home around 11 so we headed home very tired on my part. Saturday found me working more at the rental removing the water softener and dishwasher also and had to install a shutoff valve for the dishwasher so we could turn the water back on. I did a little washing on Friday and got that hung up. I sent the lamp for the projector back as it burned up some other stuff so they would take it back and then ordered another one from them as a replacement. I purchased another one on Ebay just like the one I had but it had the lamp about burned out and was real fuzzy they advertised and the bulb there lasted only a short while but I got it for parts for $20.00 and then got another one the same for parts for $5.00. Out of all three of them I may get one or two going and then have a spare or one for loaning out. The morning dawned very nice at 58 degrees and the sun came up around 6:15 and we had no rain so it should be a nice day so will get posted and going. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew. 

18 July 2010

It's Sunday Morning and once again Here is Lew. Another busy week as on Sunday last after my post we started work on the rental again and on Monday Mom/Mema and I did much outside landscaping and it came out real nice. Tuesday we started on some of the floor problems there also and got the closet in the master bedroom done. Have a spot in the two small baths to finish and then put vinyl on them. Got most of the master bath back together and just need to finish some of the base and trim there. I have cleaned most of the carpet but may need to do that again after we get all this done. Wednesday our little Mel came to spend two days with us and we just vegged and then in the evening went to Fort Dodge to get some things and just shop. Thursday we did some other stuff and then I did some yard work and Mema and Mel went to town for some more shopping and then to drop Mel off to go home. Friday then Our little love Sarah came to spend two days here and we went to the Carroll county fair. Wow did it get warm but we had fun and little Sarah got to be in a band with Nick's kids show and do a Hula hoop contest there with many other things. She really had a good time with the bouncy house and slide and all but there was not much there for rides and things. We looked at the exhibits and the animals and had lunch and supper there and then came home about 7:30 where we watched the movie My Magic Dog and it was really a good show. After that Sarah and mema did the bath and we all went to bed as we were very wore out and tired. Yesterday, Saturday, found me working some on the computer while Sarah and Mema slept in and the day dawned very warm and humid. You could not even see out of some of the windows for all the steam on them. What a goofy summer we are having. Then we cleaned some stuffed animals Sarah got for everyone along with some of the books she got for all and then watched some TV and I did some mowing at the set aside and the rest of the yard but it is so wet at the lower area that I just had to pass that up. Just have the garden area now and then can start all over again. We did some lunch of three cheese Mac and cheese with some added hot dogs and bread and milk and then Mema & Sarah did some of the projects they needed to do. Before we knew it it was time to head out and return our Sarah home and temperature out was 93 degrees and really humid. It was a long day and we were late getting home so my post is late and it looks like this one is short also. God Bless Be good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

11 July 2010

It's Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Not sure why I post this always as it appears it is not read but then it is for me mostly as a record of my existence here on God's Earth so I will continue to bore those of you who do read it. This has been a very eventful week as I worked at the rental all day on Monday and got many outlets fixed. Later in the day I went to town for some groceries and then in the evening I started the mowing again. Tuesday I then spent most of the day on the roof working on my Ham antenna as the new parts came in and I needed to be home as UPS was delivering the lamp for our projector and they needed a signature. The antenna is back up and is straight again with the new pieces and is working great. I then put the lamp in the projector and reset the hour counter and it started working great. I will need to use it more often as they say they can go bad from lack of use just like poor maintenance on them. Mema/Mom did not feel well on Monday or Tuesday and slept a lot so hope that is just from going to hard and to much. She was real busy with the fourth celebration and all and then working on Mel's dresses and stuff and sewing the flag along with the washing and folding and doing more cleaning and sorting so she has been real busy the last week also. I taped all the movies off the new handy cam but still not sure how I want them all to be done. I am old fashioned and like the VCR tapes so am struggling with the digital DVD and such. Come on I still like the vinyl for my music and all also. I may catch up some day but the kids and Grandkid's have there P-Pods and such so how is that good. Steph just got one for her 16th Bday and was so excited, I guess it's like me and my clocks or radio's or Nash or such. After running the projector for a few hours the power supply went out. Blew a fuse, exploded a capacitor and then burned some real small stuff that I am not sure what they even are  but are about the size of a pencil lead point or fly spec and seem to be capacitors for where they are located. Will take it in to the shop tomorrow and see if the repairman there can tell me or help with them or I will just have to throw it out. Am working some on it just to keep the old mind in the game as long as possible. Talked to the In focus tech support and they will take the lamp back so will just wait on the return papers for that. May get another projector from them brand new for about the same price as the lamp was, how does that work. And if I hear it is electronics and the life is only from 3 to 5 years again I will scream. The guy at Tech support got an earful when he said that and then I said I have a radio here working that was last serviced in 1939 and he responded that the new stuff is better and so compact and Blah Blah Blah to which my response was no you just can't make quality stuff anymore and why are studios going back to vacuum tubes and doing vinyl as it sounds better than digital so give it up and please don't pass off these excuses for your second rate products. Wednesday Our little Faith came over and will spend then and Thursday with us. Oh what a joy she is. Her and Mema did their stuff during the day and then they made a special supper and was it ever good. I worked and finished the rest of the outlets and worked on some of the doors and other stuff and then on Thursday did the rest of the doors and cleaned up the garbage and stuff so it will be ready for some work on Saturday when the kids come to help. Mema and Faith did some special stuff and then went to town for some shopping and I did some more tree stuff at home and then just rested as I did not feel so good. I ordered a battery for our old camping lantern and did some computer stuff and some bills while I just sat around doing zip zilch, nothing. Friday the battery came in for the lantern and I installed it and the lantern works great again. It had not worked for some years. Finished getting things ready for Saturday and then just goofed as I was wore out. Saturday the kids came and we worked at the rental as there gift to me for Fathers day. Wow did they ever work hard and it was so fun with all them there and helping out. Have some carpets to shampoo and some outside stuff left and it is good. They cleaned the whole house and did much landscaping and cleaning up outside and it sure looks nice again. Mema worked her tail off and her and I both were exhausted so we went to McDonalds for supper instead of doing the wiener roast and the movie. The kids were tired also so they just went home from there as they needed to get Faith ready for Raccoon River Bible camp today for the whole week. We have a small amount of rain again this morning and it is overcast so this rain may never end. Got on the radio a couple times this week and that was fun connecting with some old friends again. I guess I better quit for now and get this posted along with some more album stuff. God Bless Be good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

4 July 2010

It's Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. What a week, turns out the projector bulb was over $500.00 with shipping and all but had to order it as new projectors run around $1,800.00 for that model so even with the bulb I am not close to that price for it and the projector. It worked for most of our little loves party so that was good and we had a great party for her. The rain let up some this week for a small break but more on the way today they say. Got most of the mowing done and some weed cleanup and did some work at the rental. I finished the new screen and doors for the fireplace there as the renters broke the last ones all to pieces and we are still working on getting that money. I replaced a couple outlets there also as they were wore and then checked all of them and will need to replace some more. The kids will be here next Saturday to help there and then maybe we can rent it again. I sure am slower than I was. Have been working on some videos for the pages but not sure I like any thing I found so far. Go Daddy has has Video Me but not sure that is what I want. Have loaded it at Lewzplace in the photo album section under slide show movies as Thru the years and Elaine's retirement to play with and see. I am also uploading Tammy's Wedding album and Crystals Graduation album but may go with a password and such to view them. It's all a learning process so far. The new movie camera seems to do well and got some great shots at our Willey fireworks last night. I believe they are better than the Country club in Carroll has. Had the Rambler out several times this week and that was fun. Have used the new Toro mower much and the spring on the deck is doing great. The original was a poor spring and would not stay on. I was able to fix the kitchen Air conditioner so it runs great again and that saved me about $500.00 so that is great. There is more rain right now so had to go watch that for awhile with a cup of coffee. You would think after all the years in Iowa I would not be so amazed with the rain but it is so peaceful, relaxing and comforting it is nice to just stop and watch and listen to God talking to us. One half inch rain so far and as I set watching I could here the the Jenny Wren chewing me out for being there or thanking me for the food and the Goldfinch lining up to feed along with other birds and the peaceful Doves cooing while the rabbits run and play in the rain and hiding in all the flowers in bloom with all of God's things coming into season again as the earth is renewed in spite of all we do. How can anyone think there is no God??? With that I will close and get posted as it is later than normal. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew. 

27 June 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. Just had someone's SWEET 16 birthday party, so guess who's and win the chance to stop at Burger King so you can buy yourself a burger of your choice to help them celebrate. Hurry Hurry Hurry because this offer won't last long and no cheating please. Wow it was a great time As there was a slide show of their growing up on the big screen outdoors along with a late night movie or 2, a old fashion hayride, a cookout, a campout over night with friends and it was all at our place so it was great family fun. Spent Monday  doing some inside work with cameras etc as it rained a lot and then late in the afternoon went to Brads to help out as they were going next door to bid on the house there for the auction going on. They won the house and I got nothing, he bought a few other things and mom got a bunch. Woo Hoo what fun. They now own about 1/4th of the block and the house is not bad, just very dirty. With some work cleaning and some paint they may rent it to help pay it off. Tuesday I mowed and trimmed trees and cleared out for the party and then moved the camper so it could be set like we planned for many years. With it there we could monitor the tent and the girls for the party and it is fully functional so that is nice. Tuesday night was so hot is was nasty but I went out and practiced with the old Johnny popper the neighbor let me use and it was fun. I forgot how neat them old tractors were. It is an A John Deere Just like uncle John had but this one has a starter so you don't have to hand start it. I also found the hay rack then so had that much set. I gave up on the horses and doubletree as no one has them any more. The rack was hard enough to find. Also had some tornado watches in the evening for Brad and family in Sac City that sent them to the basement but none here in Carroll just much lightening, humidity and horrible heat. Wednesday dawned overcast and 70 degrees but it cleared off by 9 AM and the heat started again. Did some more stuff for our little love and the party and suffered in the heat and humidity. More rain also and it just keeps coming and coming. Thursday picked up the hay rack and since I could not find any hay I set it up with the camper outside mat and some benches and cushions and that worked out well so we finally arrived at Friday and got the tent set up and all the decorations finished. This was all between the rain showers. Finally with the help of our kids all was ready and the party started with some games. We then opened the gifts with many really nice ones and then went on the hay ride and it was fun. We then started the supper on the grill as it was to windy to start a campfire and watched her slide show of her first sixteen years in life. It was really fun and then did some short cartoons on the big screen and all of Brads family left but Tammy and Ben stayed. We then did the big screen movie 2012 for the birthday girl and her friends and about half way through the projection bulb went out so had to retire inside and finish it there. The girls then went to the tent and about 3 am I gave up along with the rest and Mema watched over us all. The girls finally gave up around 4 AM. It was really fun and Saturday Tammy & Ben helped clean up and headed home. I took the hay rack back and the tractor and then we just goofed off. Last night we got another 2 and 1/2 inches of rain with more on the way. Will it ever end. Some quick research on the projector bulb reveals it may run about $389.00  so that stinks. The day is overcast and gloomy so guess I better post this and quit rambling on. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

20 June 2010

It's Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. Oh my Oh my Oh my!!!! Do I have bats in my belfry, bees in my bonnet or birds in my branches. Do I need a haircut or what. I'm Late I'm Late I think but not sure for what. Could all the squirrels please just leave as I am tired of you all just hangin around. What a week what a week, we had our little Faiths birthday party at Kings Pointe and that is a water park and WOW. I went down several slides and it was fun. One I called the toilet bowl and it just swirled you around and flushed you out at the end, and one I raced Brad down but I think he cheated as he beat me, and one I went down twice with Steph with many turns and drops and it was a riot. We did other things and had some cake and her presents and it was sure a great Bday party and I hope she enjoyed it as much as Mema & I did. I bought a new digital movie camera and used it there but am still learning it. Does nice movies but the photo side is nothing to rave about. Many storms and rain this week and several trips to Brads for various things. Have been mowing, Spraying, weed eating, weed pulling, rental repairing, house cleaning, branch hauling and oh my gosh has it been busy. I may have finally got the old Sony Cyber shot camera figured out as it is doing really nice pictures now and can be carried on my belt in a pouch. The new movie camera is a Handy cam and fits in your palm and has 80 gig built in hard drive and I can add a 32 gig memory card also just wish the photos were more than VGA cell phone technology. Why would they build a camera so nice then put that old school stuff in it. Chain on the old Denies mower at the barn broke 1 chain 3 times this week and 1 other 2 times so was fun there trying to complete the mowing. Got them fixed and finished the work though. Started on the fireplace at the rental also and put in some outlets and the progress there is slow but mom/Mema helped this week so that was much fun and she had many good ideas for us there. We worked very hard on the freezer also as it quit working and all things were down to almost thawed and we lost some but it needed those out anyhow I believe. The rest we packed in ice in some ice chests and then tore the freezer apart. It had some Ice blocked in the fan so could not run and when it was made for some dumb DUMB reason they put some foil in the drain area that would not let it drain right and it would freeze the drain pipe closed when it defrosted. It has always ran in the bottom of the freezer compartment and froze there and would have to clean it out to get the drawer out. After looking at the book and much studying I could find no reason for the foil so I ripped it out and the drain is working fine now and I find no water in the bottom so it appears it will be fine. Time will tell but for the engineer what was he thinking, oh wait they don't think do they as they have all the schooling so they don't need to. Ya Right!!!!! Guess I better get moving for today is fathers day and I have much to do since we are doing it here. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother Cousin, Uncle and all Lew

13 June 2010

Its Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Not much journal time this week what with all the catch up work and the mower repairs and all to do. Was very busy but a successful accomplishment week. Did get the picture of the baby dove and its parents and watched them for awhile and that was so nice. It has rained daily this week and had about 5 1/2 inches in my gauge so far and is raining again now. Yard is very wet. Some tree limbs came down here had to haul again and some at the rental I need to get at with a chain saw to clean up. Mowing there the big mower broke a chain for the drive so had to fix that. Finally got in the spring for the new mower and the old one must have been from a bad lot as I could put it on using my fingers but the new one was very stiff and needed a tool to stretch it on. Go figure why me. At least it is now running better as it is smoother with less vibration as the spring keeps the tension tight. The kids got home from Colorado and it was sure good to see them and they had a great time it seems. Did much clean up around the pond and some of the landscape areas so that looks much better and then treated the pond again. Have been working on Faiths Bday stuff as her party is today and we are going to a water park for her. She really wanted that. Not much more to write for now so better get ready for the Bday Party. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

6 June 2010

Its Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. The day began at a temperature of 50 degrees with a beautiful sunrise and the makings of a great day. Well we spent Memorial day weekend in Merrill at there city campground and it is really getting nice. There are 6 places and all were full. Merrill had a great veterans celebration and that was just awesome to see there display with many flags all over the park area at the city hall. Ben put on some new brakes for our van and saved us some money and did an amazing job. I am so thankful we have such wonderful kids. Tuesday I spent working on the camper for some aid stuff for Mema and it seems to help. I put on a door rail for getting in and out and a riser for the toilet. Also fixed the bathroom door so it would close good without hitting the ceiling light. Who puts this stuff together anyhow. Ran out of gas on the camper so had to get that also. I redid the van mirrors for the camper so hope that works out. In the evening Mema, Tammy and Crystal went to bingo and had much fun and Tammy won some money. How Kewl is that. We had rain a good part of the day on Tuesday and then Wednesday was overcast and cool at about 55 degrees. I love that temperature. Later on it got up to about 72 with a slight breeze and was almost cool out so that was nice all day. I set up some of the outside things like a place to put up our flag and welcome sign with the thermometer. We got the camper so late last year I did not get much of that stuff done. The van sure is running nice and the brakes are working great. Ben added some new shocks after work Wednesday and they sure helped the ride bunches. Thursday we packed up the camper and had coffee and a visit with Tammy and headed home. It was good to get home but we sure had much fun with the kids. The brakes and shocks did a marvelous job on the trip home so thanks much Ben. We unpacked some and then just rested. Friday I did bills, some mowing and that took most of the day. Also got the bird feeders filled for the finches and did some stuff for the pond. I really need to clean up around the pond as many weeds are starting. I checked into the Coon Valley radio net in the evening but signals were not so good. Saturday I finished up the mowing at home and at the rental and did some of our camping laundry and unloaded some more of the camper. While at the rental mowing the mower was making noise and found I need to replace one of the deck sheaves as it is worn and rattling on the blade spindle. Guess it is always something. The new mower is still knocking the belt tension spring off so have had them order a new one. Did some work on the patio stuff and then in the evenings on the computer and the week is over so better get posted here as have some stuff to do before Brad and Family get home on Tuesday. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

30 May 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. We had some grandkids here Saturday last and set up some sprinkler yard stuff for them and it sure was fun. I am not caught up from our trip yet but am making some headway. Stuff sure can pile up in a couple weeks. I finished the mowing and fixed the pond pump but had to order a part for it and by Monday the yard needed mowing again. Tried the radio Monday and talked to Ed N4KNO down in Florida so the band was some open. Did some work at the rental Monday but it was so hot I came home to wait till evening or early morning. I forgot some of the tools I needed anyhow. Did some of the mowing at home and then was to wore out for going back so did on Tuesday. Got much done then and the deck at the back is close to done just need to clean the wood and stain it and the front. Sealed around the pipes etc in the skirting so that is pretty good. Wednesday got the small van ready for the kids to take to Colorado on there vacation so hope it is all good with no problems for them. Finished up the mowing at home and then did some more work at the rental, discovered  the fireplace doors were the wrong size so took them in to get redone rather than send back and hassle with all the drama there. Oh Bother you can never get ANYTHING new that ever works the first time anymore, why is that. Thursday Brad and all came over and swapped out the van and we went to Yan's Buffet for supper. I am about full of oriental food but Mema/Mom still likes it a lot so will keep going so she can have it. Friday morning around 11AM we decided to go camping by Tammy and Bens to see them and our little Crystal so we were on the road by 2PM. Wow I am so proud of mema/mom as she got it all done so fast. First part of the trip I could not get the trailer brakes to work and then the Anti lock light and the brake light in the van came on. Had to clean the trailer plug and then the van has a wheel cylinder leak so was low on brake fluid. Finally got up to Lemars about 5PM and then set up and went to eat with the kids and Crystal at Arby's then to Tammy's for a short visit and back to Wal Mart for some groceries and back to the camper and to bed. A very full day for me. Saturday found me unpacking and washing the new camper dishes mema/mom got and they are really nice. Just goofed off and Tammy came out and then we went to Wal Mart and I got some camper supplies and then to Tammy's for some lunch and back to the camper where I rolled out the awning and put up the flag and such and then got ready for Our Crystal and her friend Leah to come out for supper but Leah could not come so we really enjoyed our visit with Crystal. Mom wanted some potatoes like Matt and Kris had when were there so we tried some of them with the peppers in foil on the grill and were they ever good along with the grilled pork chops. Today is somewhat overcast with the look and feel of rain in the air but the temps have dropped and it is nicer out than the last few days. Hope it stays that way. I opened the camper up this morning to air it out and was able to turn the air off at least for awhile until the heat returns or the humidity gets back high. There is a few sprinkles but not enough to close up yet. Guess I better get posted and stop the rambling on. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew

23 May 2010

Its Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Sunday Last after my journal post we had breakfast at Denny's Classic Diner and the travel is very slow but we are having fun and seeing many things. We stopped and seen Miss Laura's Brothel on the row in Fort Smith Arkansas. There were six of them there back in the 1870's and that is the only one that remains. Our guide was Laura so we called her Miss Laura and she said her Great grandma would be so upset as she was violently opposed the the row and now her great granddaughter volunteers there as a guide. How kewl is that. She did a great job and it was very interesting. 

After that stop we traveled through some of the Ozark mountains with some very pretty scenery and stopped at a small gift shop on a cliff edge. It was very unique and they had a parrot and the young girls had a sparrow hawk there were caring for after it flew into there window. It was paralyzed but was almost ready to be released but had a slight limp in the left leg. They were going to have a hard time releasing it I believe as they were attached to it. 

Monday we continued on to a destination of Carthage Missouri to visit the Precious Moments museum that Ben told us about and took us to last year on our way to Branson. We stopped at some truck stops on the way and yes one was a Flying J so the trip was great. Mom got me some new shirts and other stuff and we continued on with some rest area stops finally arriving at Carthage where we spent the rest of the day till they were ready to close. We then went down the road a few miles and stopped for the night at a small inn in Lamar called the Blue Top Inn. Tammy unloaded the van while I paid and we ate at a Denny's and then watched some TV and I went to bed. 

Tuesday got underway with breakfast at the Blue Top inn Restaurant and starting on our way home. The meal there was good and it was free with the room rent so that was nice and it was eggs, meat, hash browns, toast and juice. We got going about 10AM and then stopped for lunch at a rest area and the girls made sandwiches. We tried several flea markets on the way but all were closed. We finally stopped for the night in Atlantic Iowa. Ya I know it was 4PM and we would have been home at 5:30 but the girls wanted to stop so the trip would not end for another day. Go figure. We looked at 3 motels there before we settled on Super 8 there. Mom and Tammy then went to eat as I was still so full I did not want any supper. I just had a piece of cheese and some V8 juice and shaved and then made some coffee and watched the Wheel and NCIS. Then I unloaded all the cameras for the day.

Wednesday very late we started the last small jog home. It has been so much fun having Tammy with us and we have seen so much stuff and had so much fun it is hard to see it end. We got to see our Grandbabies in Florida and that was so much fun as we had not seen them for so many years except for two short visits and Tammy got to spend some time with her brother and sister so that was kewl. We arrived home about 4 PM and unloaded all the stuff from the van, loaded Tammy's stuff along with her tree branches she wanted and she left for home about 7:30 PM. Mom and I had some coffee, relaxed and went to bed. Thursday found me goofing off and doing some of the mowing. I broke a blade so had to fix that after we got moms glasses and went to town to pick it all up. Then in the evening we went up to Brad & Heathers and was there real late so slept in on Friday. Got the mower back together and finished the main yard and the garden area. Then on Saturday I finished the set aside area early and the Mel, Steph, Faith, Sarah and Lucas came to spend the day. We just goofed off, watched TV, set up a sprinkler to play in, had supper and watched a movie. The kids picked them up at about 9PM so did some work on the Florida pictures and got them posted at Lewzplace and did some other computer stuff and went to bed. Guess I better knock it off and get posted so God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

16 May 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. It was a busy week with the kids and all. We went to church on Sunday morning and it was a really good sermon along with communion and the pastor was good and he is from around Denison. At the service my little Caitlin could not get very far from me and that was so kewl. She is such a little love. During the day we relaxed and played with the grandkids and just had fun. Sunday night we had a mothers day celebration for the three moms and then also a birthday celebration for Mom and Mary Ann, as they just had one or are having one then.

Monday we spent with Matt and Caitlin as Matt had the day off. We just loafed and did some stuff with his truck. Later in the day I went to see if I could visit with N4KNO but he was not home so just left him a message. Sprayed the accelerator cable and mounts with WD 40 to see if that fixes the sticking problem. We did some washing and cleaning in the van and then spent some time with the grandkids when they got home and then the boys had scouts to go to. Matt grilled some chicken that was really good and then we prepared to leave in the morning but after the kids went to bed we opted to stay another day and see there Tai Kwon do class Tuesday night. 

Tuesday Matt had to return to work so we found Mom, Tammy, Caitlin and Mary Ann going to Wal Mart and I went back over to meet N4KNO as he called and was going to be home. I had a nice visit there and it was good to meet one that I talk to on the radio. We went to the kids Tai Kwon Do lessons and they were just great and then Matt grilled some steaks and I run back over to N4KNO's as I forgot my hat there. We visited and played with the kids and packed some to get ready to head home. What a great time with them and our daughter and we are so blessed with them all.

Wednesday us on the road and driving down the gulf coast through Biloxi and Gulfport along the gulf scenic highway. Many old plantation type houses or southern homes and it is very beautiful. You can still see damage from the hurricane there and it looked like it had been really devastated. We stopped at a Wal Mart to look for another battery for moms camera and mom and Tammy fed some sea gulls right in the parking lot. It was very kewl. Mom missed some f it as she did not feel well and slept much of the way. The trip along the gulf highway slowed up the trip but it was sure worth it and I sure enjoyed it. We made it to St Tammany La. and and I was very tired and sure was missing our kids and Grandkids already. 

Thursday found us headed for our Gilmer Texas destination driving through some very scenic country past many gorgeous old trees with moss hanging on them. Tammy had been whining about seeing or getting an alligator for the whole trip so we took her to see and alligator park. It was unique and rather fun with a good alligator show. It had birds and small animals and a gift shop so we enjoyed that and really enjoyed getting Tammy to see it. Mom and Tammy both took a nap in the afternoon and we made it to Marshall Texas that night and got a room at the Motel 6 and then ate at the Golden Corral. Did some picture file transfer on the computer and then let Tammy do some of her job stuff online and I went to bed.

Friday got us an early start and we left at 08:00 AM and meandered through some very scenic roads and byways. After a short drive we arrived in Longview Texas and found our way to Best buy where I got another battery and a car charger for moms camera and other things. I could not find one for the old Sony. After leaving there we headed for Dick And Marge's and had a flat tire just out of town so had to put the spare on but it was very low on air so had to go slow back to town to fill up. After arriving at the ranch and seeing Dick and Marge we had lunch, rested, visited and Dick and I took the tire to town and had it fixed. We had some apple pie and visited some more and I walked around the lake and property they have along with Tammy and Dick and wow is it ever nice. We seen some new birds and many chameleons and it was great. Later on Dick fed the Catfish and was that ever a sight. There were catfish about 30 inches long or more that came up to feed and it was quite a sight. With the help of Dick I put the tire on the van again and will see if it is good as it was a big hole about the size as a pencil they plugged.  We then went to the Catfish Village for a buffet supper and got on the road again. Tire worked okay and we stopped for the night at a quaint motel in the small town of Linden in northeast Texas.

Saturday found the girls sleeping in late, mom sleeping in later and then we had some breakfast at a small diner next to the motel and were on the road again. We connected to 71/59 North and drove through some very scenic hills and mountain foothills and stopped at many garage sales and flea markets. We stopped at a small park in Mena and had lunch that we bought at a grocery store. Mom and Tammy did sandwiches and thanks for the toilet paper from Crystal all worked well. Hee Hee. I must have thrown out my back changing the tire yesterday as my back was sore and stiff today. All moms tests we are doing have been real good and that is nice but her leg is still very sore but getting better it seems. I pray it is anyhow. We stopped for the night at Waldron Arkansas after many checks for a motel that would accept pets. My back was sore and stiff so I stayed in the motel and the girls went shopping. They brought back some supper and I went to bed and they stayed up and Tammy worked on her job search stuff. I slept in late so I better post this and get going. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

9 May 2010

Its Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. What a busy day we had Monday last getting ready for our trip. Moms back and leg were really bad and we went to the doctor to see if he could help with the knee but she was doing all he could suggest. Picked up the tow dolly and got the truck on it. Loaded all the stuff needed for it and Matt and then loaded the van for the trip. Did all the lawn mowing and did the pond and such so hope it all goes okay. Finished the day exhausted and went to bed. Tuesday Tammy came and we finished getting things out and ready and loaded her stuff and at 9:15 AM hit the road for Florida. The tune up on the van sure made a big difference on power and performance so that was worth the time and money. As an after thought when I went to rent the tow dolly I was told that it was not big enough to use so I told them that was nice since in 2002 I pulled it from Las Vegas with it and also pulled camper all over the country with it. Anyway we are on the rode for a fun trip. Made it to Moberly Mo. the first day and the pull was fine but we were 40 miles short of the  planned location however it was a fun day. 

Day 2 found us traveling some very scenic areas of Missouri and Arkansas after some breakfast at a Waffle house restaurant. The road got lost getting there and several more times during the day but Mema/Mom found it again so all was well. Will post pics at Lewzplace when I can but we seen some Armadillo, vultures, hunting birds, with the road cut thru rock hills and always found someone who wanted to talk about the truck when we stopped. Mema/Mom and Tammy got to shop a real Arkansas gift shop at Hillbilly junction so that was fun. We made it to Jonesboro Arkansas on this day and had a fun trip.

Day 3 found us on the road that was lost again but once more Mom got the road right again but never, never, never drive in Memphis Tennessee, and never on highway 78 if you must drive there at all. Do people really live that way. Anyone notice the Flying J. The scenery was really good this day and we had fun. Mom was having a hard time with her knee and did not enjoy the day so much I think but she kept it fun. We seen a place in Memphis where they load those huge containers on the rail cars and they went on for several miles with the large cranes for the job. That was interesting. We made it Columbus Mississippi today and seen Columbus Air Force Base and stopped for the night. Turns out the accelerator on the van stuck and had to step on it hard to release it and then stuck wide open with the engine racing. Had to pull the doghouse and all to get it free right in the motel drive so hope it does not mess up more till we get to Matt's. Also the Motel 6 we found out had many boaters staying there for a big fish tournament this weekend so that was interesting with all the huge boats. We ate at Ryan's Buffet here and then headed for bed. 


Day 4 found us in some beautiful hilly areas with much scenery and great views. It did not take long to remember why I Left the south and make an educated guess why any one would live there. Oh wait there is no education that can guess why any one would live there because that does not make any sense. Oh wait maybe it is the education and I better stop there. Van kept racing the engine but was able to continue and stopped at several flea markets for mom and Tammy so ththat part of the day was a tremendous success. We had some supper in a small mom and pop restaurant and then took off on the last leg of the trip. The last stop of the day was at a rest area for a rest room break at Florala on the Florida Alabama border and then we left for Crestview. We had almost arrived when we discovered we had left moms purse at the rest area and in a panic turned around and headed back when the phone the phone rang and Ben called telling us the attendant at the rest area found it and was keeping it for us. What a God send as we were almost sick with worry. We picked it up and he would not accept any money or gift so we headed back to the kids and we arrived there at around 9:30. What and amazing day.

Day 5 found us resting and getting the truck off the Tow dolly. One of the chains on the dolly got wrapped up and wedged in a link and we struggled with it for some time trying many ways by all of us. Finally Tammy figured if we hammered it together like to tighten it even more it may move enough to release and sure enough it worked. We got the truck started and off the dolly and Matt drove it around some and then put it up and we just goofed off and waited for the weather to cool off and go to the beach. We spent the day getting reacquainted with the grandkids and sure made a lot of fun with that. Mema gave out the gifts she had for them and then later we went to Wal-Mart and then off to the beach. It was a great time and mom/mema made the long walk but her leg swelled up a lot and I could tell she was suffering. Going back home we stopped at Ryan's Buffet for  supper and to celebrate Mary Ann and moms Bday and then home and get ready for bed. The supper and medicine mom has did not agree along with the pain so she was sick but got better by bed time. Guess I better post and get moving for this special Mothers day and more fun. God Bless be good love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

02 May 2010

Its Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. What a week this has been with all the rain, yard work, rental work, getting ready for the Florida trip, Mom/Mema recovering from the breathing problem, celebrating her birthday early, getting the old truck ready to go, and finally getting all the tree branches completed except the ones left hanging for the wind to bring down. The new mower is sure something but not sure yet how much I like it compared to the old one. It does a great job but is a rough ride, does not seem to turn as freely, and has too much power. Will have to see as I get used to it and maybe make some changes. The siding at the rental is finished and wow does it ever look nice. Now will need to put the deck back together, finish cleaning and all on the inside and so on when we get back from Florida so we can rent it. Ben had to drive truck for the weekend so he did not make it to moms Bday so we missed him but Tammy and Crystal made it along with Brad, Heather and kids so we had a good time. Took the rear seat out of the van for some room there for the trip and started the loading process as it will be some different since Tammy is going with us and we will not have the camper since we are towing the truck to Matt. I set up the cd player for some music as we go. Also had to reserve a tow dolly as the U Haul dealer here did not have one on hand. Sure hope that works out okay. We made a trip to the base in Omaha on Tuesday and got mema/moms ID card and her deer's updated for the Tri Care for life program. That is some amazing insurance for us. Then Wednesday we went in and renewed her drivers license so we are all currant with that. Wow I think I am wore out just journaling it all. Moms oxygen has been good so far and the Blood sugar is good and the blood pressure is down so am really thankful for that as I was really worried for awhile. The good Lord has once again handled it all and taken good care of us. All the work on the big van paid off as on the trip to Omaha it got 20 MPG for all highway and 16 MPG for town driving. We got about 10 to 12 MPG before we did all the work on it. Not to bad for a van that is 21 years old. Did not get on the radios this week but did make some headway on the ARES setup for our club and the emergency service here. We may end up with a repeater at Lidderdale on the WIN tower there if we can get the county insurance to cover it. Things have been so busy here that maybe I need to go back to work just so I can rest up. Not!!! The pond is looking much better so will get it all full and set for our trip and hope the fish make it okay. I guess I better quit going on and on and post this and get busy. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

25 April 2010

Its Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Is that a Kewl picture of two vultures drying out in the morning sun. Tammy and I seen them one morning going to the hospital to see mom and they stayed sunning like that for quite a while. It was so awesome. Brad and Tammy came Monday and helped me with some branch moving and then Tammy stayed Tuesday and Wednesday and helped me finish it all up. What a god send that was for them both to come and help me get it done. This has been one hectic week with that and running to the hospital all the time and then the normal stuff like mowing and all the fixing I had to do. I did get the new mower up and going and run the old Zero turn to the barn as they would not give me enough for it in trade. Will use it there and get rid of the little one. Then I had one more load of tree junk to haul that fell down and there will be more as the year progresses. Finally got all the mowing done and the big van is done. Cleaned out by the drive pines while Tammy was here and got them looking pretty good with her help. All the fruit trees are in bloom and the two dead cherry trees have been removed so the orchard is smaller now but that is alright as I am slower and may not get it all done anyhow. The speedometer in the Rambler froze up and won't turn so now need to take it out and see what happened there. Got mom home on Friday and spent much of the day getting the oxygen set up and easy to use along with the portable units and all. I went and got a finger oximeter with a pulse count to check that regular if she is feeling weak or winded and such. Also got a temple thermometer to check her temp and a wrist blood pressure cuff to keep track of that. Maybe I should open a doctor office like Granny did. At least mema/mom is home and I am very relaxed and tired now as the stress has let up some. One of the DMACC nurses said when she came into the hospital room that this must be Mrs. Lew and I had not heard that since the Air Force days so that brought back many fond memories and a very warm feeling. Funny how that happens isn't it. No radios this week but did get checked into the Coon Valley club once. We may have to delay the Florida trip a few days or a week as the doctor thinks it is not a good idea yet. Speaking of the Dr. he has run every test he can think of and I believe invented some new ones but has no clue why her oxygen count went way down. Go figure. Kept her in the hospital a week and we know nothing which is a positive thing I would say and the oxygen levels are going up it seems and the BP seems to be lower. We are praying they are anyhow. Rain Thursday and Friday and some early Saturday morning and WOW the April showers thingy is so true. Everything is so lush and green. The sun came up then about 7:30 so it was just a great start to Saturday. Did a bunch of the tests for mom and they all came out good so will keep a monitor on them for a while just to see. Saturday started to help clean the sewing room for Mema/mom and the beginning of the massive cleanup. Whew I am wore out just thinking of it, Nap time. Hee Hee!!! The siding is going well and will look so nice when finished. Got the Rambler out and went to town for moms meds and some groceries and it run nice but need the speedometer. Then Saturday afternoon did some pond cleaning and work and the pump would not start when I plugged it back in so had to pull it out and see what was up. Pulled the bottom cover over the impeller and tried to turn the impeller and then it started but it quit when I put it in so had to pull it again. Finally got it running. The kids showed up for Mema to work on the dress for our Little Faiths recital and that was fun. Mema/moms blood pressure is really low so if that keeps up I am stopping the blood pressure medicine. May try a half pill if needed but the systolic is way low with it now. There is a good breeze this morning and we may have some more rain on the way but it is just green and beautiful every where. Guess I better post this and get going. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

18 April 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. Wow Wow & Wow the old 1953 Rambler is now able to Ramble as I got it running last Sunday after my last post. Now both old vehicles are going and ready for the road. Took it to town for some groceries and it is just fine, had to oil the speedometer cable and it worked perfect after that. Need to get some brake fluid for the truck but it will be good to go then also. Do I have the best life in the world or what with 3 wonderful daughters and 3 wonderful sons and a whole gaggle of precious gorgeous amazing grandkids. I am overwhelmed. Our little Faith caught a snake when here last Saturday and then she shared the holding of it with Sarah and Lucas so that was pretty special. Sunday afternoon last I hauled 3 more loads of brush and may be close to 1/4th done but there is still much there. Got some fuel line for the Rambler so I can reposition the fuel filter so it maybe won't siphon the carburetor empty when you let it set awhile. Problem is after I got it all changed I walked into the garage for something and it started to run rough and before I got out there it died and now it won't start. Maybe the fuel pump or line or dirt or something. Will check if it pumps and then go from there. Oh bother. Found out Tuesday the fuel pump had quit and is pretty broken so found one on line for $25.00 including shipping so ordered it. Also received the drive unit for the starter so that will be good but not sure it is needed now with pump out and that was maybe the reason for not starting well. Wednesday mom and I had some town stuff along with her eye and doctor appointments so spent most of the day in town. The people to side the house have started and that is going well. We filed the small claims for the last renters so have learned a lot and will not let that happen again. The oil tank for the pole saw came in on Wednesday also so now need to install that. Have been looking seriously at getting a new mower as will need to put some money in the old one soon. We have temporarily set our leave for Florida date for 27 April if all works out. We are going in this week for Moms drivers license to be renewed and then next week to Omaha for the ID card and Tri Care. I still have many tree limbs to haul and need to get the mowing started in earnest as the grass is getting long but the branches are in the way. Brad and Lucas came over on Thursday and helped me haul more brush and we hauled 5 loads before I pooped out. We got much at the bottom cleaned up so that was nice. Little Lucas was so much fun and helped so good. After a couple loads though he went to keep Mema company and watch a movie. What a little doll. Sure have been busy here but getting much accomplished. The siding at the rental is going really nice but need to modify the deck so they can get the siding next to the skirting nice. Friday came and found me hauling more brush and working on the mower some. Went to the rental and pulled all the cable, phones and old wires out around the outside and we will not have that any more. The renters will be told nothing is done without me there. After installing the new fuel pump I ran it to town several times and it is doing fine again. Saturday found the day to be really great and went to the rental and cut part of the deck off for them to work there on Monday. Took the big mower in to town and washed it up nice and clean and repaired the safety chute on the deck. Also repaired one of the sprockets that was getting loose again. After hauling some more brush went to town to see mom and take her some stuff but she was very tired and was sleeping so after an hour I went home and did some more there. The van is not ready yet as it is load for a new exhaust and when the whole thing runs almost $700.00 I want it quiet so when I pull the camper I don't have a rumble all the time. They put on a second muffler but that did not help either. By Saturday night I was pretty much wore out and fell asleep right after supper watching Shark Tales. Woke up and went into see Mema and then home to bed. So it is now 6 AM Sunday morning and the phone rings and I get is this McDonalds, No, oh sorry they must have changed there Number. We had this number for 24 years now so there phone book must be really old. Hee Hee. We get that from time to time as our numbers are close. Sure hope Mema can come home today so I better get going and post this. God Bless Be good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

11 April 2010

Its Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. The Easter celebration last Sunday was fun and we had a great time at Brad and Heathers with a wonderful meal and many games and of course the best and most wonderful, beautiful Grandkids in the whole wide world. Tammy, Ben & Crystal came also and what a great time but we sure missed our Matt, Kris, Sean, Cody and our little Caitlin. Wow have we been blessed. Matt and Family have joined there new Church in Florida and were ready for communion so that was just perfect. Not sure about the trip there yet but need to get the truck out and ready to go at any rate. Checked into the Swan daily group on Monday but the band conditions were the pits. Could not even here Florida which is usually pretty strong in the panhandle area but did here Duncan in Mexico. Hauled 4 more loads of downed brush so now can maybe see a dent in it all. Mema had to run to Brads last night to fix a dress for our Mel and her competition this Saturday and then fix the one she wants to wear to prom this Year. She is so pretty in them. I went along as Heather is starting one of her sales convention thingy's at work so we got wish her luck and safe journey. We took up KFC and Brad did some carrots and noodles for supper. After we got home and things put up we went bed and the storm radio kept going off and we had some very heavy hail and rain. Thank the lord I could see no damage in the morning. I did get up ready to work in the yard but it was very wet so postponed that for awhile. Most of that storm kept mom awake late so she slept in some. Later I got ready to do some of the branches by the garage but the rain started again so got out the rain gauge and put it to use. I noticed the wascally wabbits had chewed on the bark of our Purple leaf plum tree by the garage up at 10 feet in the air. Wow are those tall wabbits. Hee Hee!!!! Fixed a clothes rack for mom as it was sagging and leaning sideways and one of the casters broke but got that all repaired and it works well now and is pretty solid. It stayed cool and damp all day Tuesday but Wednesday dawned with sunshine and a very beautiful day. I did not sleep well, and was up from 1:30 to 3:30, so slept in till 8:30 so missed the sunrise. Bummers!!! Checked into the ARMS net and my verse was St. John Chapter 15 Verse 11-12. The band was very bad so not sure they heard me well. Did get into the 14258 Swan group later and it was still very iffy but did talk to some. Turned out to be a crummy day and Thursday was not feeling well so slept a lot then. Ran to the barn and started up the old 55 Dodge pickup in prep for the Florida trip and it may need brake fluid as the brakes were very low. It started right up and ran well after it was jumped so it should be good. Had to order a starter drive unit for the Rambler though as it will not engage long enough to get it running. Always something isn't it. Did not here anything from the renters after our lawyer contacted them so guess it is file a claim and go to court if we must. It appears more likely everyday that the world is full of or ran by idiots and they are all approved or elected by morons. What's up with this scenario. Friday started out nice, lots of sun, and I started some of my lentil soup but mom was not feeling well as her knee was hurting bad and she was up most of the night. The soup turned out great even though I added some different ingredients. Did some work with ARES net and may have a start for the repeater. Did some radio work and paid all the bills but no work on tree branches yet. Kids had a problem Friday night so we spent the night there and then we brought the 3 little ones home with us on Saturday so Brad and Heather could attend the Big girls competition for music in Manson all day long. We are all going to be dog tired tonight but The little kids had fun with Mema and some craft stuff and I did Get 4 loads of brush hauled. That makes 30 now I believe and may be about 1 sixth done. Every time I look I see more I had not noticed before. I put the old gas powered pole pruner back together and got it going again so that helps some and did get the oil reservoir ordered for the new one. When I went to order it I got the well here is the phone number it will be easier for you and it will come straight to you, Big Mistake. I told them you sold me the saw so I need you to provide some service or we can get our things at a place that does. They put it on order for me. I am getting this old grouch thing figured out pretty good. The girls did well at there competition and I made a roast for them all Saturday when they all come to get the three little ones. I filled the pond and cleaned some filters some and it looks real clear but the string algae is still there even if it is dead. I guess I better post this and get a move on it. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

4 April 2010

The Earth is Reborn Happy Easter to all

Its Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Spring has arrived in full force. Found several things on the camper that needs work on our camping trip. The fresh water drain needs replaced and the electrode rod in the water heater needs replaced also. Lost one lens cover on the amber running lights so need to get that also. Monday started off real busy and the skirting people for the rental house came to fix the skirt they started last fall before the storms came. Did some more work on the pond as it is loaded with string algae from over winter. Never seen it like this before. Started on the yard clean up and trimmed one weeping willow and hauled 4 loads of tree limbs and brush away. Had to adjust the chains on the saws and could not see a dent in the mess when I looked later. Oh Bother. Checked into the Swan Tech net and the day was over and I was very tired. I fell asleep twice watching the news and stuff so just went to bed. Tuesday dawned around 40 degrees temp wise with some wind and sunshine but forecasts of rain. Checked in the fellowship net and shared Proverbs Chapter 27 Verse 1 and 2. Wednesday I read an article in our newspaper that just appalled me and tugged at my heart. I wrote a letter to the editor and forwarded it to almost all of you I believe as it was so sad and needless. Thursday I got the crystals for the Swan so now both of them are up and operational after some fine tuning and such. We also seen the lawyer for the renters to pay what they owe and got the papers started for that. Mom and I went shopping and was just a bummer day. Set up for the construction firm to work on the porch on the rental also. The news article and the letter to the editor just took the wind out of my sails and it is very hard for me to cope with that stuff. Checked into the 2 meter net Thursday night and both swans checked out fine. Friday was also busy and Mom and I ended up doing much shopping and then eating at the pizza ranch with Brad and family. It was really fun and then mom and I did so0me more shopping and went home. Saturday started early with a call from Ellen wishing me a happy birthday and then I went to work on the downed trees. I go two loads done and then the neighbors came over with there kids and helped very much. We did six more loads apiece for a total of 19 loads all together and got much by the fence done. That is maybe one tenth of it but some of the rest is still to wet to drive there. Mom ran in and got us some pizza and all sure enjoyed that. Then after they left I worked on some of the trees in the front with ladder, and some more along the fence. Then filled the pond and trimmed the roses so they can start good for this year. I carried a few things in the house for mom and repositioned the camper in case Tammy, Ben and Crystal want to use it tonight as they are coming down. I then checked on the other tree limbs and by then it was 6:30 and I was tired so called it a night. I was up late since the kids came but had a good visit and am tired but ready for Easter and good to go Happy Easter to all, God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew

28 March 2010

Its Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Brad and Tammy helped us at the rental with paint and all last weekend and boy did it come out nice. We got a lot done. The plants are coming up and spring is here and Tammy stayed the weekend last and helped mom with house stuff also. We had a great time and wonderful visit and much was done. Barb was on Messenger last Sunday and that was all. Nobody else has been there for ages so what's up with that. Met the Furnace guys at the rental at 8AM Monday to clean the furnace since the renters ran it without the filters and the A coil and fan were full of lint. Tammy stayed again Sunday night and her and I painted another room in the rental and did some vacuuming and I replaced a light fixture and fixed one of the book shelves and moved them where they should be. What a great help our kids are. After Tammy left on Monday mom and I rested some and then went for a small walk outside, have not been able to do that for some time and that was just great and sure fun. She is gorgeous and the best ever, I am truly blessed, thank you God. Tuesday came with much sunshine and went to get the camper out but it was wet there so needed to get a tow to get it out. Checked on some fireplace doors and then picked up a tongue wheel for the camper and went back over and pulled it backwards with a chain and then hooked on right and backed it out and pulled home so it is good to go. Repaired a lamp in one radio and then more town shopping and all. Picked up moms medicine. Found out the renters have no forward address just put there mail on hold so they are trying to beat the time limit for us to file losses and get out of their responsibility for what they owe us. Sure was a busy Tuesday, after all that, I set up to meet some maintenance guys for the fireplace glass and some other stuff tomorrow and then for the skirting people to finish that job next Monday and then with the siding guy to set the date for the siding to get moving. Did a small amount with the camper and watched some TV and then called it a day. Whew I am tired. Wednesday was more camper stuff and water filled and all are ready to go. Thursday morning Tammy arrived and we hit the road for Pleasant reek Campground at Palo Iowa. All day a large headwind and a very tough pull but we made it got set up and then went to eat and get a gift for Elaine's retirement. Finished the day very late with the movie The Blind Side and got to bed at 1 AM. Really late for me. Friday went to visit mom and had a great visit and then finished the things for the retirement and went to that. After wards went back to camper after stopping at a Hy-Vee to get some supper. We ate that at the camper and started another movie but I was very tired so I went to bed and Tammy and mom finished that. Saturday found us sleeping in and then Elaine came out to visit and afterwards we headed home and it was much easier as we had a tail wind all the way. Mom and Tammy slept some on the way and we arrived home at about 4:30 and unloaded the camper some and then had supper and scanned the TV and VCR for channels and watched some TV and went to bed. All in all it was a fun trip and we had a good time and the camper worked out great and will be very nice I believe. It still needs a few things but is easy to set up and tear down so that is a huge plus and is light weight so much easier to pull as long as there is no wind. Not much radio stuff this week as it has been very busy but there are many HF DX stations on this morning so it is good to see the sun spots cooperating and stretching out the bands like it used to be. Oh yes the van developed an exhaust problem on the way camping and it sure is noisy so now have that to fix also. May just replace it all as it is all probably in the same shape and the mileage is down and the temp is warmer than it used to be so maybe the catalytic converter is plugged or the heat riser if they still use them or such. Guess I better cut this off and quit rambling on get posted. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

21 March 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. Spring is in the air and the wild animals are out in force and got a picture of the opossum playing possum and a huge hawk in the tree one very foggy morning. What a week this is, the renters have left but will not give us an address or meet us to give us the keys, or pay the money they owe or anything but don't want us to give them grief over their running out on there lease. HUH!!!!? They left a pickup load of stuff in the house, food spilled on the counters and in the stove, mud on the floors and carpet but we are the bad guys. How does that work. It has warmed up a lot and much of the snow is gone and got most of the lawn equipment going. Needed the chain saws to clean up the tree mess we have here from all the ice this winter. The old Swan 2 meter radio is great and use it to check in the emergency net on a regular basis. Did a little more work on the big van but may need some work on the AC as it seems to not work again. May just get the camper out next week for a 2010 maiden voyage as the van is running much better after the tune up. Tammy came down on Thursday to help mom sort things so we had fun with her. Mom and her went shopping and ate lunch out on Thursday while I worked on rental stuff and shovel the snow bank by the drive under to get the lawn tractor out. Oh Bother. We had some supper and watched some TV and I went to bed as I did not sleep well the night before and was up at 3 in the morning so was very tired. Friday dawned with a breeze and overcast with some rain in the air. My verse for the day was Psalm 119 verse 105 Thy word is a Lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Tuesday it was Job 42 verses 1 and 2 and on Monday it was Romans 2 Verse 1. I heard some Europe stations on the radio so 20 meters is opening up. Yah now that summer is here and I will be very busy outside. Set up for getting the A coil on the rental furnace cleaned as the renters ran it without the filters installed and it is loaded with lint and stuff. Also setting up for the replacement of the fireplace doors as they broke them out and threw them away, along with scorching the mantle so it will need very heavy cleaning and maybe even sanding and staining with varnish again. Checked into the ARES net several times this week and all was working well. Snow and rain on Friday afternoon so decided to forgo the tree cleanup on Saturday and go over to the rental and do paint and cleanup and such since the kids were here to help us. And what a great day it was. Tammy and Brad made it but Ben had to make a run to Chicago for work for some extra money so we missed him and Heather was in Minnesota so we missed her. We did get three rooms painted and they really look nice and  came out good for some not professional people. I do have the best kids and Grandkids in the world don't you know. I was super tired at the end of the day but it was fun and worthwhile. It warmed up in the after noon and turned out nice and the forecast is for the 40's and 50's all next week. I seen a mink running down by the raccoon river and that was neat. The wild life is showing up and spring is in the air. The starlings are here by the hundreds so am chasing them out every day by banging on some metal cans to chase them off. It will take about 2 weeks or so and then there pattern will be set for some other place to roost. Well I better get moving and post this so all have a great week and God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

14 March 2010

Its Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Finally some pictures from Matt, only two, but that is a start. Hee Hee. Great start to the week. We got the capital gains started and mom and I went shopping. Had much fun and got a new Sony Handy cam but not pleased with that. It does movies and still's on either DVD or memory stick but the pictures are small and not clear quality. Can any one make a good camera like the old Mavica FD 100 by Sony or anything that works any more. Will play with it some but may just take it back for the price it cost and quality it gives. I may just not know how to use it but that is dumb also. Some of the tech stuff is just junk, wait most of the tech stuff is just junk. Oh Bother. Look at the picture from last Sundays post, now that is real stuff and it works right every time. My Monday verse was Psalm 25 Verse 1-2. Mom got some supper from Yans for her and we went home and watched some TV and I checked in the Coon Valley radio net and then to bed. Tuesday dawned chilly and wet out and very overcast. The boiler quit and had to clean and repair the pilot control so the morning was very chilly in the house. Checked the fellowship net with St John 1 verse 1-3. Did some more checking on the capital gains and may just not do all the estimates as we may make more just paying at the end and only paying the same as 100% of our last years return to avoid penalties will check more. The interest earned on the tax amount for the year could be a lot of money for us. Fog Fog Fog and Wednesday is here and was told we can't do that with taxes, I think they are wrong, but won't push it as don't want a penalty. Got in the fellowship net Psalm chapter 27 Verse 1 but the band was terrible. It got better later and got in the Swan group but it was still bad. Took the Sony Handy Cam back but they were reluctant to take it but finally did. Oh Bother. All is well that ends well. Checked in the emergency net here and then some TV and off to bed. Mom woke me at 2 am as the downstairs drain plugged up and backed up. Spent 2 hours working on it but no luck. Went to bed again and called the plumber on Thursday morning. Also the renters are moving out but did not fill the fuel tank and it is empty so had the hassle of getting that done and will need to collect from them. Verse was I John chapter 4 Verse 1-2 on Thursday. Also had to go to Manning and pay the water as the renters had not paid since January. What a disaster he is and a big con, Oh Bother could any renter be more of a pain, I think not. Late Thursday paid the water and Gas and got that taken care of now if we can just get the money from them. Friday I got in the fellowship net and my verse was Psalm 105 Verse 4-5. Later I finished making my 2 meter antenna and put it up on the roof. It is a 5/8th wave vertical with 1/4 wave radials and should have about 3 db gain. Ran a new and separate lead in for it so did not need to do the relays for switching. Then had to align the old Swan as it was off frequency some and the final protection circuit would not let it transmit. Tested it on the emergency net and it worked great, was on frequency and had a solid lock on the repeater. Mom and I stayed up late for me and we watched 2010. Mom had watched it with Crystal the night before but she did it again with me. It was not the show I thought it would be although it was good. Needed more why and how stuff at the start. Graphics were good. Saturday was breezy and cloudy and my verse was Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 Verse 1. Ran to town for some more ingredients for my lentil soup mom wants and made that up. Did some checking for some ferrite beads for RFI but found none so may have to order. Radio Shack had a kid working there that did not know what I was talking about and couldn't tell if they could order any so went on line when I got home and sure enough they have them. Wow how do people keep a job today. Oh Bother. Late yesterday afternoon I went out and cleaned the pond filter and added water and then rounded up all the finch feeders the wind tore down and blew away and filled them so they are now ready for when they return full force in the spring. I seen a couple through the winter so we did keep some here. Reset the final protection circuit on the 2 meter Swan as I had it to tight and it would not trip all the time. I ordered 2 more crystals for the other Swan so will use one mobile if needed for the emergencies we might have. Will have the HF 350 D also so can be completely portable if needed. Am I losing it or what. Better get posted and get moving as I did not set all the clocks and need to do that also. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.


7 March 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. Anxious to get the Rambler out and going, where is spring. It did get up to almost 40 last Sunday so we lost a little snow then and then warm again on Monday so some more left. Had to fill the pond Monday and did some work on the big van. I looked all over for the sending unit for the temp gauge but could not find it. Got the doors ready to put the new strikers on so they latch right again. Got the garbage out and did some groceries for moms diet. I cooked up some asparagus and some Brussels sprouts for her so they are really good fresh and not canned. Checked the tuning on the radios and checked in the swan Net and the ARMS net. My verse was Deuteronomy 13 verse 1,2, and 3. I checked into the Micro computer network and helped the fellows there with some PSK 31 but the more I learn about it I am not sure that is something I will really get into. I prefer voice HF probably 20 meters and that just seems to be a computer chat room over the ham radio. Time will tell. Got one of the Swan 2 meter radios going some but not the second one yet so just need to get the antenna now. The working Swan FM FX-2 2 meter radio is at about 30 to 40 watts as read on the peak reading meter so should be a great radio for line of sight. Hope to get them both going. Tuesday had lots of sun and 0 degrees when the day started but was fast to warm up and melt some more. My verse for the net was Psalm 100 verse 1-3. Finally found the heat sending unit for the gauge in the big van and replaced it. YAY, the new one is not any good and reads boiling before the thermostat even opens. Go figure must have put my name on that one when it was manufactured. Got one of the old Swans running and it received well and even got into the Coon Valley net last night. It will be awesome so now can work on the other one and get it up and running and then check for the frequencies I would like and get some crystals if I still can. Wednesday pulled the engine cover on the big van again to take out the heat sender to replace and the third one was finally a charm.  The belt on the van was also squeaking so sprayed it with some belt dressing and big mistake, now it is even noisier. Why always me??? Did the old brake parts cleaner sprayed on it and then used sand paper to clean it while running, use great care here as you can lose a finger, so stay on the side of the pulley the belts exit from. Walla!!! the squeak is going and may run another year or two. I checked in the arms and my reading was from the book of Psalms, Psalm 1 verses 1-2. It has been really sunny and beautiful out this week and will get started on the tree and branch clean up if it keeps this up very long. It has been a long winter but an end is in sight now. I went to the Coon Valley Amateur radio club meeting Wednesday night and decided to join. One of the members had several 2 meter antenna's some company through out so I got one of them. After I got home Kris had called and She made Senior Master Sergeant E8, what a great to accomplish in the time she did. We are so proud of our baby girl and she deserves it and so much more. Congratulations. Thursday started at about 20 degrees and then got really warm at about 38 Degrees and that sure was nice. My Verses for the ARMS net was Psalm 37 V 39-40. Did some work on the 2 meter rigs and got them all three going, both Swans and the ICOM, so guess I can still do some techy stuff. Whoop!!! Whoop!!! Wow the old Swans are amazing. I am learning so much as they are all 3 solid state radios, transistors and such but I don't believe that will catch on so why am I learning it. Hee Hee!!! I used all three on the net and after and learned one still needs some power supply work as it has a hum and all three will be good once the antenna is right. Go figure I just got the Magnet mount for the mobile antenna and the radios all 3 work great and they trip the simplex mode no repeaters at a 35 mile distance, with the checks I made, and a low SWR and great, clean, clear reports. Friday my verses were Proverbs 3 verses 1-2. I got the external vertical for the house on 2 meters and rigged it up in the ham room and used it to check in the CVARC net and it worked well. Will be great on the roof but may make it a 5/8 wave instead of the 1/4 wave so it has about 3 db gain. Made up all my power connections for the new radios permanent and checked that they worked and all is well there. Saturday dawned overcast and then the rain started so stayed inside and helped mom with some of her Easter stuff. Checked into the fellowship net and shared Romans 1 verses 21-22. What a day and what a week. the pond pump quit on Saturday also and it was the one Earl May let me borrow so now need to replace that and then had to get the one they ordered for me and dig out the pump pit to install the new one. When I turned it on it sounded rather noisy so will need to check that out today. Also will be headed to Sac City for a music sing at Brads church today and the camera battery is not only dead but will no longer charge. Oh My!!!! Guess I better post and get moving. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

28 February 2010

Yah Right Who Did This?

Its Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Last Sunday evening I went over to Templeton to pick up a 2 meter radio to use for the ARES here and seen a most beautiful sunset with sun dogs and all, it was magnificent. Had the dogs on both sides of the sun and then as wide as the sun a bright beam straight up in the air hundreds of feet like a giant candle. How can people not believe in the lord. WOW!!!  Checked into the ARMS net Monday and my Verse was The 1st Epistle of John Chapter 1 Verse 1-2. Looked at the 2 meter radio for operation here and set up the matrix board for the right frequencies for here and now just need an antenna for it to work I believe. Do I have any Idea what I am doing and getting into here. Probably not. Mom and I went to town on Monday and did the Tax stuff, farm sale stuff, lawyer stuff and some shopping and then home for mom to get some more Olympics out of the way. Tuesday dawned cool at 8 degrees with some wind and a bright sunny day. My verse for the ARMS net was Psalm 19 Verse 1 because of the sun dogs I seen Sunday. One of the members there, AL7AX Ken, told me of a web site for weather things and it is really full of amazing things. It is www.spaceweather.com and the northern lights part is amazing. I spent some time on the bills then and did the preparations for baby girls Bday at Pizza Ranch, did some lunch and worked some on antenna design for the radio. Man had to dig out the old ham antenna books and find the formulas and all again as the mind could not bring them back to the surface. Not sure what happened there. I did get it powered up and tried the vertical but could hear nothing but then the VHF frequencies are very critical to the antenna you use. It does put out about 15 watts so that meets or exceeds specs so that is good and the SWR is a little high but it should be fine.  FM is sure different than SSB but I will figure it all out if this old brain can cope. The weather was bad Tuesday evening so Tammy, Brad & Heather & family stayed the night after the outing at Pizza Ranch and that was great. Wednesday dawned very brisk at 20 below zero but no wind and very sunny. What a beautiful start to the day with the house full of family, commotion, confusion and laughter. After we got the kids off I checked the ARMS net and my verse was St Luke Chapter 18 Verse 15-17. Got some antenna books in town Wednesday and picked up some parts for the van and some groceries then seen Tammy off to go home and checked in with the daily Swan group. Afterwards I rested some and then put some new bulbs in the 2 meter radio and tested them and they like scheduled so now the PLL should be working right. Thursday brought much sun shine but still about 12 below so rather brisk. Finished picking up all the sleeping bags, mattresses, beds etc from the kids sleepover so that made me fell very lonely again. Sure miss all those little rats. Heard nothing on the 2 meter radio so either I need a real antenna or the radio does not work. The real Swan radios will be here soon so then I will be good to go. Picked up the door latches for the ford van but one is no longer available so now what, junk a perfect van because a door latch is not available. I don't think so, so what is up with these companies and manufacturers today, it is only 21 years old this year. Did figure out where the heat sensor for the gauge is located so can check that to see if the sender or gauge is bad. Got the two 2 2 meter Swan Radios and may work but not sure yet. Have updated my web pages some so check out the NCXY pages and the Rambler pages as have added much there. I let them go for so long but have caught up some. Checked the Fellowship net Saturday and the Chapter was I John Chapter 2 Verse 1&2. Mom did more Olympics and I did some more on the radios. Today is the last of the Olympics with the closing at 6PM so life is back to normal then. I checked CVCTV for Sean's walk up but do not see it. We are so proud of him and the crossover to Boy Scouts. Congratulations little Man Papa & Mema are so very proud of you. Guess I better post this and get moving. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

21 February 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. The winter fun is still continuing and I may have to dig the grill out of the snow bank so I can grill steaks for the 4th of July. I have been moving snow since December 1st and it is still coming. I have cleaned the snow drift in front of the garage  4 times now so it is getting old but this drift is really pretty. Monday and Tuesday was down with the cold real bad so not much done there. Did some work with radios and got a good start on the PSK 31 and received many signals so now just need to refine and get the transmitter going the same. A fellow ham is sending me some info he has for running the old Swans on it so that should be helpful. I also have two Swan 2 meter FX-2 radios coming so will be up on 2 meters soon I hope. Mom was been real sick with a cold the first of the week also and I seemed to get better before her but she did get to watch most of her Olympics and enjoy them. Got the big van dug out and into the shop for repair to the ignition switch and the heat gauge but on the way to the appointment the heat gauge started working so just had to do the switch. That was good as the switch alone was $80.00 and that was just cleaning and adjusting. The heat gauge quit last spring so not sure what is up there. Missed the ARMS net on Monday and Tuesday my verse was Proverbs 4 Verse 1-4 and Wednesday it was Psalm 1 verse 1-3. Thursday was busy with getting the engine cover off the van so I can get the timing checked. It had a rusted bolt and finally had to just break it out of the metal and then will repair. Friday I checked in the fellowship net and my verse was from the KJV The Epistle of Paul to Titus chapter 2 verse 1-3. Got a call from a ham friend and he has a 2 meter radio for me to play with and it is free so now will have three of them to play with. Have a design engineered for my PSK 31 transmit switch and have looked into maybe getting on CQ 100 also as it is a virtual ionosphere radio for full internet use. Looks really fun to do and it will do voice, CW, PSK and so on. My radio gave me some fits again but got through them and must be something loose or intermittent that will be a mess to find and clear. Got the van in for the timing check and it was right on default so told them to look at the plugs and such. Turns out the wires and all were original and it is a 1990. had them put in wires, plugs, cap, and rotor. many were corroded and rusted so should run better now. The snow started again Friday and we got another inch or more. Saturday dawned with sun shine and no wind so that was great. Checked into the Fellowship net and my verse was Proverbs 16 verse 1-3. Did a survey of the yard and wow is there a lot of cleanup needed this spring. Tree branches and trees down all over. Will sure be busy when the snow lets up and melts some. Have a few limbs on the barn also to clean up. Put the engine cover back in place on the van and will wait till some warmer weather to fix the one bolt right as I need to get under it for mounting. After I removed the Tachometer and had the other work done the engine reads much cooler on the heat gauge but that does not make any sense. Go figure. Oh well we are close to ready for the camping season and more than ready for a trip to Florida with Matt's Truck sometime after March at least that is the plan for now. May have given up on CQ 100 as it is only internet and only people that join it not all hams the way it looks. Am working on maybe using the Swan phone patch to run my PSK 31 and if not just need to build me a 100 to 1 divider to run the mike circuit so the sound card out at about 100 mil does not overdrive the about 10 mil mike circuit input. Mom is still making me an Olympics widower but she is enjoying it. Today is the USA, Canada hockey match so that should be fun. Did not sleep well last night so was up at 4AM and worked on my radio and amp some. Just some relay cleaning and such as it is still working well. Guess I have rattled on enough so will close with all my love and post. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

14 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day To Everyone

Its Sunday morning once again and here is Lew. Oh bother another weekend over and the work week starts tomorrow and it is back to work. Oh wait, I am retired and I will sleep in so all you others get off to work and earn that money and pay into the social security as I need the money the cost to live is really up. Got up this last Monday to snow again with blowing and drifting. Another couple months of this and it will start to get old. Checked into the ARMS net and my verse was St John Chapter 1 verse 1-4. Had to fill the pond with water again as it was low and the fish are doing fine and swimming all over. Got moms blood work back and all was normal but have an appointment to see for sure what it all means as all areas were in the normal range but some at the high end and some at the low end. Finished Monday getting the Amp. fixed for the radio and not getting the Swan I wanted on Ebay. The 20 meter band has sure opened up and is so much fun when that happens. Tuesday Checked into the ARMS net and my verse was Psalm 18 Verse 1-3 and the day dawned with 15 degrees below zero and the wind blowing. Don't you just hate the gray snow along the roads, maybe need some snow to make it white again. Who said that? Oh I said that sorry. The old copal 24 hour clock I repaired and got working, it is 100% mechanical, after several weeks running now it is right to the second with the computer and cell phone clocks. Amazing how accurate that is with the old technology and being mechanical. Wednesday I checked on the pond and all was well and the fish are moving so they are alive. My verse for the Christian fellowship net was Ephesians Chapter 5 verse 19 & 20. Did some work on the noise in the radio and discovered it was most from the tower computer power supply. I cannot eliminate with line filters and such so must be radiated RFI. I tried many things so now need to see if there is a shielded PS for computers to stop that. I use a logbook on the computer for my radio log so need it up if I can. Oh Bother new is never as good as old in some things. Am using the laptop some till I can figure it out. Thursday checked in the fellowship net again and my verse then was Hebrews 13 Verse 1-3. The fellowship is good and I sure need it as does everyone. My cold hit its peak then I believe and then has started to get better some so it went about a week with only a couple bad days. Mom has been fighting one for about a week or better now. Had to shovel the path on the patio again as we got more snow. Mom is doing so much with sorting out stuff and getting it organized or gone and that sure is nice. She is doing some better so pray that continues. Friday I woke early again as it seems I just can't sleep much past 5:30 AM so guess I will just live with that. I always have been an early to bed and early to rise person. That day found my Verse to be Joshua 1 V8 and some of the signals on the air have improved greatly. The sun spots must be in my favor and that is so much fun when they get good. Have not received the parts for the antenna yet but it is still going good. Mom and I went to town for some shopping and I was feeling pretty good but then in the evening and Saturday was really wore out and the cold fired up again. Did much work on the computer to clean up signal and noise on the radio and made much disappear. Discovered Saturday that some noise comes from maybe a dirty potentiometer or relay as I can make it disappear by keying the transmit or turning the power on and off several times. Will take it apart for cleaning. Checked into ARMS net and my verse was Proverbs 13 Verses 1,2 & 3 for Saturday. The day was cool and overcast again with humidity and low visibility so that did not help the head or cold and I believe it is not done with me yet. Oh Bother. Early afternoon on Saturday I met with some Swan hams on the air and got to talk to cousin Gary in Colorado and that was neat. The band did not last long at those conditions but it was good and the first ever he says although I thought we had talked once many years ago when I was in Alaska but he is probably right. At any rate it was good. We got some more snow last night but the temps were at or just above freezing so that was nice for a change. I put most of the computer back together so that is good for today and the weather is clear and crisp so far. Have messenger on but no one there this morning so will post this and get ready to see how the Olympics are going. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

7 February 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. What a Great week. Checked into the ARMS Christian fellowship net and the Swan net on Sunday and then did some work on radios and web pages and then grilled some T-Bones for supper with some baked potatoes and cottage cheese. Mom and I watched some TV and I dozed and we went to bed. Monday dawned rather cool with signs of snow in the air that did show up by noon. Got all the garbage ready and set out since they could not get it last week because of the snow and ice. Did up some dishes and cleaned in the kitchen for mom and then checked in ARMS fellowship net again. It meets every day it looks like but that may be to much for me although it is very necessary for me to have daily devotions as I have been rather lax there. Then did a little pick up of stuff and watched some TV  along with the falling snow. We have plenty of the white stuff but it sure is pretty falling softly to the ground with huge flakes. The good Lord sure has an eye for the beautiful. The old Copal 24hr clock I repaired has rolled over the minute right with the computer and the cell phone so is that amazing for something mechanical from many years ago. Now we will just see if the computer and cell can be that good after that many decades. Yah right. If It Does Not Glow It Is Not A Radio!!! Hee Hee. Tried to check into the Swan group but no go and had to get to moms doctor appointment at 2 so did not wait to long. The appointment went well and they are doing some blood tests for the tiredness and headaches. We then did some shopping and went the new Pizza Ranch for supper and went home. Tuesday found me sleeping in late and the day start overcast at 0 degrees and gloomy. Checked into the ARMS Christian fellowship net again and that is rather fun to have those fellowships on the Air like that. Okay wait this may be getting to large with the Radios and nets. The Swan net, ARMS net, Micro Computer net, SATERN net, Intercon Net, AFFC net, and the ARES net along with getting into the MARS program and getting started with Phase shift keying and getting the Swan 240 back on the Air. Oh Bother who came up with this idea and I need to work in some time to help Brad with bath and the bedroom for Lucas. Sure am loving retirement. Made Mom a clothes rack for the garage Tuesday afternoon and then helped her some in the sewing room. Then could not sleep well so was up about 5 AM on Wednesday. What a day, I got some different wheels for the clothes rack put them on and returned the other ones as they were junk, and since our water bill jumped about 25 dollars I put some new flush stuff in the upstairs bathroom. I then discovered the boiler room floor had water again and seen the pressure was way high so the boiler was waterlogged so had to drain that and purge the pressure tank and then start again. It appears okay now. Had to fill the humidifier as it was empty and then the pond was low so had to top that off also. I checked into the ARMS net and that was fun but the band was rather dead Wednesday so did not get the Swan net. Talked to a couple others but that was all. Thursday started warmer at 20 degrees but was overcast and dreary. The boiler was good at that point and I checked into the ARMS Christian fellowship net again. The band was not real good but did hear some stations. Late in the day the rain and snow started and then by Friday morning we had about 2 in of snow again and the temp was 20 degrees. Sure is a long winter. Got up about 5:30 and it was getting light so the days are getting longer. Spring is on the way. Started a weight lost program on Friday because it is hard to breath and I weight 210 pounds. Where did all that come from. Need to lose about 40 pounds. Oh Bother. Guess I better get off my butt and on my feet and get to some physical work. Have plenty of tree branches to move so there is the work now for the motivation. I spent Saturday at Brads helping with the room for Lucas and the Bathroom he is redoing. We got the floor put done fully, some electric, run the door wall studs up, and the room division studs up. I am kind of slow any more. Guess I will post this and quit rambling on. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

31 January 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. Radio station set up mostly and working great and now just need to study the PSK 31 and get moving on that. I can run about 700 watts out according to the Swan WM 3000 peak reading wattmeter. So can't ask for much more. With new tubes in both the exciter and amp I may get the full 1220 out but that is never needed so will not worry unless one or the other go real low. Still have one Swan 500C not pictured maybe for parts and a Swan ST-1 antenna tuner not on the bench but don't need an antenna tuner with the Swan gear so not sure why I bought it. Guess I thought I needed it at the time. Worked on the Copal 24hour green lighted flip number clock and got it all cleaned, light fixed and running again. You can see it in the picture on the right. If you don't know it is 2121 GMT which is 1521 local or 3:15 CST time. GMT is minus 6 hours for our time. Now let see there is also Zulu so aw what the heck I give up. 20 Meters has really opened up for me so that is fun as long as it lasts. Have been hearing some Sweden stations but unable to get through some of the pile ups. Now need to get rid of the computer noise in the radio audio. Mom has been down and feeling bad all week with a headache and tiredness so we are going to the doctor Monday to see if they can tell us anything. Then I want to go to the pharmacist and ask about all her meds and if they will cause the problems she is having. Sure hope to figure it out. Went to enroll for dance class again and found out the refresher and advance class just finished and the beginners was already full so had them put us on a call list should anyone cancel. Oh Bother. The first of the week I found the ARMS Amateur Radio Missionary Service Christian fellowship Net and may listen in there. It seems to be a fun net with Christian people and great fellowship and I sure can use the Lords help and the fellowship support. Also caught up with the Swan group that gets on daily. Went to a meeting of the Carroll County chapter ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Service but not sure if that is for me or not, will just keep checking to make sure. I did find the computer noise in the radios and it is the monitor power supply. Must have something loose inside because if I squeeze it the noise goes away and if you get it right it stays away for some time. It does come back so need a new one. Radios have been going strong for forty years or more and this supply is a year old, How does that work. Have received several QSO  cards from some hams and that is fun. We went to Brads on Friday and I helped him some with the bedroom/bathroom he is converting and wow when did I get so old? Oh Bother. We got a floor laid in place and some figuring done and that was it. I took the big girls to there pep band and then we took the rest of the kids out to eat along with a friend of Faiths while Brad and Heather had a date night. I then picked up the big girls and after Brad and all returned we went home. Mom was up all day and that sure was fun as she took care of Lucas while we were working and that sure helped us do more than we could have.  Checked into the Fellowship net again and was rather awesome. Most all the readings were from books and verses that dealt with being happy or happiness and that really struck me since we were from all over America and had selected the chapters and verses before the net. WOW God is really at work always. I did take the power supply for the monitor out to take to Radio Shack for a universal and as I got it out noticed one of the feet had fallen of and there was screw under it. Took it apart found some loose copper tape for shielding and cleaned that up and wrapped it all in aluminum foil and it works like a top. Saved a few bucks and no radio noise. I did not realize some of them you could take apart as most are in molded plastic. YAY I did it!!!! Maybe I still have a little ability. Guess I better quit rambling on and on get moving here. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

24 Jan 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. As the picture indicates the station is now started with the radio and amp set up and the work continues for the PSK 31 business. Lots of fitting and putting everything in order but have a good start anyhow. It is working great so far. The antenna is almost straight and is working very well yet but will need to lay it down on the roof and take a small amount of warp out. Checked into the Swan net Sunday last and it was good but the band faded just after it started so not much for contacts. Got the peak power wattmeter working and it is great for Single Sideband as it reads full power. Monday I went to brads to help with his truck as it would not start after it was hot. We fixed it by putting in a module in the distributor someone told him does that and replaced the cap and rotor. Worked good so we went to Fort Dodge to pick up some lumber to work on his bathroom and bedroom project. Tuesday got busy on the taxes again and sure enjoy that, NOT. Got some food in town and grilled a T-Bone for supper and boy was that good. Wednesday saw me working some more on the taxes and the ice storm hit us and what a mess. Trees and limbs down all over the yard and over 1/2 inch of ice and my ham antenna broke off and is on the roof. It appears like just the mast is broken and not any of the traps and coils and such so I can hope and pray that is right. Got the radio going fair and it is stable after warm up and have worked it up to 500 watts out with the amp so it is doing good. The vertical is still connected and seems to work fair in the upside down sort of V shape so that is good. Thursday found us with many trees and limbs down in the yard and on the fence so will have much work in the spring. I cleared all the Ice off the van and pickup and got them thawed out so we can move if we need to. Went to the tax appointment on Friday but the electric there was off so will need to reschedule. Thursday Brad, Heather and kids came over to spend the night as there power was off and then they stayed Friday and Friday night also. We watched movies and pigged out and had fun. So many people are without power I fell almost guilty we have it. We did lose it for 2 hours Friday night but it came back on so we are sure blessed. We have many more trees down with brush everywhere. Mother nature and the good Lord are pruning out the deadwood. Still no power in Sac City so the kids stayed Friday night also. Saturday found me on the roof working on the vertical and Brad helped there since they were still there, and that was a great help and the antenna is back like original with jus a wavy look. We could not get all the pieces warped back perfectly straight but it works great. The kids then helped out some friends and then went home Saturday night and the power was back on and they had no problems at home so all was great. We had a great sleep over and down time and it was fun. The worst of the storm is done it appears but we have sure lost many trees and branches and will be cleaning up for a long time. Compared to others and Haiti we are truly blessed and give thanks for that. With the ice storm and loss of electric our tax consultant was closed so will need to see her today to get that made up and done. What a week this has been but we are fine and the radios are running and we have our health so all is good. Better post this and get moving so God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

17 Jan 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. After my post last Sunday I fired up the Swans and checked into the Swan net. Vertical was still leaned over from the Ice but worked well and heard many old friends on the air. It was a great time and hope to do it more than I have been of late. I may even get working on the old 240 and get it up and running again. That would be great as it is the one Mema/Mom bought me as a surprise in 1965 and my very first commercial radio. It is an amazing tri band radio from the Swan Corporation. Am going full speed on the taxes to get them out of the way and hope this is the last year of the real hard ones since I opted to have the early retirement etc paid to me instead of the 403b and such so some CEO can lose that money. You eventually will pay taxes on it so I just pay them now, be done, and don't let the investment guru/CEO's lose it all for me. Yaw Yaw I will never be rich money wise but am okay with that and am really rich in the things that count, Like family, love etc. and I have been truly blessed there. Mema/Mom slipped in the tub the other night and pulled her back again and is really in pain. Been using a small massager and the chair heat and massage pad but not helping much yet. It just seemed to be getting some better before also. Oh Bummers. Fired up the Ham set on Wednesday for the disaster traffic from Haiti and got into the S.A.T.E.R.N. net, ( Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network ) but did not get any emergency traffic. May just have to check into getting my MARS ( Military Affiliate Radio System ) ticket again. My old call was AK1KB from Alaska in the middle 60's. This is what ham radio is all about. It is a bit early yet for that traffic but want to help if I can. The overpowering traffic will start when the disaster teams arrive and need communications. Hope I can Serve in this time of disaster. I did apply for the MARS ticket but that will be some time before I know about that. Brad and family came over Friday night for supper and mom made a bake she used to make and it was great. She also baked a cherry crisp from the old days and that was great and then we played cranium all night with all but the 2 little kids and it was so fun and Mel spent the night with us after everyone left about 12 midnight and then Her an Mema stayed up till about 6 am Saturday talking and such. Saturday found some traffic on the emergency nets and some communications started but there is no need for me in Iowa so far so that is a good sign for here. Got the Swan 350D up and running and put the Swan 1200W Cygnet linear Amp on line and reset much in the shack. The linear needs new finals it appears but is working well at reduced power. Have started the work on getting into PSK 31 to see if I can make my old analog radios work with that. That is pulse shift keying and has been around for some time but is rather exciting. It will use the sound card on the computer to work and print to the screen. Got a new keyboard and mouse for the computer as all keys were wore off and working funny. It is wireless and so far works good. Well I better post and see what is going on with the radio and other things. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

10 Jan 2010

Its Sunday Morning and once again here is Lew. What a cold week this has been and as the thermometer shows on Tuesday 5 Jan 2010 it was 24 below zero. Not sure that is accurate but after 0 Degrees it does not make much difference what the temp is you better bundle up. The pickup gave me some headaches as it did not start for a couple days. I discovered it was flooded so put the gas to the floor and it goes into flood mode and cuts off the fuel to the injectors clears itself and starts right up. Go figure. The question is why did it flood, it is fuel injected and computer controlled. Oh wait, Computer, now I understand. The big van and mini van have been okay so far, knocks on wood. The Ranger ran rough and kept lighting the check engine light and would die at all stops for about the first 40 miles after this problem. The computer needed to learn how to work again or the heat and injector cleaner were cleaning and getting rid of water in the gas. Either way it is running great again. My ham antenna is some better but still leaned over and much Ice on it so may have to go straighten it after it warms up enough for the Ice to leave. Had to add some water to the pond on Tuesday as it was getting low, but the fish are fine and the pump still going. There is a little larger opening for the gases to escape but it is still very covered with snow on the pump pit and waterfall. Wednesday left me cleaning desk and doing bills and running to town for supplies and things before the bad storm hits that evening and Thursday. Thursday was cold with much wind and snow and it appears the snow fence we put up made a difference as the drive was not as full of snow and the wind kept it up all day and into the evening. Got Homestead site builder back for mom/Mema and transferred one of her pages to her sign in so they are all together for her. It was a pain as we had not done much there for ages and needed to add some stuff to the browser and all. Hi All, $.02 ( I just had to put in my 2cents =Mema tee-Hee) AT any rate now will help set up her domain and will have it ready for her to work some more on it. It is a little to much to do for me but Mom/Mema likes it so that is all that matters. Friday left us with more wind and blowing snow and yes the fence helped and the wind finally let up in the evening and the drive is clear and went to town. Saturday dawned at about 18 degrees below zero but with sunshine so the day was very pretty. The pond is completely covered with snow again so needed to open another hole for fishes. I walked around and got some pictures and will post some I took for January 2010 and then some later if it gets worse. It sure has been an early start to the winter here. Just had a chat with Barb but that is all that was there. She said Elaine was online but away but she did not show up in my messenger. May use the old one next week to see if she is there. Guess I better get this posted and get moving. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.

03 January 2010

As you see my background for 2010 is our Orcutt / Urquhart Scottish clan Coat of arms. The Journal follows the coat of arms  and the Clan Crest Badge description. Enjoy.

The meaning of the Coat Of Arms as described

The Orcutt Coat of Arms illustrated above was drawn by an heraldic artist from information officially recorded in ancient heraldic archives. Documentation for the Orcutt Coat Of Arms design can be found in Moncreffe and Pottinger's Scotland of old. Heraldic artists of old developed their own unique language to describe an individual Coat Of Arms. In their language, the Arms ( shield ) is as follows:

      " Or three boars" heads gules, armed argent, tangued azure."

When translated the arm description is:

      "Gold: three red boars heads, armed silver, tongue of blue

Above the shield and helmet is the crest which is described as:

    "Out of a ducal coronet or a lady from the waist upwards holding in her dexter hand

      a dagger point upwards and in her sinister a palm tree, all purr."

A translation of the Crest description is:

     " Out of a gold crown, a lady from the waist upwards holding in her right hand a

        dagger point upwards in her left hand a palm tree in natural color."

Family mottos are believed to have originated as battle cries in medieval times. The Motto recorded with the Orcutt Coat of Arms is:

       "Meane Weil, Speak Weil and Doe Weil"

          (Mean well, Speak well, and Do well )

Individual surnames originated for the purpose of more specific identification. The four primary sources for second names were: occupation, location, fathers name and personal characteristics. The surname Orcutt appears to be locational in origin, and is believed to be associated with the English meaning, " dweller at, or near the slope or incline. " The supplementary sheet included later is designed to give you more information to further your understanding of the origin of names. Dictionaries of surnames indicate probable spelling variations. The most prominent variations of Orcutt are Ocut, Orcut, Orchute, Orcute and Orcutts.


Census records available disclose the fact there are approximately 1100 heads of households in the United States with the old and distinguished Orcutt name. The United States Census Bureau estimates there are approximately 3.2 persons per household in America today, which yields and approximate total of 3520 people in the United States carrying the Orcutt name. Although the figure seems relatively low, it does not signify the many important contributions the individuals bearing the Orcutt name have made to history.


No genealogical representation is intended or implied by this report and it does not represent individual lineage or your family tree


Nancy L. Halbert

Clan Crest Badge

All Clansmen are entitled to wear this distinctive insignia which consists of a lady from the waist upward issuing from a crest coronet and brandishing in her right hand a sword and in her left hand a palm sapling, encircled by a strap and a buckle bearing the motto, "Meane Weil, Speak Weil, and Doe Weil." The clan crest badge identifies those who use it as members of Clan Urquhart and signifies their loyalty to the Urquhart, Chief of the the Clan, whose crest and motto are embodied in the badge.

You may also see these details and more at Lewzplace.

Its Sunday morning and once again here is Lew. Its the start of a new year and the winter has hit us hard. Have been shoveling and snow blowing almost daily since Christmas because of more snow or blowing snow. I had to clear the drive Sunday last after my post and then on Monday again to get the garbage out. All in all I cleared the drive twice on Thursday last, twice on Friday last, once on Saturday last and then the once on Sunday last after the post and again once on Monday. Wow and Wow!!!!! Now it is time to start worrying about the taxes and gathering that information. Oh Bother. Sent off the first payment for the skirting at the rental place and had more to get going with the renters. I think raising children is easier than renters. Come on they are in there fifties for crying out loud and we need to check if they, filled the gas tank, paid the water, got the rent money, give me a break. On Tuesday tried to get the big Ford van out to completely clean the drift by the garage and the engine was blown completely full of snow. After starting it I let it set to warm up and get the snow out and to melt enough so the heater fan would run. It was about 8 below zero at that time. I love this weather. I drove it to town to help melt all the snow in the engine compartment. Did get it all cleared from the van and then got the Bobcat with snow blower we have for the city and cleared out the 9 foot tall 20 feet wide and 30 feet long drift in front of the double garage. Weather man said another 3 to 5 inches on Wednesday with wind and very cold temps but we woke Wednesday with it looking like snow and just a few minor flurries.  Picked up some steel posts from machine shed to see about putting up some snow fence to stop the drifts in the drive. I'm thinking the ground is to froze but the neighbor said no. Looked for the swan net but did not hear anyone for the Wednesday Net and the band had no one else on either. Did get some of the posts driven in the ground on Wednesday but no fence up then. Thursday dawned at 2 below and was a real clear crisp morning for the News Years eve day and the beginning of the new year with the same on Friday, New Years day. Got a serious start on the income taxes on New Years day as they are a pain this year but should get done on time. Why is it I always plan on keeping them currant throughout the year but never do as it would be so much easier. Saturday dawned at 10 below zero and was a crisp morning and the tax work continued. Mom was pretty sick Friday so hope that passes soon but was feeling good on Saturday. We went to Brads on Saturday and had our Christmas brunch finally and Heather made a baked dish with all kinds of stuff in it along with some cut up fruits and some cheese bread and it was very good. I ate too much again. On the way up there we seen a bald Eagle and was that amazing to see. We tried to get a picture but did not get a close one of it. My ham antenna has lost some ice and is some straighter but may have to get on the roof to fix it when the weather is better. I guess I better quit jabbering and get this posted. God Bless Be Good Love Papa, Dad, Brother, Cousin, Uncle and all Lew.